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foodiechicVancouverSince February 21, 20092 Reviews
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Adesso Bistro1906 Haro Street, Vancouver
Extremely Disappointing
Submitted Wednesday, August 25, 2010 - 12:27pm [Dine in]

We were looking forward to trying Adesso as we had heard good things about it. However, we were profoundly disappointed in every aspect of our meal and experience there. When I tried to book a table for 6:00 pm, I was given the option of 5:45 or 8:00 and nothing in between. We opted for 5:45 - arrived to an empty restaurant (which never feels right) and during the entire time we were at the restaurant we were surrounded by empty tables which made wonder why we couldn't have booked in for 6:00. We ordered the fried fish appetizer which tasted okay - but came out so quickly, we'd hardly had time to have a sip of our wine. For a $13 dollar appetizer - the serving was extremely small. Next our meal arrived - again, so quickly it was disturbing. No need to churn us out for our table, as again - there was no one else around and a restaurant full of empty tables. It made us honestly wonder if it had been held... and it got worse, one of our side dishes - crushed potatoes and olives (which only had one small sliver of olive in the whole dish) was stone cold - I mean below room temperature! That had to go back, and we put up with the temperature of the Berkshire pork rib and zucchini gratin, both of which were cooler than they should have been - but at least a little above room temperature. The portion sizes, again were smaller than expected. The Pork at $19 was literally one rib with a very small amount of meat on each side of the bone. Our waiter, who by the way, while we ordered our meal, had to scurry away several times to obtain answers to pretty basic questions - didn't even bother to check in with us during our meal. Fortunately we were able to flag down another several to deal with our stone cold potatoes (the advantage of an empty restaurant I guess, was we could get someone's attention). We were profoundly disappointed in our entire experience from start to finish - and definitely won't be going back!!

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  • Ambiance
Don't Go There!
Submitted Wednesday, March 4, 2009 - 1:46pm [Dine in]

This was truly one of the worst dining experiences we've ever had in Vancouver! Once we arrived and observed the dated, generic Italian decor we had serious concerns - but since sometimes looks can be deceiving we decided to stay and see what happened. Unfortunately the experience only got worse.

Service was completely lacking in warmth. I ordered a glass of wine which tasted as though it had come from a bottle opened at least the day before. Our dinner was no better. We shared a breaded chicken breast which arrived very cold and slathered in a heavy coating of oily pesto. It tasted as if it was frozen, not freshly prepared. It was accompanied by a luke warm side of pasta. The side of garlic toast ($7) tasted processed and unremarkable.

We would have expressed our displeasure to our server but after delivering the food, we didn't see him again. When he finally came back to collect our only half empty plates, I told him what our food had been like. Other than dropping his jaw in surprise, he made absolutely no comment and offered no apology. He disappeared - and 5 minutes later, the bill was delivered to us by another server we had never even seen. We told him we had wanted to see the dessert menu - and he was embarrassed to admit that he had no idea where we were with our meal, but that our server had told him to bring us the bill.

Eventually we got the dessert menu - but after being told only 2 of the 3 limited offerings were available (this info was shouted from across the restaurant by our original server) - we decided to cut our losses.

I couldn't believe that no apology was made for the cold food - nor was there any effort made to correct the situation. The fact that our server just abandoned us to someone else was in exceptionally poor taste - especially considering he wasn't busy as he was just hanging out by the bar during our interactions with the other server.

Save yourself from a similar experience, and don't go there! For the price, there are so many other places to go and experience much better food, service and ambiance!

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