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Sushiholic3311 East Broadway, Vancouver
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:30am [Dine in]

Sushiholic is located on the corner of East Broadway and Rupert in Vancouver. There’s not much to say about this establishment as it has a lot of competition what with the Lower Mainland’s abundance of sushi restaurants (this is not a complaint). There are, however, a few things that gives this restaurant a few pluses. Though the restaurant has parking space, or lack thereof (3-4 stalls at the back), there are street/residential parking spots nearby. Don’t be lazy, walk that extra block. If you’re looking to go the more “green” route, you can hop on your nearest skytrain and get off the Rupert Skytrain Station and walk North.

We are normally not advocates for take out as food ALWAYS tastes better when you’re having it at the establishment, however, you may need to order some take out from this place. This restaurant is extremely tiny, and if you’re claustrophobic, then you’re better off getting your sushi fix elsewhere.

Awesome Roll - $7.95 (6/7)
This roll lives up to its name - Awesome Roll is AWESOME. But, alas, not as great as other sushi joints, which is where it lost its point. The Awesome Roll is essentially a California Roll with a piece of baked salmon on top, topped off with some crazy, awesome shoestring yam fries. And some mayo. All hidden and blended with a side of crack. Seriously, it’s THAT awesome.

Volcano Roll - $14.95 (4/7)
We’re not sure if this is the same at other sushi places but this deep fried roll contains asparagus, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese. Lots of cream cheese. All we tasted was cream cheese, cream cheese, and more cream cheese. The only good thing about this dish was the spicy tuna sashimi hidden underneath. Guess that explains the price of this dish.

Deep Fried California Roll - $4.95 (5/7)
This was just eh. It’s literally a California Roll, deep fried. Topped with some sort of sauce. Teriyaki? It was okay. For some reason, it was a bit soggy and limp. Can you even describe food as limp? But when you put it in your mouth, it’s soft, chewy goodness. It’s a confusing roll. We would probably just stick with the regular California Roll next time.

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Boston Pizza2850 Bentall Street, Vancouver
Boston Pizza
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:29am [Dine in]

This Boston Pizza is situated in East Vancouver, in the area of a bustling and growing neighbourhood that is Grandview Highway. It shares its plaza space with a few other well known establishments such as Pet Smart, Starbucks, Canadian Tire, and Price Smart conveniently nearby. With that being said, parking is definitely not an issue as the lot is massive, and if worst comes to worst, there are side street parking, and/or you park your car at the Price Smart/Canadian Tire lots and pretend you’re going shopping there…But we didn’t say anything, and this idea didn’t come from us.

As you walk in, you are greeted by the typical dressed-in-black hostesses and are given an option of either sitting at the bar or in the lobby. This location is definitely the go-to if you’re looking to eat your meal without talking over each other as they did not host a full house - even on a Friday night. Having said that, they were definitely accomdative of our stay (a lengthy 5 hours!) and not once did they push us to pay the bill and/or order more food/drinks. They did, however, eventually stop waiting on us, which left us an accumulation of cups and dirty dishes on the table. Maybe this was their way of telling us we overstayed our welcome.

Baked Taco Beef Penne - $15.50 (4/7)
This baked dish was underwhelming to say the least. It just tasted like penne swimming in a very mild meat sauce. Although it is topped with sour cream, salsa, chopped green onions covered by a bed of cheeses, it was nothing special. You would have probably been able to “create” this dish via their “Create Your Own Pasta” option and even save yourself a few bucks. Needless to say, this will NOT be ordered again. This may sound rather contradictory, but in conclusion, the dish wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t mind blowing and worth the dollars.

Boston Pizza is an excellent place for a get together and for good eats. If you’re looking for a not so crowded place to catch the game, this would be the place to be. They have TV’s strategically placed on every corner, the restaurant is spacious, open until late, and did I mention they’re not as busy as your average restaurant/sports bar? As obvious as that may be, this restaurant IS still a chain restaurant after all.

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Griffins900 West Georgia St., Vancouver
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:28am [Dine in]

Griffins is one of those memorable restaurants where you keep on returning on a whim because of the novelty rather than the food. (The novelty being that we stuff ourselves with their famous dessert buffet until we get sick. Yes, we are shameless gluttons.) We have eaten at Griffins countless times and the quality of the food really has been fluctuating throughout the years. If you haven’t been to Griffins for a while, here’s an update on a couple recent changes:

- The dessert buffet was moved to a small table behind the reception. There aren’t as many desserts now but they still remain free with the purchase of an entrée.

- The appetizer buffet has expanded into the dessert buffets former area. The salad bar is a lot more comprehensive now with numerous vegetables and condiments.

Anyway, we have pretty much tried everything at Griffins and this time, we just felt like eating a simple burger since we were going to stuff ourselves with the dessert buffet anyways. (Engulfing a large steak isn’t really a good idea before stuffing yourself with 8 cakes).

Prime Rib Burger - $21 (6/7)
This is a huge prime rib burger with the classic burger ingredients: ketchup, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, etc. On the side are a bowl of fries and a few excellent onion rings that were truly delectable. The burger was really well made and very large. We could only eat half of the enormous burger and ended up packing it away before heading towards the dessert bar. To be honest, we heated up the burger the next day in toaster oven and it was still delicious!

Griffin’s Dessert Buffet – free with a purchase of an entrée (5.5/7)

So, this is the famous dessert buffet that’s perpetually changing in appearance, taste, and location. Unfortunately, we could not take any pictures this time, but you can probably find some pictures on Google images. Anyway, this dessert buffet would probably still rank in the top 5 times that we’ve been here but it wasn’t that good in all honesty. Griffin’s dessert buffet is pretty much different each time you go (unless you go once a week), so it’s a surprise each time.

This time, they had:

Cream puffs, eggnog cheesecake, unknown cheesecake, éclair pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate mousse in a martini glass, assorted cookies, assorted pastries, and a few other holiday cakes.

The only desserts that we liked were the cream puffs, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and the mousse. The selection did not impress us this time, but it was still a better experience compared to our worst ones before.

Anyway, you should come to griffins if you like sweets, but just don’t expect too much! Everything is aesthetically pleasing and none of the desserts were inedible. The only thing we would like to note about this visit was that our server was quite rude, as he did not ask us if we were fine, forgot about our bread, and ignored us a few times when we tried to get his attention.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Nero Belgian Waffle Bar1703 Robson St, Vancouver
Nero Belgian Waffle Bar
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:27am [Dine in]

Whenever we hear the words, “authentic Belgian waffles”, we can’t help but think, “oh it’s just another overhyped breakfast or dessert place that will eventually die down in popularity…” With the current myriad of trendy restaurants taking over Vancouver’s service industry, it’s hard to keep up with what’s good and what’s not. However, Nero pretty much stands above them all (In regards to waffles that is). We have to admit, neither of us has ever stepped foot inside Belgium, much less Europe itself. However, we have tried many restaurants that serves waffles/Belgian waffles (before this blog started), and Nero serves truly the most delicious waffles that we have ever eaten before.

Bresilienne - Leige Waffle- $8.50 (6.5/7)
We ordered the “Bresilienne” sweet classic, made Leige style. The waffle was described by the owners as “soft, sweet and chewy”, while the topping we chose had the description: “vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hazelnut crumble, caramel sauce”.

This was truly delicious. The large waffle was easily enough for both of us, as we had a large dinner prior to this dessert. The couple beside us ordered a waffle each, but could merely only finish half of their dishes! Even though the description only has four ingredients, you can’t imagine how perfect this combination is until you’ve tried it. The hazelnut crumble from Nero might possibly be our favorite dessert topping from now on! The crunchy, sugary mixture blended really well with the melting ice cream on top of our freshly made hot steaming waffle. The waffle itself was sublime, as it wasn’t oversweet like at a lot of places, and was soft and fluffy enough for us to easily cut through. We thoroughly enjoyed our dish as we devoured it within minutes. The generous dollops of whipped cream definitely were a pleasant surprise as we expected our dessert to be much smaller!

If Nero wasn’t so far away, we would be here much more often! Nero’s only downfall is that there are few tables and a shortage of staff. The restaurant can merely fit only a dozen people so when it’s full, there might be a bit of a wait. The delicious waffles do take a while to make as well; we waited approximately 15 minutes for our waffle after we ordered. However, the staff was courteous and made us feel welcomed!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Costco Restaurant605 Expo Blvd., Vancouver
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:27am [Dine in]

Alright. We decided to do a review on Costco’s food because we couldn’t find any on the internet! This Costco is extremely conveniently located right across from Roger’s arena, so many hockey lovers and concert attendees come here for cheap bites before their shows. We personally come here for a hotdog or a poutine before the big game.

Hot dog - $1.50 (6/7)
This is a huge hotdog. Classic or Polish, both are gigantic and flavourful. The condiment stand has the basic toppings (raw onions, relish, ketchup, mustard, banana peppers) so you can fully load your hotdog with all the essentials. (Gabriel personally loves raw onions and relish while Diana loves the peppers). Costco is honestly one of the best places to grab hot dog and for the price of $1.50, it’s a steal! You also get a bottomless fountain pop with this great deal.

Poutine - $3.99 (5.5/7)
This classic Canadian dish is loaded with fat pieces of cheese curds and drenched in gravy. It is really similar to La Belle Patate but a lot cheaper. Personally, we would have preferred the gravy to be hotter, but I guess we can’t complain since it was so cheap!

Pizza - $2.99 (5.25/7)
This giant slice of pizza was so big that the server had to cut it in half. We chose the meat lovers pizza which had pepperoni and sausage in it. The crust was surprisingly delicious and we both enjoyed this pizza.

Anyway, we were stuffed full with a mere total of $11. We walked out with our bellies and wallets (still relatively) full. The best part about downtown’s Costco is that the food area is a separate part of the building! In the majority of the stores, the food area is located inside the store itself so you cannot get in without a Costco membership. However, anybody can purchase a cheap meal at this location!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Hapa Izakaya1193 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
Hapa Izakaya
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:25am [Dine in]

This exciting chain of Japanese pub style restaurants have popped up all over Vancouver over the past years and have been really making an impact on the restaurant scene here. We’ve tried the majority of them (Coal Harbour, Robson Street West end, and Yaletown) but today we’d like to post up a review of Yaletown’s Hapa! The restaurant is much smaller than the original restaurant on Robson Street but still gave off a great vibe. The dark atmosphere mixed with some traditional Japanese accents made the overall ambiance quite suitable for a satisfying dinner after work. Since Gabriel has had the opportunity to live in Japan for nearly half a year, he can really tell you if Hapa is the real thing or not!

By the way, Hapa Izakaya recently introduced their Happy hour, called “Hapa Hour”! The “Hapa Hour” menu and hours are posted on their main website, but you can expect to get great deals on their tapas before 6pm! (6:30pm @ Robson)

Edamame - $2.24 (6/7)
This is a classic chilled bean dish that is served at many Japanese pubs. Hapa gives a kick to this dish by marinating it in their special soy sauce and it made it nice and savoury! Although we love edamame, we prefer the regular kind.

Spicy Pork Ishi- yaki - $4.99 (5.5/7)
This dish is presented in a very hot stone bowl and then mixed in front of you by the waitress, the dish will then slowly cook in the bowl until it becomes nice and crispy. However, we didn’t really like the rice as much as we thought we would so it was a bit disappointing.

Tropical Roll - $2.99 (4/7)
This tasted like regular western sushi. Nothing too special.

Dynamite Roll - $3.75 (3/7)
This was minty and strange. We thought it was the worst dish and regret ordering it.

Renkon Gyoza Tempura - $3.99 (5/7)
One of Hapa’s most popular dishes. We rate it overhyped. It was made very well, but we guess it simply just did not suit our tastes? After hearing all the raving reviews, we expected something amazing! However, after the first bite, we were just like, “meh”.

Negitoro - $4.49 (6.5/7)
This was amazing. At the Robson location we would give this a 6.75. However, it was still amazing here as well! The tuna belly simply melts in your mouth, and it is truly ingenious that they decided to make this dish include garlic bread instead of sushi rice.

Beef Tataki - $4.49 (6/7)
Again, this is made a lot better at the main location on Robson. However, it was still prepared extremely well and was delicious.

Anyway, we really hope that we’ll get to review Robson’s Hapa Izakaya for you guys again! Yaletown’s Hapa is great but if you’re really picky about your food, perhaps you should visit Robson’s instead.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Coast1054 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:24am [Dine in]

Crispy Garlic Fried Calamari - $13.95 (5.5/7)
These were crispy and tender while cooked right to perfection! The mild hot peppers and spices gave this dish a great kick that separated it from the usual deep fried squid dish. However, we much prefer the classic Greek calamari.

Smoked Salmon Flatbread - $15.95 (4/5/7)
This appetizer was advertised by the waitress as her favourite dish, but turned out utterly disappointing. The bread itself was fairly dry while the salty fish and vegetables barely made up for the lack of flavour. Overall, this was probably our least favorite dish.

Blackened Prawn Wedge Salad - $16.95 (4.5/7)

We honestly could not justify the cost of this salad as we had tastier and cheaper wedge salads elsewhere but the presentation itself was fairly nice. The overall dish was very mediocre.

Roasted Beet - $11.95 (5/7)

Fresh, sweet, soft but crunchy beets made our meal healthy and delicious. However, this is not really a dish that can be screwed up but once again, Coast’s presentation was sublime.

Salmon & Avocado Roll - $11.95 (4.5/7)

Coast should strictly stick with western-style seafood dishes and stay away from Japanese sushi. Other than the fish quality itself, the roll was prepared quite poorly. The rice was fairly hard while the overall dish did not leave a good impression at all.

Hot Seafood Platter (wild salmon, ling cod, wild sea tiger prawns, sea scallops, a la grecque vegetables) - $35.95 per person (minimum 2 people per order) (5.25/7)

Salmon: Tender and cooked quite well. Made quite plainly, but we prefer it that way.

Ling Cod: Wasn’t anything special.

Prawns: Large and juicy. Probably the highlight of the dish.

Scallops: Again, large and juicy; not as good as Blue Water’s.

Vegetables: Mostly potatoes, peppers, and random greens. They were average.

Seafood Tower (jumbo prawns, shucked local oysters, dungeness crab, marinated mussels, salmon nigiri) - $28.95 (minimum 2 people per order) (5.5/7)
Prawns: These were absolutely massive; definitely comparable to Joe Fortes’!

Oysters: These were fairly good but incomparable to Rodney’s.

Crab: The crab did not taste very fresh and we found them quite small. The same item at Griffin’s appetizer buffet bar is far superior.

Mussels: These were marinated in honey, which made it a great cold dish!

Salmon Nigiri: Once again, Coast should stay refrain from creating sushi.

The presentation of this “tower” was striking and flamboyant. The dry ice display definitely added a luxurious feel to the dinner and made us feel like the dinner was worthwhile after all.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Man Ri Sung8211 Westminster Hwy, Richmond
Man Ri Sung
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:23am [Dine in]

In the core of Richmond, hidden within the city’s bustling streets, is where Man Ri Sung has established itself as the Korean-North Chinese restaurant that serves a wide variety of dishes from both countries. The chef’s self-proclaimed specialty dish is the Beijing Style Peking Duck meal that comes with a few Korean dishes. The restaurant itself does not stand out as a particularly nice one, but the friendly staff did accommodate us quite well. One thing that did bother me was how unclean the bathrooms looked.

Beijing Style Peking Duck (5.5/7)
We haven’t had this type of Peking duck for quite a while as we normally eat the Hong Kong style peking duck which only includes the crisp duck skin. We really enjoyed the shaved green onions which definitely enhanced the flavour of the tender meat wrap. However, there weren’t enough pancakes so we had to order another plate for $2.

Seafood Pancake - $13.99 (4.5/7)
This was a typical Korean seafood pancake with chives, shrimp, octopus and etc. We’ve had a lot better elsewhere.

Boiled Dumplings (10 pcs) - $6.99 (4/7)
These were plain steamed Chinese dumplings with a vinegar based sauce. Nothing more to say.

Pan Fried Potato Noodles (Japchae) - $8.99 (S)/$12.99 (L) (5/7)
The Japchae was surprisingly tender and flavourful with the various vegetables complementing it. There wasn’t meat in this dish and it wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing. However, the taste was authentic and everybody was quite satisfied.

Korean BBQ LA - $15.99 (5.5/7)
These were absolutely delicious! We usually order these when we go to eat at Korean BBQ restaurants but of course, the chef produces a better tasting product. As the waitress set down the hot plate, the tantalizing smell quickly induced our hunger and we chowed down!

Duck & Homemade noodle Hotpot (5.5/7)
This interesting hotpot was comprised of the leftover duck meat and bones, handmade Chinese noodles, vegetables, and a duck broth. The soup was quite flavourful and you could tell that the chef prepared it from scratch and not from an MSG base. The noodles had an interesting shape and texture which suited the soft duck meat perfectly.

The combo we ordered was the Duck dinner for 6. ($98.95) It came with the peking duck, a choice of dumplings or japchae, a seafood pancake, BBQ LA ribs, and the duck hotpot. We ordered japchae on the side. (There were 8 of us in total).

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Frappe Bliss4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond
Strawberry Romance
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:19am [Dine in]

This is a Japanese shaved ice dessert with a twist. Instead of using pure ice blocks, they combine the ice with milk and fruit concentrates! We ordered the strawberry romance which is essentially shaved strawberry iced with strawberry ice cream and fresh strawberries. This was a great treat but not as good as their matcha dessert!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Italian Tomato8380 Bridgeport Road, Richmond
Italian Tomato
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:18am [Dine in]

We walked into Italian Tomato at approximately 5:52pm today (a Saturday night) and the restaurant was strangely quiet. We were greeted by a bubbly waitress who informed us that ALL the tables were booked and we would have to sit at the bar (note: make reservations even if you’re going as a party of 2, or expect to be seated at the bar and having the bartender play the role of your server). Quite surprised, we were reluctant to stay but eventually gave each other approving glances and accepted her offer. To be completely honest, Gabriel has been to this establishment a few times; perhaps a few too many times. Himself, along with his friends, probably come here once or twice a year because we usually forget about our past experiences eating at Italian Tomato. It’s always the same: We start off extremely hungry, chow down the first few delicious bites, and then eventually fill up before half of the plates are gone! If you haven’t heard about Italian Tomato yet, their portions are absolutely massive! One plate of pasta could easily feed three people but because of the minimum table charge, most people order one pasta dish each.

Complementary Bread (3.75/7)
The bread is simply just a cold baguette served with cold butter. When you try to spread the butter on, you end up with a layer of something that resembles cottage cheese. We ended up dipping the bread in the meat sauce later to make it more edible.

Mezza Luna with Linguine - $18.95 (3.75/7)
(diced chicken breast, bacon in a garlic cream sauce)
This rating may be a bit harsh, but compared to other Italian restaurants such as Cin Cin, Italian Kitchen, and Zefferelli’s, this honestly was not very good. The thick and heavy Alfredo sauce made the entire dish way too dense and it seemed like half a pound of butter was used. The linguine was still a bit chewy, as if they tried to cook it al dente but took it out way too early. While there were a few pieces of chicken (quite dry), it was hard to find any of the bacon at all.

Veneziana with Gnocchi (add $4 for gnocchi) - $17.95 (3.5)
(spicy Italian sausage, diced chicken breast, garlic in spicy tomato sauce)
The gnocchi itself was mediocre but the sauce and meat did not really live up to our expectations. We’ve had much better elsewhere and probably won’t be ordering this ever again. The sauce to pasta ratio was not up to par as there was an unnecessarily excessive amount of sauce, which totally drenched the entire dish.

The overall service was just OK. The bartender was a bit awkward and it took us a while to flag down a waiter. Diana isn’t coming here ever again. Gabriel might though.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Phnom Penh Restaurant244 E Georgia St, Vancouver
Phnom Penh
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:17am [Dine in]

Lining up for an hour for a meal was never an option for us as we lived in Vancouver all our lives. Booking a table for two isn’t possible at Phnom Penh so we reluctantly decided to stand in the waiting area, expecting a seating within 45 minutes. After exactly an hour and seven minutes (this was on a Friday night), we finally got our table! Since we had the menus beforehand, we hastily ordered as the tea was set down. Can we say that it was worth the wait? Here’s the review:

金邊酥炸蝦 Phnom Penh Deep Fried Chicken Wing - $7.95 (S)/$12.50 (L) (6/7)
This is one of the “must-order” dishes at Phnom Penh. The salty crisp skin is fried to perfection while the tender meat inside can be devoured in a single bite. On top of the dish is a combination of spices, green onions, and loads of MSG. Although we must say the wings were absolutely exquisite and addicting, we found that after eating 4-5 pieces, they were a bit too salty. Next time, ordering the half size instead of the full size would be sufficient.

牛片焗蒜油醋 Marinated Butter Beef - $12.85 (5/7)
Raw beef; thinly sliced, slightly seared, and covered in a tangy sauce making a worthwhile dish that melts in your mouth. This is the Vietnamese take on the classic “Beef Tataki” dish that is served at Japanese Izakaya restaurants. The portion they serve is absolutely gigantic! We honestly could barely finish the entire plate and at the end of it, we were just a bit sick of the raw beef. We will probably stick with beef tataki.

金邊乾撈粿條 Phnom Penh Rice Noodle (no broth) - $6 (4.5/7)
This is a classic Vietnamese dish which is comprised of meat, seafood, and dried noodles. Frankly, we’ve had better elsewhere. It’s not exactly a complex dish to make and the taste was only mediocre. Adding hot sauce to it definitely amplified the taste though!

In conclusion, we believe Phnom Penh is quite overhyped. Only the deep fried wings are worth the wait but if you really had a craving, just head down to Richmond and eat them at Wu Fung (Aberdeen food court). Phnom Penh also does take out so that’s an option as well!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
HML Seafood Restaurant5890 No. 3 Road, #200, Richmond
HML Seafood Restaurant - DIMSUM
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:14am [Dine in]

Walking into a densely packed restaurant is not something you want to do unless it is worth the craving. On the contrary, would entering an empty restaurant give you the opposite feeling? Today, we strolled into “HML Seafood Restaurant” on No.3 Road in Richmond and were surprised by the half vacant seating they had at around lunch time. Now, HML is obviously not a high-end restaurant, nor a nice one, but I would categorize it as a higher-end budget friendly Chinese joint. The venue itself is decorated quite nicely, but you can tell that the utensils and tableware have worn quite old. There is no tea charge at HML, and it is 20% off dim sum every single day.

After several minutes of contemplation, we quickly decided on six favorite dishes which are musts when ordering dim sum.

金粟帶子腸粉 Steamed Rice Rolls with Scallop - $4.95 (4.5/7)
The noodle roll was soft, chewy, and cooked to perfection (though not many restaurants can screw this dish up). While the tender scallops complemented the dish impeccably, the unmentioned corn kernels did not.

Steamed Rice Rolls Stuffed with Chinese Donut Topped with Shredded Pork - $4.95 (5.25/7)
This was probably our favorite dish. The tangy Hoisen (Seafood) Sauce definitely suited the delicious combination of the tender rice noodle wrap and savoury deep fried bread. It was dusted on top with pork floss, which is a processed dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture.

Steamed Turnip Cake with Preserved Meat - $3.95 (5.5/7)

**No picture as we were way too excited to try it that we dived in and before you know it, it was all gone**

Normally we would order fried turnip cake (served with Hoisen Sauce) or stir-fry XO Sauce turnip cake, but we decided to try something new today. The dish was pleasantly oil free with a nice aroma of green onions and dried meat. Though plain, it is definitely something that we will reorder.

明月樓水晶蝦餃皇 Superior Steamed Shrimp Dumplings - $4.25 (5/7)
These plump dumplings taste especially good when you dip them in the sweet soy sauce provided with the Rice Noodle Roll dishes. The dumplings at HML tasted pretty much the same as the ones that you can get at Fisherman’s Terrace (Aberdeen) or Shi-Art (Richmond Centre), so we were quite content with them. The size of the dumplings were on the bigger side and the dumpling skin’s thickness was just right.

御厨流沙飽 Steamed Custard Bun - $3.95 (5/7)
When it came down to dessert, we really had to ruminate before ordering. Dim sum offers a plethora of delectable desserts which makes it extremely hard to choose. Contemplating between the egg custard tarts and the egg yolk custard buns, we finally decided with the buns because of the cold weather. The steamed bun itself was fresh and moist while the filling was nice and viscous. Our favorite part about this dessert was that it was not too sweet at all!

酥皮白麻蓉焗布甸 Baked Tapioca Pudding Stuffed with Sesame Paste - $3.75 (4.75/7)
This is a classic Chinese dessert shrunk down to dim sum sized portion. The top is covered by a baked pineapple bun crust while the inside is comprised of a thick gooey tapioca pudding with a tantalizing sesame paste at the bottom. As much as this is one of our favorite desserts, HML simply did not make it well enough. I must admit that it was delicious, but we have had much better elsewhere.

That concludes our short dim sum lunch! The bill ended up coming to $26 after tax and tip. We walked out extremely full and reasonably satisfied. It would be worthwhile to accentuate that the majority of the staff here do not speak English. Thankfully, they do have an English/Chinese scantron type of ordering sheet where you can tick off the dishes you want and simply hand it to the server.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance