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giftblasterVancouverSince September 23, 20092 Reviews
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Caffe Vergnano 18822581 West Broadway, Vancouver
Submitted Friday, October 2, 2009 - 7:37pm [Dine in]

Try their ricotta cheese cake! I've never been a fan of ricotta cheese, but the texture of ricotta in a cake is very interesting, for lack of better words. If ricotta is your thing, be sure to try it out.

Ever had espresso served in martini glasses? Well me neither! until I came here of course! It's just a mind blowing experience. They really take coffee drinking to a whole different level.

They also have a lot of coffee with fancy names that I've never heard of. But then again, I'm no coffee expert here. Ha. But I've tried their Caffe Shakerato (cold shakered coffee with sugar) served in the martini glass that I've just described, served cold. It was amazing. The aroma of the coffee, a slight hint of bitterness in the espresso mixes well with a scintilla of sweetness.

As I walk in, I was immediately greeted by two very friendly staffs. They wear uniforms that look like Puma polo shirts. LOL. I thought I walked into a sports bar, which is kind of odd to me. But the staff are warm and wear big smiles on their faces. Try talking to Ed. He's like a big teddy bear and a delight to talk to.

Their coffees are priced on the high end. But for those prices, you're paying for a different experience. It's definitely unlike any American or Canadian national franchises. The decor, how coffee is prepared and served makes it unique in Vancouver. I guess for what you pay, you do get free wifi access!

Although Caffe Vergnano has been established since 1882, their decor is very modern. Not exactly what I would expect from an Italian Caffe. I would much prefer if it has a more historic, cultured ambiance reminiscent of Italy. I do hear faint Jazz in the background. Once you're seated, the staff brings you a menu and takes your order!

Overall, I find the experience there very unique. The decor, how coffee is served are just so unconventional. It will take some used to, but the experience turned out to be positive.

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Aki Japanese Restaurant1368 West Pender Street, Vancouver
Favorite Japanese Restaurant in Town
Submitted Friday, October 2, 2009 - 6:22pm [Dine in]

I'm a frequent patron of this restaurant. Been going there for the past 10 years. The oysters are amazing. The daikon and their shoyu(?) based sauce with the creamy, milky oysters are heavenly.

Try their salmon yukke. Diced salmon sashimi mixed with onions, seasoned, and you eat it in lettuce wraps. Very unique.

Their sushi, to me, is mediocre. But try their special California rolls (can't remember what they call it). They make California rolls with REAL crab meat, which is a rarity in sushi restaurants.

Their order of assorted tempura is HUGE, and can feed four people. It's not fun for two people to stuff down all that tempura...

Their salmon belly and yellow tail hamachi are pricey, but that's because it's well worth the money! Salmon belly is rich and fatty and melts right in your mouth. The best grade sashimi I've tried. The hamachi is just as amazing. Try them, and you'll appreciate the difference between top quality sashimi you find there and Japanese buffets. You don't have to be a sashimi lover to taste the differences.

Their grill section is always busy, hence the constant smoky atmosphere on the weekends. I like their grilled conch, which is cooked in sake!! Once you pick out the chopped up conch meat, you can drink the sake in the shell! More the merrier! I've had some misses on grilled fish heads. 2 out of 10 times, the fish did not taste very fresh. But that's jut me. Grilled fish are the most popular at Aki.

I would not recommend this restaurant for family with young children.
There simply just isn't enough space; it can be loud; people drink; smokey environment etc.

But again, no restaurant is perfect. Aki is still my favorite Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. I highly recommend it.

One last thing. Make your reservations on the weekends.

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