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fred cacaceNew Jersey, USASince February 19, 20141 Review
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4.5 (4.7)
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Bocca Revisited Cafe427 Fitzwilliam, #D, Nanaimo
Absolutely amazing breakfast treats. Made me a very welcome visitor to local Nainamo business...
Submitted Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 1:59pm [Catering]

OK so I'm from New Jersey in the USA. I've eaten breakfast at Bocca a couple of times during my yearly business trips to Vancouver Island. Always been memorable in a nice way. When my next trip called for an early morning technical sales meeting in Nanaimo, I was excited to be able to order a couple of dozen tasty morning treats for the meeting.
I was going to pick up, but hey they deliver! So, I was able to fly in, meet the most attractive delivery person I have ever met at the customer’s front door, right on time! Arms brimming with two trays of sweet and yummy goodness plus tray of gluten free healthy treats, we arrived like family bringing Thanksgiving dinner to a ravenous crowd.
Before the meeting started, we got down to business. Peeling back the nicely arranged platters there were oohs and awes galore. Some present were not aware of Bocca so I was happy to be making its introduction from a guy living over 3,000 miles away.
Anyway, the meetings were a big success and I got a million dollar order as a result! (OK, that order part I made up). All I can say is, go, buy food, enjoy, repeat.
Fred says four Stars! Incredible.

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