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glutenfreegirlRichmondSince December 7, 20082 Reviews
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Da Tandoor1010 Fort St, Victoria
Not sure if I am a victim of my food allergies or Da Tandoor's loosey-goosey food-safe practices
Submitted Sunday, January 4, 2009 - 11:31am [Dine in]

I chose Da Tandoor because of an endorsement by the Victoria Celiac association, so I felt I could safely eat at this restaurant. When I told the woman at the front that I had a gluten allergy, she seemed to not know what I was talking about, which is usually a warning sign for me. Since the average person does not know what Gluten is, an understanding usually indicated they have been trained in how to deal with food allergies, or at least they have some knowledge about celiac disease and how important it is to avoid certain grains and sauces in food preparation. However, the manager said she understood me so I felt more comfortable. I also felt somewhat pressed to eat there since I was dining with a friend and I didn't want to drag him to 15 different restaurants to see if I could eat.

Anyway I was starving after the ferry ride but the food wasn't so good. I had rice with chili chicken, and it tasted like it came out of a no-name brand carton. Immediately afterward I had really bad gas (excuse the details) and the next day I felt like I woke up with the flu.

THIS morning however, after having a stomach ache all yesterday I woke up with the most terrible and painful diarrhea I have had in a really long time. I suspected a gluten reaction (it can take up to 48 hours to work it's way through your system) but then I saw on-line a review that said Da Tandoor has "loosey-goosey food-safe practices".

Anyway, I am sorry I decided to eat here. The food wasn't good and made me miserably sick. My friend and I ate completely different things so I really don't know why I am ill.

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Milestone's Grill and Bar5951 No. 3 Road, #200, Richmond
Best Dining experience I've had in a long, long time.
Submitted Sunday, December 7, 2008 - 10:14am [Dine in]

I have a severe gluten allergy, so I don't go out to eat often. Restaurants and or severs at times don't know what gluten is, so I have been served a plain chicken breast with some baby greens (and charged $26). Worse is when they don't really understand the seriousness of my allergy, and then I suffer the consequences for a week or so afterward.

When it was a very good friend's birthday, I wanted to go out and celebrate with him. I had laryngitis, so I emailed Milestone's explaining my allergy. I got a very quick and attentive response from the manager. He explained that his chef was going to make a meal just for me. He clearly understood all the details and assured me my meal would be safe.

When we got to the party, the host accidentally let it slip that we were a party of 20 (it was a surprise party), but that wasn't a big deal.I think the birthday boy wasn't listening anyway. I gave my server a note explaining that I was the girl with the allergy and she let me know she was already aware of it and would be careful. This shows a lot of organization and care on the manager's part, and I really appreciated it

The manager on that night(different than the person I was emailing, I think his name is Brendan) came out with my appetizer and assure me everything was gluten-free and explained to me the ingredients. I have not felt so safe eating out... well, ever before! They really showed me they were on the ball. It was really nice being able to eat without feeling nervous. Plus, the server and manager were both super kind and friendly. My water glass was always full and I never had to wait too long for my food or whatever I needed. All my friends felt this way.

Chef Fardeen came out at one point to check on how I was doing. Everything he made was fabulous and it was so nice that I could eat and appetizer, salad and entree with my friends... which again, is something that NEVER happens. The salmon in pomegranate sauce was particularly delicious and I really think it should go on Milestone's ordinary menu!

They only charged me the same as everyone else, which I think was more than fair since they made everything for me from scratch, and my servings were large. I have the lots of food in my fridge right now (because I am used to being served a tiny salad) and I almost feel like this meal makes up for all the times I have gone out to restaurants and been served next to nothing. Ha ha... almost ;-).

I was thinking about it last night and although I left a large tip (over 25%) I wish I had left a ridiculously large one just to let everyone know how happy I was with the service I received. They all definitely went WAY above and beyond what I expected.

We all (not just me) were extremely happy with the service and food from our server, manager and the chef. I will be coming back again.

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