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Chipotle Mexican Grill818 Howe Street, Vancouver
Could be better
Submitted Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 9:18pm [Dine in]

This popular American chain finally made its way down to the West Coast of Canada. If you’re familiar with the chain, or with Mucho Burrito, then you’re aware of their assembly-line production of the burritos/tacos/etc. Much like Subway, you get to choose your meats, veggies, and sauces that are safely tucked behind a sneeze guard. Thankfully, the line moves pretty fast as they have a staff per “station”.

Carnita Burrito - $8.95 (4/7)
There was nothing special about this, and nothing about it that sets it apart from the others, however, they didn’t grill press it, which made it extremely difficult to eat as everything was falling apart and it ended up being super soggy.

Chipotle also does not have sizes, so if you want a burrito, but aren’t that hungry, you’re better off going elsewhere, or getting something else from this establishment. Though the burritos are massive, we don’t know if we can justify paying $9 for it again.

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Leung Kee Cantonese Food4151 Hazelbridge Way, #3030, Richmond
Stir-fried rice noodle with beef slices
Submitted Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 12:25am [Dine in]

This is a classic Cantonese dish comprised of beef strips, "ho fun" rice noodles, onions, scallions, and bean sprouts. The dish is very straight forward and is usually seasoned with soy sauce and salt. You can complement the dish with hot sauce (preferably sriracha) to add a spicy kick to your meal! Leung Kee makes this dish quite well, although a bit oily. However, at the price of $6.75 for such a huge portion, we can't complain! The dish comes with a Chinese soup which can be substituted with a drink for a dollar. The size of this dish is actually enough for two people to share!

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Sushi Nanaimo350 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver
Cheap eats
Submitted Monday, January 21, 2013 - 6:40pm [Dine in]

Staying true, loyal, and dedicated to our self-proclaimed obsession, and for our love for/with sushi, here is yet another sushi post. Sushi Nanaimo is located in East Vancouver, not too far down from the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), and is conveniently located on the corner of Nanaimo (of course) and East Hastings, so it’s pretty hard to miss. What sets this hidden gem apart from the others is that this is actually Japanese owned. That, and the food never fails to impress us. It is quite small inside so be sure to avoid dining rush hours, or be prepared to wait. Trust us - it’ll be worth the wait.

Sushi Pizza - $8.95 (4/7)
Say whaaat?! This isn’t your typical pizza. All those “toppings” you see consist of avocado, cucumber, tobiko, spicy salmon, green onion, mayo, on a bed of crispy fried rice that is the “crust”. It can get quite messy and will fall apart on you. Having said that, this is one pizza that you must, and should, be eating with utensils and not your hands.

Nanaimo Roll - $6.95 (10/7)
Oh. My. God. Can you say HEAVEN?! How can we describe this? To put it bluntly, this is THE epitome of “party in your mouth”. Spicy tuna sashimi, cucumber, yam shoestring fries, mayo, teriyaki (?) sauce … What’s there to NOT love?!

Awesome Roll - $6.95 (7/7)
At Sushi Nanaimo, they give you an option to have the toppings for your Awesome Roll with either the bonito flakes or the yam shoestrings. We opted for the yam shoestrings because who doesn’t like yam fries? Result? Tasted just like the Nanaimo Roll = win.

Chicken Teriyaki - $7.50 (4.5/7)
Pretty standard. Can’t go wrong here.

Alaska Roll - $3.95 (1/7)

This is pretty much a fail. What sets this apart from Sushi Garden/Town/California/etc. is that the avocado aren’t mushy. As weird as that may sound, the mushiness of the avocado is what makes this roll tasty. Also, if you notice from the below picture, they put dollops of the sauce on top of the salmon, whereas at the other joints, the sauce is infused/drenched/swimming (in a good way) throughout the roll. This is a pass.

Deep Fried California Roll - $4.95 (7/7)

This MELTS in your mouth. The breaded deep fried-ness that wraps the roll is crunchy like a tempura, and because it is deep fried, it makes the entire roll warm (not in a bad way). Pure genius. Simplicity at its finest.

California Roll - $2.95 (4/7)
For every restaurant you go to, is there a particular item you MUST get to determine how good the chefs are? The one simple item that they can not fail? For us, it’s the California Roll. Perhaps it is so simple that they tried so hard to make it good, that they tried TOO hard. Did that make sense? In any case, this was a fail. As this was our first time dining here, we were scared that this restaurant would also be a fail judging from the California Roll. Guess you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover .. judge a restaurant by their roll?

Spicy Salmon Sashimi - $8.95
Again, pretty standard. If you’re not a fan of spice, this may drown you. Pun intended.

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L.A. Chicken11780 Thorpe Road, 160, Richmond
LA Chicken
Submitted Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 11:51pm [Take-out]

LA Chicken is a local’s favourite, tucked away in the Cambie area of North Richmond. It’s easy to miss this quaint restaurant as it doesn’t really stand out at all, with its old decor and falling-apart ambiance. When you enter the fast food joint, you’ll immediately notice that everything is a bit worn down but somehow, there would usually be a line of people waiting for their fried bird! There’s nothing special at first other than the newspaper articles of them accentuated on the walls proudly. The restaurant is owned by a friendly Asian couple who cooks all of their food fresh. It’s quite expensive, but worth every bite!

Two-pieces of chicken - $6.35 (6.5/7)
This is the best fried chicken that you can get in Greater Vancouver. The skin is perfectly crisp and delicious, with the perfect crunchy and the perfect thickness. The chicken is nice and juicy even though the skin is so crispy! We usually end up getting a free piece of chicken which make’s it worth it.

Anyway, stop by LA Chicken for some serious eats! It’s a lot better than KFC, and perhaps a level above Church’s.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
Sushi Garden4635 Kingsway, Burnaby
Sushi Garden
Submitted Friday, January 18, 2013 - 9:14pm [Dine in]

One thing you should know about us is that we are sushi aficionado’s, and thus, have an unhealthy obsession with it. Sushi Garden (both Kingsway/Metrotown and Lougheed Highway locations) is THE mother of all sushi places. Admittedly, Sushi Garden used to be our favourite sushi joint until we discovered Sushi Nanaimo and their specialty rolls (can you say Awesome Roll and Nanaimo Roll?). That (specialty rolls), and the fact that it is SO much closer to home is a big plus. But that doesn’t mean we don’t visit the place that started our love for sushi anymore…

Prawn Tempura - $7.50 (7/7)
There’s really not much to say about this, except for the fact that it tastes like pure heaven everytime we order it. We’re not sure as to how often they change their oil, but it definitely seems like it’s a daily thing as the tempura is always fresh and crisp. There’s just the right amount of batter and deep fried to pure perfection.

California Cone - $2.95 (7/7)

If you’re a fan of the California Roll, this is a MUST GET. It’s a California Roll, but in cone form. They definitely do NOT skimp out on the crab meat and they use a slice of avocado, so you can definitely taste the creaminess. The California Cone is so good that we can say it is 10x better than the actual California Roll itself.

Spicy Chopped Scallop Cone - $3.50 (6/7)

Again, they do NOT skimp out on the scallop. They do, however, skimp out on the hot sauce. They just squeeze a dollop on top of the scallop. ..It’d be nice if they mixed it with the scallop throughout. They sometimes even forget the sauce. Preposterous, right?

Alaska Roll - $3.95 (7/7)
This isn’t your typical Alaska Roll that you get at sushi joints. This is basically an Avocado Roll drenched with some sort of mysterious awesome sauce (it might just be the typical salad dressing you get at sushi place’s, but it’s full of garlic-y goodness) topped with a thin slice of salmon sashimi. A lot of Sushi Garden/Town/California noobies don’t know about this because the restaurants don’t write a description as to what’s in the roll, nor do they provide pictures, but GET THIS. Yes, that was a command. You will NOT regret it. You may, however, regret having garlic breath after, so if you’re on a date, be sure to pack some gum/mints/breath spray.

Assorted Nigiri
Inari - $1.00 (7/7)

This sweet tofu pocket filled rice is absolutely delicious. The tofu lives up to how it’s supposed to taste - sweet and juicy. Have this without dipping it in soya sauce!

Tamago - $1.00 (5/7)

Because the tamago is quite thin, you can’t really taste the sweetness of it. Still a good piece of sushi, though. Soya sauce may be needed.

Ebi - $1.20 (7/7)

There’s not much to say about this, it’s just your typical piece of ebi nigiri. They do, however, put quite a bit of wasabi underneath, so if you can’t handle spice - you have been warned.

Toro - $1.30 (7/7)

As with all other sashimi, you definitely get your bang for your buck here. The pieces are huge!

AmaEbi - $1.80 (7/7)

Again, it tastes how it’s supposed to. You can safely say their sashimi are fresh, thus, food = awesome.

Hotate - $1.50 (7/7)

Fat, plump, juicy. Need we say more?

Masago - $1.30 (7/7)

They load this up! It can get quite messy. Be sure you either eat this all in one bite or have your plate right under your mouth to catch all the falling eggs!

Saba - $1.00 (7/7)

Can’t go wrong with this. Or any of their nigiri’s. Or roll’s. Or cooked item’s. Or sashimi.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Fair Bee Coffee & Tea5300 No. 3 Road, #222, Richmond
Fair Bee
Submitted Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 11:46pm [Take-out]

Fair Bee is a small bubble tea shop located in Lansdowne Mall near the food court. It’s quite the hidden gem as not many people realize there’s such a store hidden in the corner of this mall but once you try it, you’ll be hooked! Fair Bee has a wide array of bubble tea add on selections such as mango stars, strawberry pearls, and even miniature sized pearls! The mini pearls are extremely popular and they’re our favorite as well.

Real Fruit Strawberry and Mango Smoothie - $4.50 (6/7)
The open kitchen is easily viewable from the waiting area and we could see her scoop in the mango chunks and strawberries. The smoothie was very refreshing and not overly sweet like how some places make their drinks. The mini pearls were perfect and honestly far superior to the regular ones. Another favorite is the matcha green tea slush!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
Imperial Court Restaurant6360 No. 3 Road, Unit 6, Richmond
Imperial Court
Submitted Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 5:59pm [Dine in]

Centered in the hustle and bustle of Richmond, Imperial Court Restaurant is located in the ideal Brighouse area, seconds away from Richmond Centre mall. The dreary cold weather brought us to this seafood restaurant as we wanted a hot Chinese dinner for a birthday celebration. We want to apologize in advance, as we only got to snap a few photos but we will try and recall as many dishes as possible.

Deep-Fried Seafood Shrimp Ball with Crab Claw (6/7)
This was delicious. It came with a sweet and sour sauce that perfectly complemented the deep fried goodness of the dish. To sum it up, it’s a crab claw enclosed with a seafood mix (probably flour, fish, shrimp, prawns, etc), rolled up in bread crumbs, and then deep fried to perfection! This is a classic Chinese dish served at many restaurants and this was definitely a lot better than most of the cheaper restaurants that we’ve tried in Richmond! (for example, HML…)

Lobster with Chinese “Yee-Meen” Noodles (5.75/7)
To be honest, most Chinese-style lobsters taste the same to us. Again, this is a classic dish at Chinese seafood restaurants and we thought the lobster was cooked quite well. The noodles were our favorite part of the dish! We honestly can’t describe the flavour of this dish, but it had a creamy texture and while it was quite savoury, we managed to devour a huge bowl of the noodles!

Chinese Fried Fish with Meat/Seafood Sauce (5.75/7)
This dish is basically delicious egg stir fried rice with the same sauce as the lobster but instead of lobster, there was asparagus, pork, chicken, shrimp, and some vegetables! We really enjoyed this dish but we have had better elsewhere! However, we have to consider the fact that this is a more affordable Chinese restaurant.

Peking Duck (6/7)

The Peking duck was very professionally sliced as we could not taste much duck fat or meat when chowing down. The pancakes were made quite well but we would have appreciated some cucumber to go with the dish!

Duck & Beef stirfry (5.5/7)

This simple meat dish came with matchstick carrots and celery. It was quite decent.

Appetizer Platter – Chinese Deli Cuts, Cold Jellyfish, Assorted Meats (5.5/7)

This was normal! You can’t really screw this up.


Red Bean Soup (5.5/7)
This is almost always the “dessert” soup that is served at the end of a Chinese feast. It wasn’t too sweet and there were tons of beans!

Lychee Jelly (5.5/7)
There was a fair amount of real lychee in the jelly and everybody enjoyed how light and refreshing it was.

Birthday Lotus Bean Paste Buns (5.5/7)
These peach shaped steamed buns are traditional sweets served for dessert on birthdays. Personally, we didn’t think there was enough bean paste in each bun and the bun itself could have been softer.

Anyway, we think Imperial Court is a great place to go when you don’t want to drive out too far. The location is really perfect if you’re shopping at one of the close by malls and it’s easy to get to by public transportation. It is definitely cheaper than the finer Chinese restaurants (such as, Kirin, Neptune, Jade) but more expensive than restaurants such as Bamboo Grove and HML. This place has good cheap dim sum as well! By the way, there are many English speaking staff at this restaurant. We saw people of all ethnicities eating there tonight. :)

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Ramen Jinya270 Robson Street, Vancouver
Ramen Jinya
Submitted Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 12:01pm [Dine in]

This is fairly new ramen joint located conveniently right across from the main Vancouver Library in downtown. We decided to drop by here with a party of 6 to celebrate our friend’s birthday at around 6:30PM but it was quite full at the time so we had to wait around 20 minutes. The restaurant isn’t very big and can fit perhaps 30 people or so. Judging from the line up on a Monday night, their name has already become quite established in Vancouver so we wanted to give it a go!

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen - Level 9 Spiciness (you can choose out of 10 levels) - $9.45 (6/7)
Comparing this to authentic Japanese ramen (yes, Gabriel has had at least 50 bowls of authentic ramen in Japan!), this was pretty darn good. The noodles were nice and chewy, the toppings were fresh and delicious, and the soft boiled egg was absolutely perfect! Now, lets talk about the spiciness… We love spicy food. We can eat mouth-numbing spicy noodles from Szechuan, China or drink spicy soup from Korea, but we must admit that this was quite spicy! Judging from the first sip, we didn’t feel like it was spicy at all. However, by the time we reached the second last bite, our mouths were burning! This type of spiciness was different from Chinese and Korean dishes because it seemed like it accumulated throughout through meal. For every bite we took, the heat just got worse and worse. The area around our mouth was completely red but we were foodies with a mission: to finish this bowl! We ended up engulfing the dish quickly with the help of three glasses of iced water and it took a while for us to cool down. The noodles were delicious and if we were to come back, we would order level 5 just so we can actually taste the ramen! The only part about this dish that didn’t really impress us was the pork. The pork at Kintaro Ramen is probably the best in Vancouver in our opinion.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Tri-ty Cafe8100 Ackroyd Rd, #130, Richmond
Submitted Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 11:13pm [Dine in]

Tri-Ty is a Taiwanese bubble tea restaurant on Ackroyd Road near the central Richmond liquor store. Their bubble teas and desserts are fairly good but today we opted for lunch only since we were on our lunch breaks. The menu is the same all day and most drinks range from $4.00-$5.00 while the majority of the meals are $8.50. The restaurant itself is designed quite nicely for an inexpensive bubble tea joint but we found the temperature a bit chilly.

Honey Crispy Chicken Nugget on Rice 蜜汁脆皮雞飯 - $8.50 (6/7)
This dish is actually Taiwanese style deep fried chicken nuggets with a sweet honey glaze. Tri-Ty is the only place that makes this dish (we have yet to come across any other restaurants with it) so we always end up ordering this whenever we eat here! The sweet sauce perfectly complements the crispy outer shell and as you bite into the meat, you can really start to appreciate the well thought combination of texture and taste. The meal comes with a bowl of rice, three appetizers (mildly spicy fried tofu, green beans, Chinese tomato & egg), and a mango pudding! The appetizers were delicious while the mango pudding was a bit disappointing. (However, it had a dolphin shape!)

Spareribs Noodle Soup 排骨酥 - $8.50 (4.5/7)
This was an average noodle soup. There’s nothing much to say about it! The picture is of the dish without any bean sprouts (which were removed by request). The noodles are fairly tasty but the broth wasn’t flavorful enough. The meat was just okay while the other various veggies tasted bland.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe1059 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Submitted Friday, January 11, 2013 - 12:18pm [Dine in]

This is the place to be when you're out late at night but you get a sudden craving for something sweet! Thierry has a myriad of delicious sweets ranging from spiked coffees, high end chocolates, handcrafted gelato, beautifully constructed cakes, and possibly the best macarons in Vancouver! The small establishment can only take 30 people or so but there's enough room in their heated patio for at least 15 more. They have a wide variety of sweets but some of our favorites include: lychee macaron, chocolate tart (they make this occasionally but it's seriously the best!), tiramisu, and raspberry gelato!
Chocolate Tart (6.5/7)

This is amazing! The entire tart is made out of this solidified type of mousse that's extremely creamy but not too sweet. The chocolate isn't too overpowering even though it's very dark, and we thought that it was a lot less bitter than other chocolate tarts that we have had.

Lemon Tart (5.5/7)

This sour treat was loved by only a few of us. The tanginess of the tart was definitely enough but unfortunately, it was just too sour.

Chestnut Cake (6/7)

To be honest, we've only had chestnut cakes made in Asian bakeries before! We wanted to try this as soon as we saw it and we have no regrets! This was made very well as the ratio of chestnut to chocolate tasted perfect.

Tiramisu (6.25/7)
This is honestly a piece of art. The tiramisu here is made beautifully and we've tried both the small individual size and the full size. Even though the tiramisu isn't authentic, the aesthetics of the cake makes up for it! The taste is quite good and we always come back for more.

Pear Cassis Charlotte (4.5/7)
This wasn't very good. Saying this so bluntly makes us want to apologize to the patissiers of Thierry but this cake was honestly not good. We only ordered this because it looked really nice but it was honestly very plain and something that we could never order again. The green outer shell was questionable and didn't taste very good.

Opera Cake (6/7)
This is a very dense cake that is comprised of hazelnut sponge, chocolate ganache, butter cream, and coffee. We enjoyed this a lot with our tea but it was very filling! (not that we're complaining)

Japanese Sencha green tea (6/7)
This was a very enjoyable tea that we could distinguish as high quality. Although it differs from the tea that you could drink at Miku, this had its own soothing taste.

Honeybush Vanilla Tea?? (Not sure if this is the correct name) (6.25/7)
This unique tea was perfect with our desserts as it wasn't too strong but it didn't have any herbal-y smell/taste. We weren't really sure of what tea to categorize it as, but it's most likely a white tea.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
Blue Water
Submitted Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 10:17pm [Dine in]

Blue water is definitely one of the best restaurants in Vancouver, and the quality of food here surpasses Coast’s by a long shot. The interior aesthetics may not be as pleasing or trendy as of Coast’s, but the food and service here is sublime!

Seafood Tower - $78 (6.25/7)
In the menu: two tiers with oysters, prawns, seared red tuna, smoked salmon jellyfish, scallops ceviche, clams and mussels
This impressive tower served as a delicious appetizer for the five of us! We personally love mussels and they were definitely big and juicy. The seared red tuna was excellent and reminded us of ahi tuna, the scallops were nice and plump, the salmon jellyfish was interesting but not a favorite, and the prawns were huge and delicious! The aesthetics of this dish was stunning and had many people turn their heads when it was placed on our table.

Toro Sashimi - $17.50 (6.75/7)
For those who don’t know, this basically translates to “Raw Tuna belly”. The tuna belly sashimi is more expensive than regular sashimi because of the high fat content of the fish, which makes it extremely tasty and soft. You only get approximately 7 full pieces of sashimi with this appetizer but it is definitely worth it as it is comparable to the sashimi in Japan! The fish is of extremely high quality and practically dissolves in your mouth!

Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake - $11 (6.25/7)
This was excellent as it wasn’t too sweet and the cheese portion of the cake wasn’t too overpowering. The ratio of hazelnuts, chocolate, and cheese was absolutely perfect and was no doubt a first-class dessert. Even though blue water cafe is under the same group as Thierry, we could tell that the desserts here were of a higher level. The dessert was served with a scoop of what we believed to be hand made gelato, which was also delicious and refreshing!

Sablefish - $36.50 (6/7)
This dish was quite good but nothing too extraordinary. To be honest, we’re not really fish lovers so we can’t tell the difference between most fish unless it’s something common like tuna or salmon. This dish was prepared very intricately and the Japanese yuzu flavour really made the dish stand out!

Qualicum Bay Scallops - $33.50 (6.5/7)
These huge and plump scallops were served with a few caramelized greens, two wild rice griddle cakes, and a tangy citrus sauce that made the dish quite refreshing! The scallops themselves were pan seared to perfection and they were probably one of the best that we’ve ever had! However, we didn’t enjoy the wild rice griddle cakes as much as we thought we would. There was nothing wrong with them but they were simply not our taste!

Anyway, we had a great time at Blue Water and everything was excellent. The service was extremely professional (eg. when they came to take our dishes away, five staff members came all at once to clean our table in an instant) and there was an actual staff member who went around to refold our napkins whenever we left our seats! The food here is definitely top notch and could possibly serve Vancouver’s best seafood!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Tokyo Joe's8211 Ackroyd Rd., #130, Richmond
Tokyo Joe's Sushi Factory
Submitted Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 5:45pm [Take-out]

Tokyo Joe's is conveniently located near the Lansdowne Skytrain Station and it’s one of the favorites among the local office workers in the area. Although it’s on the pricier side (usually $12 to get us full), we opted for the Party Tray A (55 pcs) for $27.95. The three of us were very well fed and we ended up having 8 pieces leftover! The lady was extremely nice and provided a complementary box of edamame!

This Party tray consists of: California Roll, Dynamite Roll, Salmon & Avocado Roll, Alaska Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon/Tuna/Kappa(Cucumber) Roll.

California Roll – This was just a regular California Roll. Nothing to comment on! The imitation crab meat tasted quite fresh though and the avocado was nice.

Dynamite Roll – This is definitely one of the better dynamite rolls that we've had coming from an affordable sushi joint!

Salmon & Avocado Roll – A bit disappointing as the roll didn’t taste that great. We didn’t like the texture of the overall roll.

Alaska Roll – This was essentially a California Roll with smoked salmon on top. It wasn’t anything special.

Spicy Tuna Roll – We enjoyed this roll in particular because it was actually spicy!

Salmon/Tuna/Kappa(Cucumber) Roll – These were just mediocre.

Anyway, the party tray selection here is great and is definitely worth checking out if you have 3 or 4 people. The staff are extremely friendly and the service is quick! Even though we ordered a party tray, the lady told us to come in 10 minutes if we were in a hurry!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
Moon Noodle Bar, The6138 SUB Boulevard, Vancouver
The Moon
Submitted Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 5:39pm [Take-out]

The Moon is one of those places on campus where you know that their food isn’t good, but you just crave for their sauce drenched sweet and sour pork and MSG-loaded deep fried wings. Being Chinese ourselves, we really have to say that The Moon’s food quality is probably the same as Crystal Mall’s or Richmond Public Market’s level, or worse. The prices are quite steep ($6.50 for two items on rice or noodles) and the selection is scarce. Furthermore, you cannot use your UBC card to pay here!
Sweet and Sour Pork (4/7)

We’ll sum up this dish in two words: Unhealthy & Addictive. The sweet and sour pork here is basically small chunks of meat covered in a thick batter, then deep fried and absolutely drenched in a sweet and sour sauce. When you combine this dish with rice, it becomes an extremely flavourful combination that makes your taste buds want more! The sweet and sour pork here isn’t made very well and we only eat here once a month or so.

Beef & Broccoli (4.5/7)

This is a slightly healthier dish than the previous one since there are actual vegetables involved. However, the entire dish is soaked in tons of MSG, which will make you extremely thirsty for the next few hours after your meal. The beef is quite tender but a bit salty. You’ll have to eat this with plenty of rice!

The Moon is definitely one of the last resorts for us when deciding what to eat at the UBC SUB. If you don’t feel like something too heavy, opt for their wonton noodle soup!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House777 Thurlow Street, Vancouver
Happy Hour
Submitted Monday, January 7, 2013 - 6:26pm [Dine in]

Joe Fortes has a happy hour that goes on every day from 4:00PM - 6:00PM! We decided to try this out since the prices were right and boy, were we satisfied! We ended up completely stuffed and with a bunch of leftovers even though we only had to pay around $17 per person. The only thing we would like to mention about this happy hour is that there are no reservations and it is pretty much first come first serve. You have to sit at one of the high stool counters or the bar in order to qualify for the happy hour specials.

Jumbo Tempura Prawns - $13.95 (6.5/7)

These are amazing! They’re probably the size of the prawns that you can get at Coast or Bluewater, except deep fried to perfection. The spicy mayo on the side makes the dish absolutely perfect and I can honestly say that these were one of the best prawn tempuras that I’ve ever had!

Crisp Calamari - $14.95 (6/7)

As calamari lover’s, we’d have to go back and carefully compare all the different calamari dishes we have tried previously. This calamari in particular was very fresh and prepared impeccably, as it wasn’t too chewy and the batter was thin and crisp. The dish was covered in spicy chilies and came with a sundried tomato aioli that was actually our favourite dip!

Truffle Parmesan Frites - $9.95 (5.5/7)

These were delicious at first, but we quickly grew tired of them. The fries were generously covered in cheese and made an excellent snack to eat with our beers. However, they felt a bit too dry at the end and we couldn’t really finish.

Sweet Potato Fries - $7.95 (5.75/7)

These were more on the plain side, but were definitely some of the best sweet potato fries that we’ve ever had! However, we had the same problem as the other fries and ended up doggy bagging them.

Joe’s Mini Cheese Burgers - $12.95 (5/7)

These were very mediocre. We don’t have much to say about them but they’re just regular sliders with nothing special. The coleslaw that came with them was delicious though!

Fried Oysters - $14.95 (5.5/7)

These were good but not as good as the ones you can get at Rodney’s! We enjoyed the sauces that came with them though.

The happy hour at Joe Fortes is an excellent way to have an early dinner while grabbing a few beers after work! The food was definitely worth the price and the atmosphere of the restaurant is excellent. Our waitresses were very attentive and kind as well!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Su Hang Restaurant8291 Ackroyd Road, #100, Richmond
Submitted Sunday, January 6, 2013 - 2:45pm [Take-out]

**This review is based on take out from the restaurant**

Suhang is an affordable restaurant that serves primarily food from Shanghai and other regions of China. Located in the busy core of Richmond, Suhang is usually quite packed and it is recommended for customers to make reservations. We have personally been eating at Suhang for over three years and their food and service has consistently been top notch! This is the first time for us to order take out so we thought we would share our thoughts. (Perhaps we’ll make another Suhang post but dine-in)

Steamed Soup Buns with Pork Filling 灌湯小籠包 - $5.50 (5.75/7)
Normally we would give these a 6, but they just didn’t taste as amazing when in a Styrofoam box. However, the quality of this dish was impeccable as the small buns were filled with a plethora of hot steaming soup!

Pan-Fried Pork Soft Buns 多汁生煎包 - $6.95 (5.5/7)
These are actually steamed meat buns that are fried at the bottom using a wok! Eating the bun is a bit difficult because if you bite too hard, the soup inside will spray everywhere. However, we love this bun because of the steamy soup and it’s definitely a classic dish that you have to try! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to devour this dish until 15 minutes after it was prepared so it ended up a bit soggy.

Minced Pork with Noodles 炸醬面 - $6.95 (6/7)
This dish remained the same as if we were eating it in the restaurant! The thick meat sauce and the crisp cucumbers perfectly complemented each other and even though this particular noodle dish is quite heavy, we couldn’t stop ourselves from finishing the whole thing!

Anyways, Suhang is really the place to be when you feel like Xiao Long Bao (Little Dragon Dumplings?) The prices are quite reasonable (around $21 after tax for two people) and the service is great! The outside of the building is a bit tacky looking but the interior design is done quite well for an affordable restaurant.


Food (take-out) : 5.75/7

Value: 6/7

Service: N/A

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  • Service
  • Value
Chop Steakhouse & Bar10251 St Edwards Dr., Richmond
Chop Steakhouse
Submitted Saturday, January 5, 2013 - 3:37pm [Dine in]

Chop’s interior design is absolutely stunning with its impressive and spacious washrooms, extremely comfy and remarkable private rooms, and one of the most impressive foyers we’ve ever seen! The only downside with this restaurant is its in-the-middle-of-nowhere location, as it’s placed right beside the highway on the edge of Richmond. Anyway, we ended up getting the large private room but ended up feeling overwhelmed by the gigantic table which separated us into two groups. Even though they had only placed 8 chairs for our group, they could have probably fit at least 6 more. However, the room’s aesthetics was top-notch, and we felt a bit special as we did not even book this room in advance. Later though, we found out that the majority of the restaurant was quite empty and that was probably the reason why they gave us this massive room.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t take many photos because we were too distanced apart. All we managed to take a picture of was the room and 1 meal. The bread was fairly good and the service was quite quick.

AAA Baseball Sirloin Steak – $24.95 (5.5/7)
This was surprisingly good for its price. We ordered it medium-rare and we honestly expected it to be tough and chewy, but it turned out all right! Of course, it isn’t comparable to Hy’s or Gotham, but for a chain-restaurant, we were quite impressed. However, the steak was over seasoned with black pepper and other spices, which we disliked. The fresh seasonal vegetables comprised of tomato, carrots, and Chinese Bok Choy. It was an interest combination but we probably wouldn’t order it again. Instead of vegetables, you may pick from a salad, fries, or a baked potato!

Other dishes:

Lobster Fettuccini – $18.95 (5/7)
A friend ordered this because the mushroom ravioli was sold out (a bit suspicious since the restaurant was empty) and thought that the dish was just mediocre and nothing special.

Chop Burger - $13.95 (5.5/7)
A large handmade burger with fries. Nothing more to say! Our friend scarfed it down within 5 minutes so we suppose he gives it the thumbs up.

Anyway, you should come to Chop at least once to experience their beautiful interior design! Their food is better than other chains such as Milestones, Earls, and Cactus club, but not by a lot. Getting to the restaurant is a bit tough, and there’s no access by public transportation.

  • Food
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  • Ambiance
Sushi Town5935 Hastings Street, Burnaby
Sushi Town Burnaby
Submitted Saturday, January 5, 2013 - 11:02am [Dine in]

Sushi Town, among a bunch of it's competitors (Sushi Garden, Sushi Nanaimo, Sushi California, Sushiholic, etc.), is a Korean run Japanese restaurant. There's really not much to say about these place except they serve possibly the most awesome/amazing sushi in town. Fairly big rolls + ridiculously cheap/affordable prices = bang for your buck. Today, we will be reviewing Sushi Town's location in Burnaby, on Hastings Street.

Mangodise Roll - $4.95 (7/7)
If you're a fan of California Roll's, you will be a fan of this. It's essentially a California Roll with Ebi on top, topped off with some special yellow coloured Japanese mayo. We'll take this over the regular California Roll any day. Soya sauce? Who needs that! You can eat this roll as is, as it is packed with so many delicious flavours.

Awesome Roll - $6.95 (6/7)
Unlike Sushi Nanaimo (who gives you an option to substitute the bonito flakes for the yam chips) and Sushiholic, this Awesome Roll comes topped with bonito flakes. Again, the Awesome Roll is like your basic California Roll but with masago on the inside. Outside comes with an overwhelming (in a good way) amount of toppings such as: salmon, green onion, more masago, and of course, bonito. This combination may not look presentable and/or appetizing/appealing, but this roll, my readers, will blow. your. mind. Guaranteed. The taste is indescribable. It tastes just simply AWESOME. Don't go to Sushi Town without ordering this. Again, soya sauce is unneeded. In fact, try it WITHOUT the soya sauce so your tastebuds can experience the awesomeness that is this roll in all its glory.

Spicy Chopped Scallop Roll - $3.95 (4/7)
This roll was nothing out of the ordinary. Just your typical spicy chopped scallop roll. Soya sauce may be needed.

Sushi Town has about 4 locations total across the Lower Mainland, so be sure to give them a visit. If you've heard about/tried Sushi Garden, then you will definitely like this as it is the same. Service may be slightly better, but don't count on it. Parking available at the front and on the side streets.


Food: 7/7

Value: 7/7

Service: 3.75/7

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Izumi-Ya7971 Alderbridge Way, #160, Richmond
Izumiya Buffet
Submitted Sunday, December 30, 2012 - 5:21pm [Dine in]

A Japanese all you can eat lunch for $10.00 is unheard of in Vancouver as our cost of living is relatively high for a North American city. Izumiya is a giant Japanese supermarket right off the main No.3 Road in Richmond where you can eat authentic sushi from their fresh food section or dine in their sit-down buffet area. We decided to opt for the buffet as we were starving and ended up stuffing ourselves full! Service was pretty much nonexistent but you can’t really expect much from a buffet. Sitting time is one hour.

Ebi Fry (6/7)

This was made extremely well and we were lucky since we managed to sit down when a fresh tray of ebi fry came in. Ebi fry is basically a prawn tempura, but crispier due to the use of panko (Japanese bread crumbs). Even though the prawns were on the small side, the panko crust was made perfectly and we ended up gorging a few every time we went up!

Spicy Chicken Wing (5.75/7)

These were massive chicken wings that included the drumsticks as well. The sauce was spicy enough that it didn’t overpower the sauce itself but rather complement it. We enjoyed them but they were a bit messy to eat.

Sushi (5/7)

We tried a variety of sushi rolls including: California roll, dynamite roll, tamago, and the Inari tofu puff. The sushi was fairly good considering we only paid $10 for the buffet while a pack of sushi would be $4.50 at the fresh food section. The dynamite roll was probably the best one out of the selection.

Gomae (4.75/7)

This classic Japanese appetizer was made a bit too heavy, as the sesame sauce definitely weighed down the spinach too much. It was fairly tasty, but not of high quality.

Salmon Rice (4.75/7)

This was plain but fairly good. It wasn’t very salty and was generously loaded with salmon chunks.

Takoyaki (4/7)

The takoyaki (octopus dough balls) bar was quite interesting as there were several condiments and toppings to put onto the takoyaki. The takoyaki itself was quite cold, which pretty much ruined the entire dish.

Beef Teriyaki (5.75/7)

This was surprisingly good as we didn’t expect too much from this dish since the appearance was quite unappetizing.

Chocolate Soft Ice Cream (6.25/7)

This chocolate ice cream is very unique as it is in between a gelato and a sorbet made into a soft serve format. The ice cream isn’t very creamy nor sweet, but eating it was extremely refreshing and cleansed our palates at the end of the meal.

Cheesecake (5.5/7)

These cheesecake squares were quite tasty but we believe that they came from Costco.

Cream puffs (5.75/7)

These cream puffs were from Costco as well and they were just as delicious!

If you’re hungry and not a food snob, Izumiya’s buffet is definitely worth a try! At $10, you could always just have a large salad and top it off with their delicious ebi fry! Diana said she wouldn’t come back, but Gabriel will end up here again in a few months just to eat their ebi fry, sushi, spicy wings, and ice cream!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Romer's Burger Bar8683 Kerr Street, Vancouver
Romer's Burger Bar
Submitted Saturday, December 29, 2012 - 10:07am [Dine in]

We finally decided to try out Romer's Burger Bar after hearing so many good things about it. Perhaps that's what the downfall was; high expectations which evidently lead to disappointment. We went to their River District location on a Friday night and it wasn't a full house. River District is a newly built community hidden in East Vancouver with condo's still in development. The view and even the developing condo's are SPECTACULAR. Everything is modern, and at night, the lights are absolutely stunning. Putting that aside, the interior of the restaurant is a very cowboy/cowgirl feel, with its wooden tables and chairs. The kitchen is fully exposed, and there are a bunch of high/long tables right smack in the middle.

Man's Man Burger - $11 (1/7)
(thick-sliced applewood bacon local creamery amber ale cheddar, onion strings, smoked alder salts, vine-ripened tomato, whole grain mustard)
Maybe it was our tastebuds, maybe it was an off day, or maybe we should have gone for another burger. This burger is literally just bacon, tomato, onion strings, with a slight hint taste of the cheese. Oh, and the mustard. It was the most disgusting thing ever. The sourness from the mustard just threw the whole thing off. Maybe they were trying to be creative/different? Who knows. All we know is that this burger left us wanting to leave the place ASAP and grab a second dinner elsewhere. Oh, and it was so bad that we ended up eating it as a platter - minus the bun that was slathered in the disgusting sauce.

Their burgers come a la carte. Except for a garlic olive and a pepperoncini as garnish. No fries, no salad, no nothing. Just the burger on a plate. For a whopping $9-20. Don't come to this restaurant expecting to have a pasta dish because they don't have any. Having said that, if burgers are their only main/entree items (okay, they have a few salads as well), at least have a bigger variety other than a disappointing 15 burgers to choose from. Again, maybe this restaurant was overhyped for us. Maybe it was just that one burger. Needless to say, this first experience was not a good one, to say the least. That doesn't mean we're not willing to give it a second try, though. Perhaps at their Kitsilano location, or at their future Yaletown one. Here's to better days ...

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Yavis Club Cheesecake Cafe8338 Capstan Way, #1231, Richmond
Yavis Club Cafe
Submitted Monday, December 24, 2012 - 1:20pm [Dine in]

A good cheesecake always ends off a dinner that did not go to well or didn’t fill you up. After leaving Chop Steakhouse & Bar, we still felt like we could indulge ourselves for the holidays so we decided to head over to Yavis Club Cafe for their delectable cheesecakes. Yavis is usually quite empty until 9pm, and then suddenly their tables fill magically fill up and by 10pm, a line up would form! This is a simple establishment with plain décor and probably 25 seats or so. The majority of their cakes are mousse cheesecakes or glacier cheesecakes (frozen cheesecakes), but they also have a variety of parfaits, cakes, and more! The desserts are priced from $5.50 - $6.50 which is fairly reasonable, and if you add $2.75, you can make it a “combo” where you get a drink of your choice!

Blueberry Cheesecake (5.5/7)

This was fairly light and tasted like blueberry yoghurt. The texture was quite good and we enjoyed it very much.

Matcha Cheesecake (5/7)

The matcha wasn’t strong enough but we suppose that they made it weaker because some people cannot stand the strong bitter taste of matcha. Countless visits before, this dessert was particularly delicious! Now that the matcha has been waned, we’re not sure if weI’ll ever order this again.

Lavender cheesecake (5.5/7)

This is an extremely interesting cake as we’ve never tried any food with a lavender taste before. We’ve had lavender drinks such as lattes and teas, but never before have we eaten a lavender dessert! Anyways, it was very soapy and flowery, but I suppose some people would enjoy that? The consistency of this cake was a lot thicker than the other cheesecakes which made it very filling though!

Chocolate Lava Cake (6.5/7)
Yavis probably makes one of the best chocolate lava cakes! Even though they’re well known for their cheesecakes, the lava cake seemed like the star dish of the night. The crust was perfectly baked as it was crunchy on the outside and velvety smooth and soft on the inside. The oozing chocolate lava was tantalizing and made a great combination with their vanilla ice cream!

Other cakes:

White Romance (Original Cheesecake) 4.5/7

This wasn’t up to par. Their original white romance cake just tasted like a plain cheesecake that was falling apart. It honestly wasn’t thick enough and nobody really enjoyed it. We ended up leaving a bit behind.

Rainbow After Dark (6/7)

This is a very interesting cake! It is comprised of five different layers of their glacier cheesecakes, which gives us a chance to try various flavours. Their glacier cheesecakes are quite hard to dig into, so we had to wait a while before our forks would actually go through. There was definitely chocolate, matcha, and mango in the mixture, but we don’t really remember the rest! If you like hard and cold desserts, you should definitely try this one!

Overall, Yavis is a great place to chill and talk with friends late at night. It opens really late at night and their prices are fairly reasonable. Their hot teas as great as well!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance