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geordiesurreySince June 27, 20074 Reviews
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4 (3.8)
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Nautical Nellies1001 Wharf St, Victoria
very good food, but thats about it
Submitted Wednesday, June 27, 2007 - 8:44am [Dine in]

The decor is very outdated, the only thing I really enjoyed about the atmosphere was the hot sun on the patio. I did not like the fact that my napkin had been used by someone else and reset without notice. The cutlery was very dirty, i actually used my lemon water and the other side of the dirty napkin to clean my cutlery before i used it. I had the dungeness crab, it was succulent, in the white wine sauce, but by the time i was on the second hal of the crab it was cold, and im not a slow crab eater believe me. So maybe get a little creative with it, serve half at a time, almost like it were rung in split in half and just pick up the second half later when the guest has finished the first half, verbalize that to the guest when they order it, explain why, and you will blow them away, it's all about the details.

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Cactus Club Cafe1136 Robson Street, Vancouver
back to back
Submitted Wednesday, June 27, 2007 - 7:19am [Dine in]

So my first visit, and all the way through to my 15th visit, I was very cramped in my seat, except when i sat at the bar (which only seats about 8-10 at max). Not that it was uncomfortable, but it was back too back with the table behind me(bumping heads with the guy behind me). I guess because of the cost of square footage on robson thats the only way to go right? I still think that it is avoidable. The bartender was very concious of his buisy job and at the same time being social with the guests(Which is a very hard trait to come by). Too bad he moved off to another job. And the tour of the kitchen really showed me how a small resteraunt can really pump out tons of food without 86'ing anything. Keep up the good work robson!!!
P.S. is the chipped paint all fixed in the bathroom?

(you can delete the other one I made a typo)

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Baselines Pub8233 166th Street, Surrey
get rid of all your servers and build some clientelle
Submitted Wednesday, June 27, 2007 - 6:24am [Dine in]

I've only lived here for 6 months and already i know that that building has gone through some different owners and names. If your going to make it as a resteraunt, you gotta get rid of those servers and start buuilding some decsent clientelle. Honestly, at 11:30, the servers were yelling at us "get lost, get out of here". and when there was problems with my debit""(quote unquote), I was the one to blame, so i had to settle cash, she never came back with the change at all either. What a dissappointment. You guys got a lot of potential, start by getting some new server staff.

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Pearl Restaurant14955 Marine Drive, White Rock
they gotta do somthing about that door in the cold weather
Submitted Wednesday, June 27, 2007 - 6:16am [Dine in]

i had a wonderful time at the resteraunt, except, your price range doesnt match whats on this site, i took it easy and still spent over 50$ for me and 50$ for my date, and she was starvin afterwards so i took her for mc'donalds, no lie. But my over all experience was great, i loved the food, the portion sizes were perfect, just enough to pay that rent and hit that food cost, which we all know how hard that is in this industry. So i respect your menu prices, and your portion sizes, the only bad thing to give you guys some feed back about is, that darn door kept blowing really codl air inside, and we had the worst table for that. I guess thats what u get for not reserving. Anyways the blankets were a nice touch, but maybe for next time a heat lamp in the doorway may help. P.S. love the basil and spinach mashed potatoes.(they made me have to ask what they were, and im a culinary enthuseist

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