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foodforthotVancouverSince January 30, 20092 Reviews
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Posh1788 W Broadway, #101, Vancouver
Posh changed =(.. Now it is an OIL + Priced Up hotpot.. it is super OILY!!
Submitted Wednesday, April 15, 2009 - 4:42pm [Dine in]

I've been to Posh 6-7x in the last 2yrs and I was mainly satisfied with it.

A few days ago, I went to Posh again (on Broadway) and I was taken by surprise. Prior to this recent visit, I haven't visited Posh for a while already.. maybe half a year. And wow, I must say they changed a lot within half a yrs time.

Price: Before, they charged $13.88/person for all you can eat. Now, they charge $15.88/person.

Value: They totally shrunk the sizes of the beef plates. Before, there is approximately 8-9 slices of beef per plate. Now, there is only 4-5 slices of beef per plate. For veggies they do have a bit more of variety, but fact is most people (who aren't vegetarians) come to hotpot wanting to eat more meat.

Quality: I must say their beef was better quality before. It was more tender, juicy, and the amount of fat blended in well. Now, the beef is often dry and rough, tastes bland, and the amount of fat is frightening. Now after I cook the meat, I can see a whole STRIP of fat (all white in color). 2/3 of the beef slice is all fat. It is worse than or similar to bacon, which is pretty scary.

Drinks: Well, in my opinion, they always had overpriced drinks. Mixing in some tap pop and food coloring/syrup doesn't cost $5 per drink. But what really surprises me is now they even charge for TEA. Yes, to compensate for the charge, they no longer pour tea that's already boiled and steeped in a pot. They give you a TEABAG instead and you can refill it with more hot water. However, that tea bag has absolutely no 'tea' taste at all. It is equivalent to drinking warm water.

Before, Posh's Sukiyaki soup base often lost all of it's flavor after 40 or so minutes of cooking, which is fine I guess. I mean, you can't really do anything about it when the soup base completely dries up and all you can do is add more water to keep it boiling so you can cook. Eventually, the soup base loses all of its flavor.

Now, their soup base not only loses all its flavor after a while, it turns into an OIL BASE hot pot!! I don't know where alllll that oil comes from. Does anyone know? Is it because of the chunk of butter that they throw in the soup at very beginning? I don't really think so, because before they threw in that same chunk of butter and although it was oily, it wasn't THAT bad. So I'm wondering if its the amount of crazy FAT from the beef slices that I described earlier. Well either way, my mouth was shining and completely filled with oil. Both me and my bf felt SICK after. I just felt like I was SOAKED in OIL. Horrible, seriously.

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Zakkushi Charcoal Grill823 Denman St, Vancouver
I gave it another try... and it was... HORRIBLE!
Submitted Friday, January 30, 2009 - 4:42am [Dine in]

After the first time of getting my orders placed wrong and charged double for what I actually ate... I decided to still give them another try. But to my expectations, it was worse than ever.

Service: Only fair. I understand that their English isn't the best, but overall they are friendly. They don't have attentive service, as they only come to you to place your order and give you the bill. But in between, you get no service at all. And the worst is... THEY REPEATEDLY PLACE THE WRONG ORDERS... and CHARGE YOU DOUBLE FOR WHAT YOU ACTUALLY ORDER. That was absolutely horrible. It happened BOTH times when I went here. They don't listen and look carefully when you POINT to the menu indicating what you want. Then they bring double orders or make you wait 45mins for one chicken skewer, and at the end, they charge you double for everything. I had to literally raise my voice to get my bill properly settled.

Food: As any other Izakaya, their food is very similar. It's tapas style with some drinks to go along. They specialize in robatas, but I think their robatas are overrated. For the quality and price, I'd rate Guu, Gyoza King, and Zakkushi all the same. No real difference in terms of food. It's what you expect.

Ambiance: This was HORRIBLE. The first time, the atmosphere of the chefs and customers talking was fine. It was normal as any expected Izakaya... warm, cozy, relaxing. Nothing out of the ordinary, a friendly vibe.

But the second time I went, I was disgusted. They had a group of 20+ young teenagers who ordered maybe over 30 pitches of alcohol to drink. And they were swearing, shouting, screaming, and causing a riot. What is MOST UNEXPECTED is that the chefs and waiters actually hang out with the group of teenagers. One of the waiters were drinking with the kids as he served them, paying no attention to the other customers. And the chef who made the robatas allowed a young teenage girl to walk over his robata stove and hug him while taking a photo. This kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable at a restaurant.

Few concerns:
1) Why didn't they open a private room for these 20+ young teenagers who are going to swear, scream and even take of their clothes and throw it on the floor? Don't they think this will disturb other customer's appetites? Didn't they know in ADVANCE that there will be a big group coming to eat? This is a problem of service at Zakkushi.

2) A restaurant should not repeatedly place the wrong orders... and then even charge you double the amount of $ when you didn't actually eat so much. And when you try to talk to them, they don't listen. Again, needs improvement in service.

3) Lastly, as I paid my bill along with my friends (during my second visit)... the waiter thoughtfully said, "I'm sorry it was so noisy tonight". Well, I'm glad there was an apology at least. But... is their apology valid when they allow a waiter to DRINK with the teenagers? And even run into the robata stove to take a personal photo?

I will not come here ever again. The most I'll do is give the Zakkushi on West 4th a try instead. But Denman? Needs to really learn what is called 'service'.

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