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GordonRamseyVancouverSince March 16, 20123 Reviews
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1.5 (1.7)
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Soho Tea Room3466 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Overnight oil and super sweet bubbletea was worse enough........ WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!
Submitted Saturday, September 7, 2013 - 12:05am [Dine in]

I guess this place has been around for almost a year. It's a food/bubbletea place... just like any other Bubble tea/restaurants that you see over the lower mainland. From what I heard, it's been opened by a few University students. My first time there, things were okay.. i wouldnt say superb, nor would i say negative about it because I came back to eat for a second time. Food was okay.. not bad, deals are not the best price but some are considered cheap.. so a balance depending what you're wanting to eat. Here's the 2nd time going back............... Not too sure when they last changed the oil in the deep fryer but my french toast tasted very odd and weird... eventhough I ordered the after 2:00 tea special. The deal is... i purchase a drink of any sort and a free toast comes with it. They tasted like everything that has been thrown in the fryer over the previous week. Both of us got itchy throats after eating them which makes me think there's something funky in the oil. Most hilarious thing was... It was 1:59 when I ordered it... like... a minute really makes a huge difference... The server said we must wait until 2:00 to give us this offer. I'm like WOW... is this some kind of cocky service or what? I was like... do you want to come back one minute later and then I will order?! These people really dont know how to do service... only going by the book, ANAL-LY. My bubbletea was super sweet when i asked for HALF SUGAR PLS. I called the waiter over and asked about the french toast and the bubble tea. He answered back and said the people who sat over in the corners ordered the same thing (french toast) and said it was really good and was not willing to replace it but only replaced my drink. I asked him to call those people over but he refused to do it. I was telling him how I drove all the way to their restaurant to eat trash. Oh right... my girlfriend's lunch was also ridiculous... She ordered a hotpot from the menu... so it comes with a Hotpot type of sauce "Sa Cha Sauce". He said it's a 2 dollars charge to fill a little sauce for their HOTPOT... we were like WTF?!?!?
This sauce is a common sauce where every chinese restaurant would provide free, what makes them so special to charge additional sauce for $2?!?!?!!?!?. I was like... "buddy, are sure your restaurant prefers to do business like this???!" Anyways.. here's to hoping the poor review I'm writing right now pushes the owner to take realize what his employees are doing or if this was his way of doing business, then all I can say is... we're never going back again!!!! I will definitely discourage anybody i know from going there.

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Phoenix Garden 鳳凰城2425 Nanaimo St, Vancouver
Next time, I will walk/drive up 6 blocks to Cindy's Palace instead...
Submitted Monday, April 2, 2012 - 7:46pm [Take-out]

I came in here because I used to buy take out from Golden Phoenix. I was so surprised! I've been going to Golden Phoenix for years with family and friends because we all love the food and service. They told me that Cindy (the owner of Golden Phoenix aKa Fattie mom) moved back to China. I was so disappointed. We ordered anyway thinking it'd be fine. The food was tasteless, nothing special and I also hate dishonest people. When I was looking through their menu, it says clearly (in english) 10% off for take out.. when i asked them about it, they denied it and said it's for daytime takeouts, not at night... like... wtf?
Anyways... on my way home, i saw the chinese words, the Golden Phoenix colors (yellow and black) but it says Cindy's Palace.... huh?? when did they have one on 2nd and nanaimo??!? I pulled over to call them since the phone number was advertised.... I asked if this is same as Golden Phoenix and the person YES, this used to be Golden Phoenix but Cindy and her staff moved up the block.. So....Cindy DIDN'T move back to China! She just moved up the road with a new name: Cindy's Palace! Yahoo!!! The people from Phoenix Garden are HARSH LIARS!!!!!!! Think i'm stupid or something... I'm NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN!!!!!!!

Anyone else think it's scummy that Phoenix Garden would lie and change their name to sound like Golden Phoenix? Haha! Anyway. I'm not setting foot in there again! I found Cindys Palace!! No more dishonesty about discounts nor about Cindy moving to China!!

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Ramen Jinya270 Robson Street, Vancouver
They started out pretty good, but after 8months..................................the [email protected]!
Submitted Friday, March 16, 2012 - 1:12pm [Dine in]

I was one of their earlier customers...
here's what was on their Shio Ramen..

Deep fried onions, green onions, Pork Cha Shiu, spinach, bamboo shoots and of course ramen noodles and soup!

I would write up for one of their noodles because it'll take forever to finish if i did their whole menu..
everything fit in nicely, soup tasted like it was from real pork and bones, not just the nasty msg and salt..
Pork was nice, tender, savory and portion was 2 big slices... (my favorite part!)

6months later... they have changed their menu a bit, there is no more limit of 20 bowls of Shio per day.. instead, we get unlimited.... thats a good sign!!! HOWEVER, with this type of change, they have gone cheap with the pork... they downsized it to 2 small pieces... which is like a size of a salty cracker... i was like WTF?

oh well... since they still taste the same.. i understand... it's business..

2months later...(today)..... WOAH!!!!!!! I'm not sure if the waitress heard it wrong or do they stop giving deep fried onions... i asked for no GREEN onions.. and she probably wrote down NO ONIONS... sigh
Not only that, but the soup tasted like water?!?!?! Why are you going cheap on soup??? Not only that, but the cracker-sized pork cha shiu has reduced to another half size.... so 2 Pork cha shiu's = 1 cracker!!!!
Like SERIOUSLY??? I have advertised your restaurant to my co-workers and this is what i get back in return?? I'm afraid this place may scare my co-workers away, thinking that i have bad taste in food!

I hope someone from their restaurant reads this.. because this is ridiculous!!!!!!!

Ambience is okay.. nothing special..

Service is fine.. they do ask if everything was ok or not.... although it wasnt okay, i didnt think it's cool to make a scene for people to watch during lunchtime.. while i complain about every aspect that they have changed..

I used to give them a 5/5 for the food.. but it just upsets me.... but i totally give a 1/5 for all the cheap downsizing.

In a business perspective, it may help you save money, but it wont help you SAVE CUSTOMERS... if rent is too expensive, it really is your problem to calculate everything before opening in DOWNTOWN.

I look for quality in foods... not crap...

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