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FoodLover777Kitsilano Vancouver BCSince March 16, 20162 Reviews
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3 (2.9)
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Gold Train Express Vietnamese Cuisine3236 West Broadway, Vancouver
Better than the one on West 10th
Submitted Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 7:50pm [Dine in]

Well, this one is a significant improvement over the one on West 10th. The West 10th Gold Train Express used to be fabulous. It has gone seriously downhill in every way, especially in the quality of the service of the staff. This one was much better - I ordered the same thing that I used to always order at the West 10th location. It was MUCH BETTER food, the service was GREAT, the atmosphere was SO MUCH NICER. I will definitely go back to this one again, and I will never, EVER go back to the one on West 10th.

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Gold Train Express Vietnamese Cuisine4530 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver
I am mourning the loss of what used to be my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in all of Vancouver
Submitted Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 7:38pm [Dine in]

I was an extremely loyal customer of this restaurant for a very long time (many years). It used to be GREAT - great food, great service, great value, eclectic d├ęcor.

But now, I refuse to even go back anymore. I am in mourning! This used to be my go-to place. Now, I am left with such a terrible taste in my mouth that I decided I just have to let it go. This is what happened. In the last 2 years this place has gone seriously downhill in every single way. I think there was a change of ownership (I'm not sure, but nothing else explains the depressing downturn that has taken place in this once-great place). This is what they did:

- changed and seriously LOWERED the quality of the food
- RAISED the prices (lower quality for more $)
- DRAMATICALLY reduced the quality of the service of the staff
- developed a SERIOUSLY BAD ATTITUDE towards long-time loyal customers like me

Here are just a few examples of the changes that they made:

(1) There used to be regular table service by regular servers. They eliminated this except for the very beginning step of ordering food and bringing the food to the table. After the food is brought to the table, they do not provide any further table service at all. The servers used to come by regularly to the table as a normal server does to ask if you need anything and also to refill the tea pot, refill your water glass, etc. --> now, every time I've been there in the last 2 years, after the server brought my food I was completely ignored from that moment on, and if I ever needed or wanted anything else at all (water, tea pot refill, order something else, order dessert, or get the bill) I had to literally get up and go to the front counter to ask for it.

(2) They used to bring the bill on a small plate complete with one slice of orange per person + one fortune cookie per person. They eliminated this. Every time I've been there in the last 2 years, they never once did this again. It was a nice touch. Believe it or not, it kind of made the meal, in the end. Now, not only do they no longer bring the little plate with the slice of orange, fortune cookie, and your bill........they refuse to bring the bill to the table at all anymore. You have to go up to the counter and ask for the bill.

(3) Good luck when you constantly DO have to go up to the counter every time anybody at your table needs anything at all --> the staff are sometimes not even there, they are in the back, and you have to actually have to call out to them loudly into the kitchen and ask one of them to please help you. I think this is totally unacceptable for a restaurant. You shouldn't have to call out to the staff in the kitchen when you want a refill of water, you want to order something else, or you want to pay your bill. Then again, if this is the kind of system they want, who am I to say they shouldn't have it? But seriously, they should probably put signs up saying they no longer provide full table service like they used to. It's not always the case that there is nobody at the counter when you need to go up there to ask for something, sometimes there actually is somebody around at the front counter to take your request when you are forced to get up from your table every time you want something....just not always...they're absent often enough that I sure remember having to do it often in the last 2 years of my continued loyalty.

(4) They used to be friendly staff for so many years! They most certainly are no longer friendly, and they don't even realize that they're unfriendly to extremely loyal customers who have been going there for years and years on end.

(5) The last straw for me was the last time I went there, about 1 or 2 months ago. After so many years of loyal devotion to this place, this last time I went for lunch there was an extremely loud child in the restaurant. This child was not a baby. This was an older child of about 12, 13 or 14 years old. The kid and his Mom were screaming at each other nonstop. They were so loud that it completely disrupted my meal. I was alone, but if I were with somebody else we couldn't have had a conversation - that's how loud it was. I was trying to read a book...I couldn't even read because the screaming was so distracting. The yelling went on and on and on...through the whole meal! I could tell that all of the customers were disturbed by the loud voices too. Finally half way through my meal I got up, went to the counter, and asked the so-called "server" if he could please ask these guests to be more quiet. Would you believe that this is what he said to me: "No! I'm not going to ask them to change their behavior, they have loud voices, they have every right to talk and eat just like everybody else." WOW! These were not just "loud voices". This was bloody screaming and yelling at each other, nonstop.

This "server" didn't even give a damn that I was an incredibly loyal customer for so many years....as long as I can remember. I have brought many many friends to this place. I had been frequenting it about once/week for several years in a row!

I was so shocked by his lack of helpfulness that I asked who he was. He said he was the owner.

Enough said -- right then and there, I knew that I would never, EVER give this owner my money again. This is an owner who does not care about his good customers.

Nobody should give their money to that kind of business owner.

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