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goodwineLangleySince February 26, 20092 Reviews
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Andreas Restaurant20227 56 Avenue, Langley
How Has This Place Managed To Stay Here For So Long?
Submitted Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 8:45am [Take-out]

I have lived in Langley a long time and finally gave Andreas a try a few months ago. My husband and I ordered takeout, and thought the food was mediocre at best. The service was really good, on both the phone and when my husband went to pick up the food. No complaints there. HOWEVER. Last night we decided to give the takeout another go. Bad mistake. I ended up at 2 a.m. trying not to throw up. All I can say is that the food this time around was even worse than poor. It was downright disgusting. We have tried twice with the Greek salad, and both times have been very disappointed. Bland is the best I can describe for it. Which is a heck of a lot better than I could say about the Tortellini dish I received. Right away I noticed it was lukewarm, even though my husband was there to pick it up 20 minutes after we had given the order. After the first few bites I noticed a weird taste, which I attributed to the sauce. It tasted almost sour. I added some red pepper flakes, hoping that would make a difference. Not. I then asked my husband if I could taste his own sauce, which was on the Rigatoni. His sauce definitely tasted different than mine, even though we both had the meat sauce. I then cut into one of my tortellini and took a good whiff. WHEW!!! There was the culprit. Something was absolutely RANK in the tortellini filling. Supposedly it was meat tortellini, but the stuff in the middle just looked gray. I almost threw up right there. Instead I threw out the rest of my dinner, as well as the takeout menu we had. Never again.

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Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe1059 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Complete Incompetence
Submitted Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 7:54am [Take-out]

We were so excited to try this place, and went in to get our morning coffee and to buy pastries for take back home with us. I first ordered a large decaf mocha. We then ordered 4 Almond cookies, 4 Chocolate Madeleine, one slice of Opera Cake, and one slice of Chocolate Succe cake. We then ordered two slices of the Pumpkin Pithivier and were informed by our bored-looking server that we had to buy the whole thing if we wanted a slice. My husband pointed out that there was a sign in front that said $4.95, and we were pretty certain this didn't mean for the whole thing. A gentleman had to come along and tell this server that he just hadn't sliced up the Pithivier yet.
The server then informed me that my coffee was ready, so I went and got it and started drinking it. We proceeded to the checkout to pay for everything. I asked the server to make sure that it was all there in the boxes. She opened up the one with the two chocolate slices and told us they were both there. She then just glanced at the box with the pumpkin slices and informed us that they could put two slices in the box, which I was doubtful of. However, I took her word for it. I gave my Interac card to pay, and the machine said there was an error. She reset the machine and we tried again. Again, an error. This went on for at least 5 tries, at which time I became so worried that their machine was taking out the money each time that I actually had to sit down and phone my bank to make sure this wasn't happening. We went back to pay, and by that time they had switched the machine. $52 later we were finally sitting at a table and I was sipping my Mocha while we absorbed the exorbitant cost of a few treats.
I was then approached by the Barista, who was carrying a Mocha. He told me it was mine. I had already drank half of the one I had. I was a bit panicked, as I have a very bad reaction to caffeine. He quickly took the drink I had started on out of my hand and put the other one on the table. He informed me that the one I had been drinking had caffeine, while the one he just gave me did not. I was furious. He rushed off, and then came back a few minutes later to say that they both had been caffeine-free. Quite frankly, I didn't believe him. Sure enough, 20 minutes later in the car I started to have heart palpitations. This is the reaction I get from caffeine. It's not fun. Actually, it's downright scary.
To top it all off, we arrived home and later on in the evening settled down to enjoy our desserts. We opened up the box of Pithivier slices to discover, alas, only ONE slice. They charged us for TWO!!!
I am absolutely amazed that this place, who like to advertise that they are a part of the group who runs CinCin, Araxi, etc., can have such incompetent staff working for them. We are huge fans of CinCin and Araxi, and have never encountered such bad service at either of those places. Thierry is a disgrace to this name. We will not go there again.

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