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Gary PhanVancouverSince July 5, 20161 Review
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Empire Seafood Restaurant5951 No. 3 Road, #200, Richmond
Wedding banquet
Submitted Tuesday, July 5, 2016 - 12:12am [Dine in]

If your planning to have a banquet here PLEASE READ THIS FIRSTThis used to be one of my favorite restaurants. I believe the food quality is good and the place looks real nice. We decided to have our wedding banquet here in june. I am Very disappointed with having it here. The reason for the 0star they cheated us on the food, DIDNT serve my wedding cake, also never asked if i wanted to take the cake home, one of their staff took my suit jacket. Both the Boss MR.WONG and the manager IVAN wont do anything about this situation because this is how they choose to run the business. Once money has been paid All they say is "SORRY" Continue reading for full details

I had everything discussed and written in contract few days prior to the event.

We wanted the Lazy susan and have the whole plate of food on each table instead of individually served. Also we brought $800 for a edible wedding cake.

When the food was being served i asked the manager IVAN why are some tables individually served and he said that the tables requested that way. so i went with it. the next day I hear complaints from my colleagues 3 tables including my boss. They said they asked the server 3 times to leave the food on the table and server still ignored them. Usually in a 10 course meal there are always left overs. in this case my colleagues left hungry and had to resort to eating MCDONALDS and NO.9 restaurant which is so embarrassing.

Empire were short staffed as people requesting pop or a cup and it would arrive anywhere from 1hr to never coming. Real rude slow service. Service was good for me of course i was paying them.

Our wedding cake was assembled by the Vendor at the location, we specifically told IVAN that its a real cake few days ago. The night of we had the first cut and the cake just sat there. i was way too busy dealing with other stuff. the staff never cut the rest of the cake. end of the night about 3 tiers left on our cake. Our friends that stayed late had a few slices and when they walked away from the cake it was suddenly wheeled away assuming its gonna be packaged up. That was the last we've seen on it again its was not our issue to be chasing them for everything. The restaurant needs to do the job we pay them for. The staff probably split the cake.

How my jacket went missing? It was hung at the head table with a flower attached to it. it was there all night until they started cleaning up the head table i didn't realize that i forgot my jacket. i called the next day and they "asked" if anyone has seen it but of course nothing. They have cameras all around the restaurant and they cant have a look at the footage if it wasn't one of the staff then they have nothing to hide.

none of these issues where brought to me until the next day i called empire right away about all this and IVAN said he cant do anything. So i requested to talk to the boss. i called and called and the boss seems to be avoiding me. I left my number for him to call me back and it never happens. i guess obviously they don't care about repeat customers. I hope everyone keys an eye out for all these snakes.

I'm not saying not to have your banquet here but just think twice and be very careful. I really didn't expect a fine dining chinese cuisine would do such things. will never step foot here again.

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