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GeezlooeezVancovuer BC CanadaSince November 26, 20161 Review
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Sushi Tang546 6th Street, New Westminster
Sadly, not very good at all
Submitted Friday, November 25, 2016 - 7:14pm [Take-out]

A coworker of mine swore by this place, he really liked the food and something else he valued greatly was how they recognized him and knew what he wanted to order. I'm not a regular and don't want or need that, but I have had some things from here before and it was okay.

But not today. I had the Cali-box and some edamame.

- Edamame - while the portion was quite generous, they weren't very good. I can't put my finger on exactly what was wrong, they tasted just off somehow - perhaps old, not fresh? I've had frozen edemame that were far better-tasting than these. These also had absolutely no seasoning whatsoever. Found a packet of salt in my desk, thank heavens, which made them edible. Just barely.
- Miso - I really enjoy miso and I like salt, but the miso was so overly salty I I simply could not drink it and had to throw it out
- Tempura - 3 pieces of the tempura were good, but the rest were awful - very greasy, soggy and limp. There was no dipping sauce for the tempura, either.
- California roll - I needed a magnifying glass to find the avocado. I think there might have been a smear on the inside of the nori. They were pretty chintzyon the cucumber too, and the rice wasn't especially tasty, either, just didn't seem...fresh.
- Sashimi - fans of wasabi would have been disappointed, there was no customary dot of wasabi underneath on any of them.
- Koroke - the half piece was okay
- Salad - good, I liked the dressing. Too bad there wan't more salad as it was really the only thing I enjoyed

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