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GabrielEscobarEast VanSince December 7, 20062 Reviews
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3.5 (3.5)
  • Food3.5 (3.5)
  • Service2.5 (2.5)
  • Ambiance2.5 (2.5)


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Reef, The4172 Main Street, Vancouver
Yaa Maan
Submitted Wednesday, November 21, 2007 - 9:05pm [Dine in]

This place rocks. If the Reef was a girl, her name would be scribbled on guys john with the words, "For a good time, call me" above her name.

Yes, it might not be authentically Jamaican, just like Hons isn't authentically chinese ( I'm shocked too). However, when it comes to unique combination of good food, great atmosphere, and at a low price. Nothing beats the Reef. By far, this place is cheaper than the Locus, and the tempo more upbeat.

As for the food, the Mo Cah Lam Burger is pretty damn good. A great burger with hints of sweet chilli, with roma tomatoes!! (YES ROMA!! not your average jumbo sized field tomatoes). It also comes with crispy deep fried plantains with aeoli sauce on the side.

Overall, it's an awesome place for a pint with buddies or a date with "the girl you met at a club and don't think you want to bring her to a nice place yet because she just might be crazy, so I'm just going to bring her somewhere dark where I can bail if need to", this place absolutely rocks!!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Sabo8291 Alexandra Rd., #105, Richmond
For the broke and needy (and cold)
Submitted Tuesday, November 20, 2007 - 10:08pm [Dine in]

I disagree with the previous reviewer's entry. While I must admit the food is good for the price. However there are many substitutes which are more than comparable. Namingly the two chubby lamb's and chubby cow -all within a 5 minute drive vicinity.

Several friends long time friends had come to San Fran to visit me. And I thought I would introduce them to chinese food other than the usual dim sum. I had made reservations for four guys at 8:45, called to confirm, and arrived at 8:40 to make sure my friends didn't have to wait. Boy was I wrong.

We ended up waiting until 9:30 until we were finally seated. And while I understand that chinese restaurants are often super busy and reservations aren't definite guarantees, I was apalled when the sever had seated three tables of people that just "walked in". The reason why? Because we were four guys, and the lady that had asked for a table was cute.

When we were finally seated, we got no apologies or even acknowledgements that we waited 45 minutes for a reserved table. My advice, bring a hot female friend to this restaurant if you want a table. As a person that has worked in restaurants for seven years, this place is unreal. But not in the good way.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance