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FunnyAngelBurnaby, VancouverSince November 12, 20064 Reviews
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Ki Sushi31 8th St, New Westminster
I don't understand why there's so many good reviews. This place is a fail for me...
Submitted Tuesday, August 11, 2009 - 12:56am [Dine in]

So, I came here yesterday for a birthday dinner with my friends--a big group of 15 people. With that said, that meant we basically ordered every single dish on their specials menu plus a party tray, lots of tempura, and sashimi. I was going to find their online menu and critique every single dish. But I just realized, all the dishes were either bland, tasteless, or not really memorable at all; therefore, I decided other wise.--I'm doing this by groups.
Maki sushi: The ones in the party tray, for some reason, tasted all the same. The rolls were loose too, so they kept falling apart when I tried to pick them up with my chopsticks. The ingredients aren't really that fresh, and there's no "special" taste to any of their specials rolls. I love trying innovative sushi, and I have to say, I was severely disappointed. Tomoya hands down beats this place. And even the sushi joint, Makoto, near my house, serves much more creative and GOOD-TASTING sushi than them (for better value too). All in all, I have nothing good to say about the maki here.

Sashimi: I love how they use wild sockeye salmon. We ordered 3 orders of it. My friends liked it and all commented on how red it was. I had to explain to them that wild sockeye salmon is redder than farmed Atlantic salmon used at most other restaurants. Anyway, the salmon was mushi. So that made me really sad, because I was hoping for that fresh, slightly sweet taste from salmon when you get it at good Japanese restaurants. I love Ki sushi's intentions, but they failed at the execution. Wild or not, it wasn't fresh.
Toro sashimi:tasted just like normal tuna, but it was lighter in colour. I enjoy Tojo's much better.
Beef Tataki: My friends said Tomokazu's all you can beef tataki is better. But I say, Guu's is the winner. In math it'll look like this: Guu>Tomokazu>Ki Sushi = We all agreed that it wasn't that good.
Tempura: Please DON'T order their prawn tempura. Waste of money. Worse than all-you-can-eat tempura. Too much batter. Too oily and couldn't even find the shrimp. Yam tempura was much better, but its yam--can't screw that up.

To avoid sounding so bitter about Ki Sushi, I'll add some good points now.

Ambiance was pretty awesome. The place looks great, lots of rooms--great for a date. There's also a fountain in the middle to add to the Japanese experience.

Service: The people who own the restaurant where Chinese, so not as authentic, but still okay service. Had to yell loudly a few times to get their attention because my party was sitting in a room and they don't really notice us as much. One of my friends had to go out and fill a pitcher of cold water herself too. The restaurant wasn't even that busy either. But the food did come really fast. So that was good.

O ya, almost forget, we also had their daily special, the mackeral sashimi that night. The presentation was fantastic. But the taste was fishy. =[

I don't know why there's so many good reviews. I've eaten at lots of Japanese restaurants and I've been to Japan. This place is truly, not that good in the food perspective--which I think is what matters the most.

Caution the overrated reviews. I'm not a connoisseur, but I'd go to another restaurant for better Japanese food.

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Bonqula8460 Alexandra Road, #165, Richmond
Awesome Yoshoku/ Homemade Japanese Meals
Submitted Wednesday, July 15, 2009 - 8:54pm [Dine in]

I went here today and I highly recommend this restaurant. I called in at about 1:30 and asked if they were still serving if I came at 2:00pm (which is there closing time for lunch) and they said they will extend their closing time to 2:30 just for my table. This surprised me and it really just shows their amazing customer service. When I went there with my friends, we were obviously the only ones there, but the waiter greeted us with a smile and seated us promptly. We were then served with matcha tea (the real powdered stuff) and it was very refreshing. The waiter refilled our tea periodically through out the meal and was very attentive, without being intrusive. I ordered the Prawn Cutlet Curry and my friend had the Teriyaki Beef Steak. Honestly, it was the best Japanese curry I've had in Vancouver. You can definitely tell its not made from package stuff like Glico (I think Hi Genki uses Glico curry). The prawn cutlet was delicious as well. Not oily, but light and crispy. They certainly make a distinction between prawn tempura and prawn cutlet as the prawn cutlet is more meaty and had a different coating of batter. The portion was very filling as well =] Also, the side salad was refreshing with some tangy homemade vinaigrette type sauce. Overall, I thought my meal was very much worth its value. My friend's Teriyaki steak was yummy as well. The sauce complimented the beef very well, just enough without overpowering its natural flavour. It was better than the hamburg at Guu in Gastown. We also had complimentary dessert--mini parfait. It had coffee jello, vanilla gelato, corn flakes, and caramel sauce on top. I have to say it was sooo cute and a perfect way to end off a good meal. I also bought some buns to eat at home. I'd totally recommend the chocolate bun and cookie bun. The bun itself was so soft and moist--definitely freshly baked from the morning. My friend decided to take a bite of her bun while we were shopping in the mall. However, once she started, she ended up finishing the whole bun because it was so good she couldn't resist herself from eating it.

Commenting on one of the reviews below, Bonqula is NOT a sushi restaurant. So if they run out of ingredients it only shows that they have good business and that they only want to serve their customers with ingredients of the best quality. If you read their menu, they make California rolls with REAL crab meat, not that imitation crap you get at any sushi joint.

O by the way, the decor of the restaurant if very unique as well. It gives off a very comfortable, at home vibe. The light jazz music is just perfect. My friend says its exactly the same type of music she puts on at home when she's cooking.

So all in all, I give Bonqula 5 stars for everything! Especially food and service =]

Oh and I almost forgot, the chef, Kaori even came out to thank us after our meal. She's a very friendly lady ^^

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  • Ambiance
Fish On Rice4361 Kingsway, #201, Burnaby
This place sucks. Try all you can eat
Submitted Sunday, January 20, 2008 - 6:26pm [Dine in]

Nothing much to say except that they were rude and the food was crap.

aeis2000: Just to let you know, Fish on Rice is NOT exhibiting HK culture. I've been to HK many times, the service there is exceptional, fast, and polite even at fast foods like McDonalds. In HongKong, if your manners suck you probably can't land a customer service job. There's too many unemployed people--competition is insane over there, unlike in Vancouver, where even 12 year olds can get 10 dollar jobs.

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Nu1661 Granville St, Vancouver
Don't waste your money.
Submitted Saturday, January 19, 2008 - 9:23pm [Dine in]

(Continuation from bottom post. Stupid system only allows 2000 characters)

So overall, NU is very disappointing. Screw the good hype reviews. The food is not worth its price. Its not that I'm cheap. I'm willing to spend what I expect to receive in return. For fine, high class western dining, just go on a cruise. Much better there. Lastly, I'd prefer more common restaurants like Earls, Cactus Club or Red Robins. Even though they're not high class , award winning restaurants, I think their food quality is much better than NU. At least, going to these places, I know I won't be crammed into a little corner with too many seats and a very high table.

To sum this all up.

NU is overrated and I wasted my money.

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  • Ambiance