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foodfanaticSouth VancouverSince August 26, 2005286 Reviews
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Chao Phraya Thai Restaurant2325 Cambie Street, Vancouver
An old favourite, but no longer.
Submitted Monday, July 17, 2006 - 8:49pm [Dine in]

They used to be so good! The best citrus-filled spicy steamed fish (tilapia) I've had anywhere. The crab was tasty & absolutely loved the stuffed chicken wings & superb desserts & excellent drinks. This was all in the past when they were still located at the entrance of Granville Island.

Since they've relocated, I have always planned on, but never got around to, revisiting since there are usually so many other new/old places to try & retry. Maybe I should have gone back sooner, but either way, I don't see myself returning.

Currently, though it's supposed to be under the same ownership & chef, or so I was told, the food no longer shouts of the quality it used to be. The tom yum & tom kah soups are lacking in flavour (Chada Thai in Coquitlam makes a really good one), and the Pad Thai is actually suspect of being made purely with ketchup--from the tomato pasty sauce to the colouring, to the lack of tomato slices, and well, seeds are easily explained with prepackaged crushed/bottled/canned sauces. The waterfall beef, though nicely spiced, the cuts of beef used are cheap, rough, tough & dry well-done flank type.

Though the menu appears identical to the one they've always had as it doesn't seem like anything was reprinted nor repriced, a lot of the menu items are no longer available--possibly due to the lack of traffic going through the establishment. In either event, there's no indication on the menu itself that the item is no longer offered until you place the order for it.

The drinks are a little pricy for flavoured soda pop (perhaps try ordering without ice or drink a little then wait for the ice to melt to fill your glass) and the Thai iced tea is made a little too sweet.

The service is great, friendly, and warm, run by the Chinese speaking woman/owner.

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Chada Thai Fine Cuisine2991 Lougheed Hwy, #107, Coquitlam
Hit & Miss at upper end prices.
Submitted Thursday, July 13, 2006 - 6:22pm [Dine in]

A little pricey w/ small portions. $14.99 for a Tom Kah Gai served in a medium sized bowl--albeit a very tasty & well-made soup--and $12.99 for a Pad Thai. Stuffed chicken wings: 2 pc on the dry side costing ~ $8.99. Their small lunch menu speaks of lower prices.

The Thai iced tea is served in a narrow glass & w/all that ice, you don't really get much for $3.xx. The "infused" drinks served in martini glasses (no liquor on premises). That's much cheaper @$1.99 or thereabouts, it's slushy ice with some kind of syrup infused/blended w/the flavour (herb/cucumber/ginger) of choice from the listed options.

The F.B.I. @6.99 doesn't get plated the same way every time as the reviewer below got blueberries on his plate while mine came w/syrup only. Nothing special except the coconut ice cream was the least tasty of the three (coconut, vanilla, mango).

The service needs work as they seem to lack the experience or maybe the Asian server just likes suffocating you. She's not nasty, only she hovers a little too much. Since the place is tiny it makes her eavesdropping a whole lot easier & she's not very discreet about it. Say anything to your friend about the food & the restaurant, then she appears right up against your table but of course, she listens long enough b4 she comes just to be sure. This hovering got even more bothersome when it came time for collecting the cheque. A few times, she made the motion of grabbing for the bill fold/wallet only to twirl on the spot as she realised that it was still attached to a hand as he's placing in the tip. B4 that, she also reached for it when he had yet to sign the slip--still pen in hand. I think she's just eager to find something to keep herself busy w/.

Being attached to Save-On, it feels like a fastfood joint rather than a classy Thai restaurant that the prices seem to shout out. That said, the decor is clean, simple & warm.

It may be lacking in an a/c as they have a little table fan blowing on the faux bar.

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Homayi Cafe8251 Alexandra Road, Richmond
Standard to poor. Hit & Miss dishes.
Submitted Thursday, July 13, 2006 - 12:49pm [Dine in]

Since the last post, I've been back a few more times to find a lot of the dishes have changed. Either lacking in ingredient or flavour or both or just a change from excellent to ordinary. The baked porkchop mango rice has shrunk in portion and noticeably less flavourful. The soup served in a hollowed-out winter melon just tastes like a simple clear seafood/chicken broth rather than a naturally sweetened & enriched broth as it's missing some vital ingredients like duck & ham. Though it's not bad, it's just not made right.

The servers have mainly changed when I first thought it was just some newly hired hands taking over some shifts as there were still a familiar face or two, but alas, the previously regular/daily servers were never to be seen again.

The Korean dishes are a hit & miss. They may appear as if they've been done right, but actually, even the Bi Bim Bap is completely off w/only bare shreds of beef in it, they are really choosing the cheap way out. That aside, it took multiple requests for the spicy sweet sauce to add into the mix... by then, the stonebowl was no longer warm enough to make a good sizzly crispy mix of the rice... To be fair, one of the servers I've requested the sauce from, if I remember correctly, she's been bussing food to the tables b4 the ownership switchover (as now it seems to be registered to one named Hun Bae Kim) so she's probably never had much Korean food in her lifetime & definitely never had to serve it up & take food orders. Had to ask the server manager who seems to be multilingual & at least knows her Korean dishes well enough. Also, the side dishes offered for the Korean items are just cheap alternatives to what you'd get at a proper Korean place.

After so many "off" nights, a return trip isn't happening for at least another yr when maybe things will have changed for the better once again. I wonder if the previous guys are just flipping businesses like flipping real estate.

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Foundation, The2301 Main Street, Vancouver
Relatively inexpensive tasty vegetarian eats!
Submitted Tuesday, July 4, 2006 - 1:22pm [Dine in]

Perfect summer food if you're not a year-round vegetarian. It's not entirely vegan as cheeses & such gets used though I'm sure you can request to have the dairy excluded.

The soups are filling; the pastas, like the Mango Forte with large chunks of mango) are appetizing (though seemingly a little smaller in portion than the other options at $9.50; the salads (Satay, Serial, and Tight Spin) are delicious, and the nacho plates like the Katered Affair are well worth it in its $11 (tax included) cost plus huge portions good enough to share!

Absolutely love the place. You never feel rushed though you might feel the urge to rush their service, but how true it is that by the time you do get your orders delivered in front of you, you immediately forget about the seemingly longer than standard wait time.

Service is otherwise solid all around, and somewhat varies depending on your server in that none of them are rude, just that maybe one or two of them are just "all business".

Love the old retro 80's tree-hugger ambience!

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Green Village2462 Nanaimo St., Vancouver
Average prices, strong flavours, generous portions.
Submitted Sunday, July 2, 2006 - 7:29pm [Dine in]

Not worth making a trip to the area for though it's alright all around. For some items like the spicy wonton, it seems they've chosen to take the shortcut in the preparation. Instead of making use of good old peanut oil & fresh crushed peanuts or what have you, they've shot straight to using peanut butter melted into the sauce (some parts weren't stirred-in/melted well enough so you can still see the paste). So it's definitely strong in flavours, but it's just not very authentic. I suppose that's the chef's preferred method of achieving stronger flavours. It just makes me think of those that use ketchup to get a tomato sauce or to get tomato flavour in soup with less effort than using natural ingredients to begin with. It definitely is nice & spicy though for the wontons which isn't difficult to achieve w/the generous use of the right chili/pepper oil. The xiao long bao's are no good, though they're not the worst I've had. It's just like a huge pork meatball inside a thick crusty dumpling wrap. The "pancakes" are a little too doughy inside though overall, still okay. The fried rice cakes has strong flavours, too, and isn't bad at all. The fried doughnut sticks to go with sweet soy can be avoided altogether.

The restaurant still seems to get its fair share of patrons, probably those that don't tend to venture across bridges over to another municipality. The prices are decent. Some of the dishware is a little worn, especially the spoons. Every other table seems to have a leg held up by a plate--I certainly hope that come time when they no longer have need of stopping the tables from wobbling, they don't just wash the plates & reuse them for food.

Northern Dynasty on Alexandria Road in Richmond (the old So Che location), Shanghai River (Richmond on Westminister across from The Bay), or New Shanghai City in Burnaby on Edmunds are all many notches above this establishment in every way.

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Chambar568 Beatty Street, Vancouver
Great taste, good portions for tapas!
Submitted Friday, June 30, 2006 - 1:18am [Dine in]

Nice blend of flavours in most dishes. I'm normally not a mussel person, but I'd have to say, I really do enjoy the mussels here. You really can't go wrong. So tasty and the sauce is so soupy, that you feel like slurping that up, too! Great for dipping and great for eating as is, and the added sea salt makes it even more delicious.

The halibut is really good--lightly battered, as tasty as the best fish & chips out there.

I'd avoid the foie gras de canard served terrine style here though as it wasn't very satisfying and definitely not worth the heartfailure thereafter from having consumed something so rich in fat. I don't know if it's because it's duck or what. Also, as far as duck goes, I'd also recommend passing on the duck breast. Way too chewy, and fatty, but somehow still a little dry... and again, chewy to the point where I just stopped eating it after the first bite.

The portions are fair and the prices are alright.

Good solid service. Nice lively casual atmosphere in the middle of a quiet street.

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  • Ambiance
Octopus Garden1995 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver
Adorably plated creative sushi rolls!
Submitted Wednesday, June 28, 2006 - 2:31pm [Dine in]

Though the price is a little steep for the ingredients you get in the various rolls, the creative presentation of each item makes it possibly worth the cost. In addition to that, with the atmosphere & the great friendly service, it softens the blow of the final total of the bill for the eel/mango/avocado/beans/tuna/salmon (wild sockeye) in varying combination rolls.

The cooked food is superb! I'd give that a 5 rating alone except that I'd still have to include the rating for the sushi, which, in the end, no matter how aesthetically pleasing they are, and no matter that each of the rolls come in many fair sized pieces (8? 9?), the flavours & the ingredients are somewhat lacking & uneventful while they really do look gorgeous!

What I'd suggest that ppl who share my thoughts on Octopus Garden's food do is, order a variety of their deliciously cooked items & just add one single roll just so that you can admire the beautiful artwork by the chef. The Mr. Beans roll is one of the least worthwhile in value but one of the most worthwhile in terms of presentation--then there are the gorgeous Dragon Rolls and Yellow Submarines, etc. Either that or go with the omakase.

The service is flawless, and the sushi chefs seem genuinely happy preparing the exquisitely looking rolls. The servers are friendly & the room is beautifully decorated. If you are a 2-seater, the boat table in the middle of the room makes for a sweet experience.

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  • Ambiance
La Grotta Del Formaggio1791 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Great value for great tasting sandwiches!
Submitted Sunday, June 25, 2006 - 1:23am [Dine in]

It's most definitely a great bargain here for the quality of meats & choice of veggies & cheese you get here from the sandwich bar. Most definitely, the artichokes, grilled peppers, eggplants and variety of quality cheeses makes the sandwich as great as it is. Well, there's all that tasty deli meat, too!

I only come to buy sandwiches, but if I were in need of some good old deli cuts, I'd choose La Grotta for my party platter needs!

A small is very filling for $4 all veggie, or $4.50 with choice of meats in a nice round bun, while there are several sizes up in longer subs and then there's the choice of using their focaccia bread instead.

Service is friendly and quick. They toast your bun up for you so if you don't want it toasted, be sure to let them know as by default sometimes, they end up tossing it onto the grill.

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  • Ambiance
Ch'i / Chi Restaurant and Lounge1796 Nanaimo, Vancouver
Restaurant seems to have stayed closed for a couple of months now.
Submitted Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 7:21pm [Dine in]

Their number just sends you to their voicemail that's actually been filled to capacity with messages already. The restaurant itself doesn't seem to have opened its doors for quite a while now.

I wanted to give it another try to see if maybe my first experience in Feb/March was just a simple matter of ordering the wrong items and feeling underfed portion to price-wise especially with the bison back ribs that barely held any meat on the bones as if those were shaved off to make other dishes while it still remains tasty, it was mainly just the 3 bones you get to chew on for nearly the price of a full entree, though this place is all about small plates / tapas. The fish was well made but overall, everything was a little smaller in portion then their price warrants. But again, maybe out of the 8-10 dishes ordered to our table, we might really have just picked the wrong ones for a proper meal.

That aside, I am really disappointed to find that they haven't been open for business of late, so I can't give it another shot as I was preparing myself to possibly be left feeling cheated again with the hit & miss flavours, portions, prices.

The only indicator I can find that someone else has also found this restaurant to be closed would be from the foodvancouver website. This could possibly mean I've only just managed to try them out before they died out... If I recall correctly, they've only just opened shop early last year...

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  • Ambiance
Ma's Restaurant5628 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Can't understand the popularity.
Submitted Tuesday, June 20, 2006 - 3:41pm [Dine in]

They just keep filling up during the usual dinner hours. I've only been once, and that's enough to keep me away ever after as it wasn't my choice to go there either.

Most of the food was average though the soup was tasty. What I wanted to try were the curry items but those were already sold out. Then we opted to try some other chicken dishes which were also sold out. While eyeing the curry on the other tables, we had no choice but to go for whatever else was left for us to order. They are supposedly known for the beef cake thingy, so we managed to get an order of that. It took so long to make it that it didn't get served until well after we were finished with our meal and was waiting and waiting and finally thought to just cancel it and get the bill if it wasn't ready as we saw it being served to other tables. I suppose they try to put some food on each table to prevent later seaters from starving while waiting for their other orders to show up.

Well, the beef cake made it to the table, and indeed, it was large in portion and juicy inside. The outter wrap/layer is sort of like the onion pancake stuff but without the onions or what Taiwanese use for the beef rolls, except this is a little thinner than the batter used for those rolls, but not too thin to leak the beef stuffing inside.

That being the only interesting dish out of what was available for order, I can just as well go by for pick-up/takeout for that item and avoid the cramped tables & narrow restaurant altogether. The seating isn't too comfortable--the room is crowded for being so narrow and the tables are a little wobbly especially if you don't get the booth seats.

The prices aren't such a bargain either.

All in all, not worth going out of your way into that neighbourhood for the food offerings... unless the curry dishes are absolutely mouthwatering, but I wouldn't be able to comment on that as they didn't have any left for our table to order. :(

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Bon's Off Broadway2451 Nanaimo St., Vancouver
An order of grease with even more grease on the side, please!
Submitted Monday, June 19, 2006 - 11:47pm [Dine in]

Most definitely huge portions. I can't speak for the breakfast fare, but having stopped by for a late snack/dinner, they do serve up a HUGE greasy burger patty in a decent standard bun with lots of thick-cut fries for very little $$. I do believe the theme of this place is cheap eats for huge portions any time of the day, but beware of all that grease you're taking in... makes me wonder if the kitchen might become a fire hazard....

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  • Ambiance
Earls5300 No. 3 Road, #304, Richmond
Good for what it is.
Submitted Monday, June 19, 2006 - 11:38pm [Dine in]

This is a good option for larger parties as they don't fill up as quickly and as frequently as the other locations do. Another plus is that they take reservations while the others don't.

The food is consistently well made. The service is friendly and attentive. I've never had any problems with the servers. Perhaps they are different on really busy nights as I've managed to hit them on relatively slow ones.

Prices are more than fare whether it be for food or alcohol. Their margarita specials on Mondays are well worth the $2.99 for a large glass. As are the other daily drink specials. The winelist is very reasonable in pricing and selection. Love the flatrates and the lower markups for the reserve wines.

A good selection of menu items. Something for everyone. The outstanding rating for food is such because it's priced right for the quality they provide for the type of cuisine and market they're aiming to please.

As for ambiance, the other locations are classier or trendier, rather, as they've had a makeover while this location is still pretty much the same old design. The noise level here is actually lower than, say, Cactus, Rugby's, Joey's, and Moxie's by far and the clientel seems slightly more mature, so it feels a tad more upscale by comparison in that sense.

Plenty of parking being that it's attached to Lansdowne Mall, you'll never be caught without a parking spot somewhere on that vastly empty parkade.

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  • Ambiance
Tango 8 Grill955 West Broadway St., Vancouver
Love the elegant & romantic decor!
Submitted Sunday, June 18, 2006 - 10:38pm [Dine in]

Friendly & attentive staff. The dining areas are beautifully sectioned off and the tables are nicely spaced apart. The live music and dancing adds to the romance. Also, the fact that the restaurant doesn't seem to fill up often, it can be quite romantic as long as there aren't any real noisy casual diners that night. Restrooms are relatively clean and not cramped.

The food, though tasty, doesn't seem quite worth it. The cuts are sliced so thin for the meat that no matter how you request for the piece to be cooked, it will undoubtedly come out well-done.

The grilled red snapper is also thin in cut, but not as bad as the beef, I suppose, and getting 2 fillets of it helps. The fries that comes with most mains taste and look like the prepackaged frozen supermarket variety.

I would love to dine here often for the ambience, but then again, I would either need more options in the appetizers or desserts to choose from if the mains don't get improved upon.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Stonegrill1661 Granville St, Vancouver
Great concept dining.
Submitted Sunday, June 18, 2006 - 10:22pm [Dine in]

To take the words of another reviewer for another restaurant, this place is definitely like a Chuck-E-Cheese for adults. It's a novel dining experience that should be tried at least once. I'll probably not be returning unless I have some visitors from out of town who's never tried cooking food on a hot stone before.

The beef, fish, and chicken are all very large in portion. The cuts are more than generous and allows for one to cook it as rare or well as one prefers. It's a brilliant way to have your steak as it will always be kept warm to hot! It doesn't cook through the thick cut too quickly so you have no fear of having a dry overcooked piece of steak or fish. You can slice it piece by piece to eat while it's extra red for the most part, if you want it well-done, you need only place that bite-sized piece at the end of your fork onto the stone grill for half a second and it's instantly grilled brown!

If you're worried about splashing oils shooting off the stonegrill onto your arms, clothes, etc., you should avoid ordering the sea bass as the natural oils from that easily causes an endless firework of dancing hot oils.

Even the "petite filet" is very thick in cut and large in portion as it's just a tiny bit smaller than the "Super Prime" piece they offer.

The soup is tasty, the salads are prettily plated, and the desserts are good--a few are just "okay".

The sorbet is fruity and tastes of sugus candy--I'd have prefered it to be a little lighter and more sour/citrus-y than sweet and thick like it was, but it's just a matter of personal preference.

Service is friendly and efficient for the most part.

The prices aren't as bad as they seem (except for the prawns & scallops combo--not really worth it, and the portion may leave some hungry still) since the portions are huge, the food fresh, and the view is superb.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Mongolie Grill8400 Alexandra Road, Richmond
Definitely not worth the time nor the money spent.
Submitted Sunday, June 18, 2006 - 9:57pm [Dine in]

In a way, it's "neat" to watch the guy fry up everything for you though I can't help feeling that he gets to labour over the otherwise fun part of throwing all of your ingredients together for your stir-fry-everything meal. Instead of making the "chop suey" yourself like in most other self-serve bbq places, the restaurant cook gets to do it on that big open pan thingy while everyone is standing circled around to watch him at work. It's a concept worth trying maybe once otherwise you'd always be wondering what the heck Mongolie Grill's all about. But after that, it's not worth returning to as it gives you the feeling that you've just had mall food (from the food court) where it's just a little overpriced for what you're getting and everything ends up tasting the same anyway no matter the combo of foods you choose unless you don't add any sauce at all. In spite of this, I still ended up trying this place several times just to introduce someone else to it who's never tried it before... simply for something a little different. But I've since stopped doing that as well as I can't help but feel that I've just wasted away another meal by going here for much of the same flavours.

To be fair, this is the only Mongolie Grill location I've ever tried........... so maybe the other ones are different? But I'm not sure how much they can change when in the end, it's still just a matter of mixing everything together on the grill and tossing it onto the plate, and you dig in.

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Sushi Garden4635 Kingsway, Burnaby
Submitted Friday, June 16, 2006 - 1:21pm [Dine in]

After multiple failed attempts @ arriving here for b4 the line stretches out the door, I've finally succeeded ~6:30pm. The wait thereafter was only ~5-10 min. The first round of evening diners are just clearing out. By 7pm, the wait becomes longer.

W/such glowing reviews, I really was looking forward to tasting all they had to offer & was making plans on the next meal even b4 getting seated. W/such a crowd daily, it must be exceptional! Or so I thought.

Fish is fresh. Cuts are generous. However, the current special white tuna's the only highlight. More fatty & creamy than the regular stuff. It did look like it's from a part of the belly, but the toro's extremely lacking in flavour & texture. The saba's bland but ikura's good.

Rolls are huge. It tasted like I had nothing but rice though evidently, there were plenty of content. The papaya crab roll had bare visible traces of papaya, while the lightly battered stick of artificial crabmeat's very visible & plentiful. At least the tempura batter made this tolerable. The spicy tuna tempura roll is a definite avoid. The tuna tempura's too dry. The nice spicy sweet sauce topping the roll couldn't even help to make it less so.

The tempura batter is light & crispy. The dry & seemingly recooked/overcooked shrimp tempura tasted of Chinese deep fried shrimp. The other tempura items were great.

Udon is perfect in taste & texture. Gyoza, however, can afford to be pan fried a little longer. Skin's nice & thin, but one side was nearly undercooked, while the flat side was only lightly browned but still too soft.

You can be filled for relatively little $ spent. The highest marked nigiri is @$1.80 though uni is "current priced" if avail.

Service is fine & relatively speedy. Small, so recommended in parties of 1-4 at most. [email protected], while it's metres in front.

Overall, not worth a revisit on my part for the rush & then the possible wait time--though fish is fresh, it still left me dissatisfied.

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  • Ambiance
Continental Seafood Restaurant11700 Cambie Rd, #150, Richmond
Solid old fashioned cart-around dimsum.
Submitted Monday, June 12, 2006 - 3:22pm [Dine in]

A roomy restaurant with evening performances and dancing entertainment. Dinners are decently prepared, though the service is still lacking whether it be during the day or evening.

For brunch/lunch offerings, it's the standard dim sum items with maybe 1 or 2 newer creations (though I've only come upon one). The tea is a little watered down as I suspect the tea leaves get redried constantly and reused.

The restaurant is kept relatively clean. No strange odours. A decent crowd. Never in need of reservations. Plenty of parking at the plaza. Cheaper than the similar Pink Pearl Restaurant though the congee here isn't as tasty and not as fresh--served nearly cold.

Love their deep fried sugar doughnut thing. Light and fluffy.

Would return for brunch when I'm in the mood for the old-fashioned push-carting type of dimsum, but not for dinner, unless it's for a banquet, I suppose, as that wouldn't be by choice. Not enough variety and not fresh enough for me to choose over the other Richmond favourites like Kirin, Fisherman's Terrace, and Shiang Garden.

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  • Ambiance
Golden Szechuan Restaurant1788 Broadway West, Vancouver
Love the spicy chicken! And hanging pork fat!
Submitted Wednesday, June 7, 2006 - 5:07pm [Dine in]

This location is best for those two dishes as well as the more personal service! The Richmnd one doesn't do these 2 dishes justice. Although the spicy crab comes recommended by the very enthusiastic & friendly multilingual & dialect host, it's not anything memorable, so it's definitely not worth the pricetag nor the workout. For a really good one, go to Tropica for the Sambal crab. Avoid the soups (not the hotpot soup bases, but the ready-to-serve ones), especially the fish head one. Absolutely not worth the price nor the taste.

With the right orders, the food can be absolutely outstanding. Literally translated as "saliva chicken", it really does make you salivate w/each bite. Be sure to take the spoon & fork and start mixing/tossing the bed of greens & sauce/oil over the chicken & cover each piece w/some of that tantilizing sauce before serving. You won't regret it! As for the pork belly that's served dangling from a wooden display, pull off a strip along w/the cucumber underneath then dip into the special sauce then feast away! Much tastier than the one served by Szechuan on Saba Rd, Richmond. It's soooo good! You can almost forget every bite is more fat to clot your arteries!

Go for the hotpot along w/2-3 dishes a la carte to enjoy. The seafood provided is quite fresh. The live prawns are sweet! Whenever they have geoduck in stock/seasonal, that's another good addition to your meal!

Top all this off w/glass after glass of free refillable plum juice that's on the house! It's generally the drink of choice to go along w/Chinese hotpot/bbq meals to alleviate some of the heat & fried/bbq'd foods you end up consuming. If that's not to your liking, you can always order some beer to go along with your meal.

If you prefer more a la carte choices, try out the newer Richmond location that's attached to the Tom Lee store, sharing the same parkade--however, that one serves up some dishes lacking in flavour...

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Pho Lan Vietnamese Restaurant6950 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Love their MSG-filled soup!
Submitted Sunday, June 4, 2006 - 1:54am [Dine in]

Their soup is one of the best flavoured with a secret twist in the broth, but only if you're okay with taking in lots of MSG. I'm still trying to find a really good light soup-based pho place. Is it even possible for it to be pho without the MSG?

Always busy, and basically, a long communal table (connected tables) straight down the middle length of the restaurant. With 2/4 seater tables on each side. Somewhat small, but always busy place! Their large pho orders are LARGE--at least the bowl and the soup given is quite large.

Some parking in the back.


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Old Spaghetti Factory14200 Entertainment Blvd, #110, Richmond
Excellent choice for pre-movie dining with family!
Submitted Sunday, June 4, 2006 - 1:21am [Dine in]

Great value for the combos, nice atmosphere. One of the prefered Old Spaghetti Factory locations and definitely preferable to the food next door at the pub for food and value.

Unfortunately, that's probably the only reason to visit this restaurant--only if you're already out there for a movie. It's a good spot if you can get a table before a movie since if it's a post movie meal, I'd generally prefer to drive somewhere else in Richmond or otherwise for a bite to eat.

The food isn't bad, it's safe, hence, boring.

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