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foodfanaticSouth VancouverSince August 26, 2005286 Reviews
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Taste Of Vietnam, A1016 W Broadway, Vancouver
Average overall. Not likely to return.
Submitted Tuesday, October 10, 2006 - 12:12pm [Dine in]

Though the broth in the pho is light & not bad at all, and the meat seems relatively fresh & clean, the "small" is definitely small in portion. You'd have to go "large" in order to get at least the amount of noodles/contents you're used to from other pho places--though you might find it a little too large if you're usually a "small" person.

The stuffed chicken wings are tasty enough while the prawn/shrimp paste on sugar cane was served somewhat cold--obviously pre-cooked and not reheated well enough. Though the size of the sugar cane itself looked impressive, eating a cold piece of paste wrapped around it tends to be a turn-off.

The iced coffee is pre-dripped & stirred for you before it's served. Quite potent if you're a coffee drinker, it'd be perfect for you--since I'm not, it turned out a little too bitter for me. But at least I know it wasn't watered down. Problem is the service, too. Very slow. They're possibly understaffed but even with a table of few, they seem much more slower than they ought to be. Even the drinks ended up being served last though the tea was poured before the orders were taken. The beef stew was on the anemic side. Few pieces of actual content while there's enough sauce, but the sauce is rather bordering on bland. Similarly, the curry chicken is very small in portion and only the cheapest parts of the bird was offered. More skin than meat, really, and less than a handful of it. The lemongrass flavours were lacking or nearly absent. The BBQ chicken rice is very tiny in portion as well. The sandwiches, though "juicy" is really a little too greasy to enjoy.

I definitely don't see the need to return for another meal except for its location, it really does come out as being "adequate" or somewhat lacking. Seems that it's popular w/ the Caucasian clientele--again, probably due to its location, so they do cater well to that.

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Sushikan4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond
A new favourite!
Submitted Tuesday, October 10, 2006 - 11:56am [Dine in]

Incredibly fresh fish. Given the low traffic going thru, I was quite surprised w/ the quality they're able to keep.

The negitoro is incredible. They specify that it's the tuna belly used--bluefin tuna at that. Deliciously sweet, delicate, and flavourful. The uni is incredibly fresh, silky, delicate, sweet. Love the healthy vibrant colours of the uni--I'd usually only encounter on live uni sashimi. You can really taste the difference btwn the chu-toro & o-toro. The yakitoro brings out the flavours & juiciness of the fish w/ its slightly melted fat from being lightly cooked. The Japanese sea bass that the chef so proudly displays as he slices away at it looks beautiful, just that I found I'm not too into sea bass raw. The ikura is visibly fresh, pearly, w/good texture & shine & a great "pop". The vermicelli used in the sunomono is a nice change for the usual soggy stuff. These are relatively thicker noodles. The chawanmushi was good... and prepared surprisingly quick. Most places tell you it'll take 15-20 mins. Conch raw/cooked isn't for me as is raw horsemeat--though more lean than beef, and psychologically more cruel, the kobe is preferable for it's fatty marbling & flavours. I'm impressed w/the non-typical variety of fish they provide on the menu.

I'll be returning w/a bigger appetite to try even more of the menu items which sound very appetizing. This place deserves a weekly visit at least.

My only complaints are their tea isn't hot enough & I wish they'd use fresh horseradish/wasabi instead of the pasty green imitation that most places use. :(

A very friendly & happy chef adds to the sushi bar experience! :)

Though the prices look steep on the menu, when it came time to pay for it, it costed surprisingly less than we expected for the quality & quantity of fresh raw fish I had just consumed w/ my dining companion. We got more quality & similar quantity compared to some of our usual weekly sushi haunts.

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Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant2008 W 41st Ave, Vancouver
Not worth a revisit.
Submitted Monday, October 2, 2006 - 2:03pm [Dine in]

It's a great location. Maybe that's why there's the traffic, as dimsum isn't cheap nor anything special. The carpet is worn. I don't think it's been changed since whoever put it in originally.

For 9 items totalling $52, I really don't know where that 20% discount went for about 5 of those dishes. They were all marked as large or the next one up. NONE of the items were "small". What was eaten? Mostly the staple stuff, like siu mai, bun, spare ribs w/black bean sauce, tripe, sweet black sesame roll (tasted purely of sugar w/ barely a hint of black sesame in it), a wooden pail of the excessively watery tofu pudding. It was bland--couldn't taste any soy; it depended too much on the ginger syrup for flavour. Go for the wooden bucket tofu pudding @Ho Yuen Kee on Fraser--you'll never look back. I skipped trying the tapioca tart thingy filled w/ red bean paste, etc, since every other pearl looked solid white (raw), so I'm not too sure I'd trust how long it's been sitting in their fridge.

More variety were made & carted around after the discount hr. That's when you can get the deep fried prawn/shrimp/crab paste ball on sugar cane item. That tasted alright.

The receipt? Well, they had scribbles all over of odd subtotals which came out of nowhere...added together on different parts of the sheet & w/ a final total at the corner. You can see on there, the early bird discount of 20% was taken off some odd amount tha came from... where? but no where on there can you figure how many items they were charging for how much each. I just paid that figuring I'll never return again anyway, so I don't care if I get cheated this one time.

The tablecloths need some industrial washing/bleaching as they are very much still tea/oil stained, etc. The servers' clothing, however, were mainly stain-free, so thumbs up for taking care of their own personal hygiene.

If you must go, just avoid the desserts & make sure how much you're getting charged per item/size.

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Vera's Burger Shack1935 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver
Fresh & yummy in my tummy.
Submitted Saturday, September 2, 2006 - 1:50am [Dine in]

My 1st Drunk Chicken Sandwich was so juicy, tasty, mouthwateringly delicious that it kept haunting me until I went back for a disappointing 2nd trial. I did think I was getting it btwn 2 slices of bread as that little sandwich icon indicated on the menu board, but the bun was perfect.

When asked what I wanted for toppings, I was at a loss as I thought it was already set. As it turned out, I just said yes/no to the items she listed & after being asked about the 8th item, I just said w/e else is good, please. I ended up getting bacon w/it. Everything went so well together. It only costed me $5.99 + tax. So I wasn't charged for some of the toppings that were not part of the freebie list? I was too overwhelmed w/all of the unexpected choices to notice until my subsequent visit when a similarly topped one (but obviously not, as it tasted nothing like the 1st impressive one) costed a little over $9 *gasp*. Well, yes, it's restaurant-priced burgers w/o the potatoes. That was fine, I figured, as I couldn't wait to go thru the same mouthwatering experience. BUT when I got home, I found half the chicken was obviously undercooked! Had to microwave it -_-. The fact that I was expecting a similarly long wait of 20-30 mins for my burger but instead, it was ready in less than 10 (this time I had 2 orders--1 beef, 1 chicken) should have clued me in. I'll just be sticking w/beef varieties in future as the patty's quite thick & beef's great whether it's bloody blue or burnt brown.

I'm thinking I should eat-in sometime w/ notebook in hand to note the exact toppings that makes a good burger so as not to build up a disappointing one in future. At those prices, I'm not willing to experiment as often as it would require as I don't eat burgers often, I don't want to have 7 bad experiences out of 10.

I'd also have to agree w/the comments regarding the service & hair/cap-fondling habits of the staff there as I, too, have witnessed that once out of my 2 visits so far.

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Le Nakamura Japanese Dining12480 No. 1 Rd, #130, Richmond
Friendly & enthusiastic service.
Submitted Saturday, September 2, 2006 - 12:46am [Dine in]

Food goes from boring & bland to bordering fishy in a bad way. The toro's not bad though w/ a hint of fishiness (think fishtank odour). The uni & ikura are both so-so but not as fresh as I'd have liked. The saba's slightly crumbly. The seafood croquettes are definitely not worth the $12.50 for 3 medium-large pieces filled mainly w/ very liquid cream & very few pieces of seafood--a baby shrimp & a baby scallop that seems like the kind you buy frozen; this order includes a bowl of miso soup, plain rice & plated w/ a side of salad. The batter for the prawn tempera's done perfectly while the prawn itself was very anemic & not particularly flavourful. The gyoza's alright w/ a crispy skin except that too much oil was used; it came fairly drenched w/ a lot of the oil still coating the plate. The 3 tapas combo appy is not very eventful, though they probably change the items every so often, one was a lightly battered salmon tempura roll (wrapped in seaweed). It did have a nice crispness to it except that it was devoid of any flavour. The stuffed mushroom's probably the most decent of the 3 "tapa" items as the 3rd was a carrot "mousse" which was basically a tasteless puree except for the thin layer of alcoholic (sake?) gelatin topping. Maybe the combo boxes/3 course price fix menu would've been a better choice than ordering a la carte. As it turned out, for a very disappointing meal aftr reading the 2 great reviews & an alright/solid 3rd, it costed me just under $90 to feed 4 ppl post tax, w/1 sm.btl of beer, pre-tip w/ leftovers as no one felt inclined to finish up the uneventful food.

The room neither shouts of Japanese take-out, nor finer dining; not quite cafeteria, neither is it diner except for the 2 sets of red vinyl booth seats by the door--that's definitely diner-like. Doesn't seem like much thought has gone into the interior designing/decorating. Will I return? Not likely as it feels more like a tourist trap or an eatery of convenience for locals.

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  • Ambiance
Okada Sushi Japanese Restaurant888 Nelson Street, M101, Vancouver
Average food at average to higher prices.
Submitted Saturday, September 2, 2006 - 12:07am [Dine in]

After having read the previous reviews, I've been planning to give it a try. I finally managed to do so after being turned away from Hapa as they were overbooked for the night and so I figured it was a toss up between 1215 on Davie or Okada. Since it was my treat, I wanted to take the other guests somewhere they've never been to before. Okada won since 3 out of 4 of us has been to 1215. We weren't impressed. It wasn't the simple/dated decor in the heart of downtown that did it... that was alright since it was clean for the most part. The restaurant does appear larger looking up from the street but actually seats fewer than I expected. The food just wasn't very stimulating.

The sashimi & nigiri selections are decent. The taste was alright. Very standard to somewhat bland while the mirugai was a little too fishy. The uni is good, the toro is just okay. The rolls were textually fine, while the flavours were lacking. The cooked items were either "ok" or a little too cooked, as that made the fish items a little on the dry side. For the most part, nothing was bad but nothing made it memorable either. I even skipped dessert because of this.

The service was adequate.

It costed much less than I had expected from what we've ordered between sashimi & nigiri pieces with some cooked items. The 4 of us ate for over $100 pre-tax, pre-tip, and no alcohol--just the tea, as my party & I have been so underwhelmed that I felt obligated to take everyone to a 2nd dinner w/dessert & drinks immediately afterwards at 1215 Japanese Tapas on Davie afterall.

Though nothing is wrong with this place, I would likely not return because there are simply so many more interesting & stimulating choices in the downtown area.

Though I'm more leaning towards a "decent" for the overall experience, I've settled on "solid" (3 stars) because there are the traditional rice bowl/porridge items which are not commonly offered elsewhere, so that's a plus.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Ajisai Sushi Bar2081 West 42nd Ave, Vancouver
The best choice for sushi in Kerrisdale!
Submitted Wednesday, August 23, 2006 - 12:20am [Dine in]

For the moderate prices and the obviously fresh fish, it's definitely better than the other Kerrisdale sushi restaurants overall.

I find their toro, amongst other fish, is well above that which is offered by Irashai. And Irashai, in my opinion, is better than Asa & that take-out sushi restaurant next to the crepe place (yeah, I keep forgetting their name), and definitely well worth it over the formerly overpriced Shota Sushi 2 doors down from Starbucks on that side street behind Shopper's Drug Mart (they now have cheaper combo boxes & opened up in Richmond next to Shanghai River). The BBQ black cod is really tasty with nice crisp skin & tender juicy meat. The cut used for the beef sashimi is nice, bright, red & tasty. The uni is more than decent; the ikura fresh; the saba is alright. The mirugai is tasty & reasonably priced. Too bad they only have green tea ice cream listed for dessert, so I've just skipped finishing off the meal with that.

They're busy most meal hours & are closed in between lunch & dinner as well as Sunday & Monday (if I recall correctly). I've only been Saturday & weeknights minus Mondays.

The establishment seats few but still a good turnover and located in a nice semi-secluded area attached to the London Drugs building across from the drop-in Care Centre. It is run by very pleasant & friendly Japanese staff though majority of patrons are of other Asian origins and/or with a mix of Caucasians. I don't believe I've actually spotted many Japanese shoppers & diners in general in the Kerrisdale area...

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Fishermans Terrace Seafood Restaurant4151 Hazelbridge Way, #3580, Richmond
Consistent quality in a not too crowded dining room.
Submitted Tuesday, August 22, 2006 - 11:45pm [Dine in]

Brunch has been consistently tasty & the service is adequate--depending on the server, even friendly. They actually at least pretend to be amused by your possibly lame jokes. During dimsum hrs, they offer a very well-made chicken wine soup which they still allow to be ordered in the evenings (the homemade version I've had of it is usually made w/a good Johnny Walker, so I'm not sure if restaurants use whiskey or not, but it's not lacking in flavour at all). You can't really go wrong w/their selection of dimsum items. Avoid ordering the mango pudding. Order the dessert soups or something else, as my companion made that mistake several times in the past, each time forgetting that it's what he calls jellified cheese.

The dinners here are pretty good, too. Love it when king crabs are in season. Order that made several ways & choose the garlic chips w/dried baby shrimps as one of them. So juicy & sweet. The sharkfin specialty is not bad either. The rock cods are usually steamed perfectly, too.

I have never tried attending a banquet at this restaurant though I'm not sure it's a good location for it due to the odd angles of the room in general & how I've seen them divide it if the entire room isn't booked. Also, though I've never made use of, I've been told by my dining companions that the restroom is a longish walk down a hall at the back. Window seatings offer a pleasant view of other parts of the mall depending on angle.

I always call for reservations. For dinners, usually the same day in the afternoon or 1-2 hrs ahead unless it's a special holiday or Chinese festival date then I'd book several days to a wk in advance. As for brunch, either book early that same morning or the evening b4. Usually, I'd pick times like 10:30am or 11am, as it gets busy closer to noon, so even w/ reservations, you may end up waiting behind a line of ppl for 30+ minutes... At least they're neighbours of excellent eateries.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie998 Harbourside, #128, North Vancouver
Addictive truffles & pastries!
Submitted Saturday, August 12, 2006 - 3:47pm [Dine in]

Absolutely LOVE their freshly housemade chocolate truffle varieties. Delicious! You can buy them loose here (bagged, not gift-boxed) for less by the piece while downtown at Sen5es, it costs more though the packaging downtown is prettier, including the pretty Sen5es glossy gift/takeout bag. But this is where the kitchen's at & with plenty more personal service. There are some seating for those of you who like to eat in while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

The double-baked almond croissants are delicious! The various chocolate truffles are mouthwateringly addictive! The lemon tart, though perfectly delicious at Sen5es seems a notch above perfection coming direct from this cafe/outlet store! And then there are other tasty chocolate tarts and various seasonal items. All good!

I like this little hidden away location as it's quite peaceful though oddly situated but not enough to keep chocoholics & sweets lovers away!

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Torarenbo8191 Park Rd, Richmond
Fresh sashimi at good prices.
Submitted Friday, August 11, 2006 - 3:41pm [Dine in]

A great find in Richmond where you wouldn't normally expect to find much in terms of decent sushi. The fish is fresh. The toro, though not the tastiest cut, it's more than decent. At $1.50 a pop, it's not bad at all. The uni nigiri @$2.25 is okay. Nothing really off about it. The saba ($1.50) though lacking in that creaminess I love, is alright. The cooked prawns aren't very appetizing & can be avoided in any form--whether it be in rolls, tempura, or served on rice. The spicy tuna roll ($3.25) is not the awful mushy leftover ends you get from some places. It's actually quite tasty texturally. The mango used in their house roll is about the same as everywhere else that uses mango. Probably the most fresh piece of mango I've had on my sushi recently would be from Yuji's on 4th where you can taste the freshness in every bite as if it was just sliced on the spot to make your sushi then & there. But again, the prices here are really good.

You can hear a constant flow of Japanese conversed between chefs & the customers. At least one assistant chefs, Ken-san, is fluent in both Japanese & Mandarin. The waitresses & floor manager seem to be mainly well versed in Cantonese, Mandarin, & English. Anyone can be made to feel welcome in speaking in any of the above listed languages.

The tempura batter is nice & light. The Corn Cream Corokke (3 pcs @$3.75) seems fairly reasonable. Lightly battered, tasty and creamy inside without being too heavy--goes nicely with the dipping sauce.

The soup base for the udon seems to be kept nice, light, and refreshing, pleasantly absent of additives used for enhancing flavours.

They sell out on some of their daily specials regularly, but there's always something else you can try as their menu provides a good variety.

The room is kept simple/bare but very typical of Richmond & that plaza it's located in. It's kept clean & functional.

The usual credit cards & interac are accepted.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Flying Wedge Pizza Co.1935 Cornwall Ave., Vancouver
Gourmet slices at gourmet prices.
Submitted Friday, August 11, 2006 - 1:51pm [Dine in]

Love their current Spinach Linguine (or was it fettuccini x.X;; I enjoyed it so much I've completely forgotten what I ordered.......) pizza! The pasta noodles are made nicely crisp & the topping is delicious with or without their complimentary choices of dips! The crust is perfect and the slices are huge... though at $5.xx, you'd expect as much. Love the pizza they make at this location. I first fell in love with Flying Wedge pizza at another location, then moved on to try the all-you-can-eat classic pizzas offered at the Cambie location, then I soon got turned off of it altogether though I usually only eat 2 slices, for the all-you-can-eat, I only stomached 3 each time... I am happy to say that now my love for them has returned and I'll probably just stick with this Cornwall location from now until I get tired of pizza once again. It's so juicy gooooood!

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Taco Shack1937 Cornwall Avenue, Vancouver
Fresh ingredients, tasty overall.
Submitted Friday, August 11, 2006 - 1:40pm [Dine in]

The burrito is nicely packed--too huge to eat all of by myself in one sitting. The size is to be expected as is the fresh ingredients for being over $6 for one! The guacamole is refreshingly perfect. Though there's quite a bit of rice stuffed inside, it still maintains a nice balance of flavours--I actually enjoyed it more the next day!

The taco comes soft-shelled and somewhat small in size but comes in 3's @ just under $7. Though you get a choice of fish, beef or chicken, or all 3 since they do come in 3's per order, the tortilla gets too soggy to enjoy by the time you take it home even if you live a short ways away. Problem is, all three sour cream & guacamole filled pieces are wrapped in a sheet of foil bundled snuggly together so the sauce & moisture from the other pieces turns more than just parts of the other into semi-soggy pieces. I suppose eating in might be an option to try to enjoy them at their best to see how good/bad they are, but seating's limited and it can get really messy eating it.

Try for yourself! It doesn't take more than a visit to determine how much you like their food since it's a very simple menu, like a taco stand but this is a shack! Choice of A) 3 taco's B) 1 Burrito, or C) 1 Quesadilla; with option of beef/chicken/fish for each. I know I've managed to try them all in one take-out shot...

Service is superb. Friendly & patient.

Currently, they accept cash only... not sure if that will always be the case.

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I Cafe2525 Heather Street, Vancouver
Food gone downhill. :(
Submitted Tuesday, August 1, 2006 - 12:55pm [Dine in]

Entrance is on Heather w/stairs leading up to the 2nd floor as it's the corner unit w/windows facing both Broadway & Heather. Currently, no visible signage has been added on the Broadway side of the building.

The old booth seats seems to have been re-slip-covered while the tabletop for the booths look to be different, the legs they renailed down to the ground seems to be the old ones. The old loose tables & chairs are reused. The entire room, in general, does not compare in ambiance to what it was before, but it's still alright. As a matter of fact, the ambiance of their predecessor (K&M Vietnamese Seafood Rest.) was preferable, as it was a more open-room concept much like how I prefer I-Cafe's previous 2 designs over this one.

All of the cutlery has been changed to either new ones, or taken over the inventory left behind by their predecessor. The chipped plates are a sure indication as every other one looks extra tired and worn. The bowls used for the noodles & the pottery used for the baked items seems to have changed as well--probably their old stock was liquidated before they decided on a new location.

The food has gone downhill. I suppose it's too much to ask for a chef that's been working for them for yrs to go without pay for a few months or indefinitely until they figure out what's happening w/their business. That's just a guess on my part since everything seems to be made differently in appearance, portion, and especially the taste. Definitely avoid the super thinly sliced rib-eye steak that's priced at $16.95. Even the prime rib is cheaper, though that seems to have downsized in portion, too. So disappointing. Even the soup noodle items have changed. =(

Oh, also, they are currently, not sure if it's just temporarily, a CASH-ONLY establishment. It's just meter-park around the side streets or along Broadway.

Definitely not worth going back to anytime soon. I'll maybe give them another shot in a yr to see if things have improved by then.

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Irashai Sushi2260 41st Ave, Vancouver
Fresh & well-prepared.
Submitted Thursday, July 27, 2006 - 5:32pm [Dine in]

A good variety of cooked & raw choices on the menu. The service is adequate, the overall experience is a positive one though nothing really special.

I've been back a few times to see if there is something exceptional to be had here but it's just "not bad". Though they seem to not overstock on their ingredients, therefore, keeping the quality relatively consistent & fresh, it's still not worth dropping by unless you're in the area. It is, however, one of the better Japanese restaurants in the area. I'd have to say, I prefer Irashai over the sushi place across from Starbucks/Shopper's on 41st, and that "Sushi" somthing or other across the street by the crepe place.

They seem to be regularly offering bluefin tuna sashimi on their menu but then, not sure if it's because it doesn't get requsted as often as it maybe should, but it was definitely served still a little too icy while some pieces were half-thawed almost right, the rest were still a little too frosted when you bite down onto it. This is especially noticeable since the cut was so thick on each of the pieces--and this was supposed to be the belly part, but it was lacking the nice fattiness--or perhaps, it was too frozen to taste, but it didn't appear to be as fatty as it should when you look at it.

They only have one unisex bathroom at the back for the patrons to use which seems to be kept alright still--odour-free, etc.

I believe that they're closed Sundays and also in between 3-5pm or thereabouts daily.

The servers seem to accomplish their jobs adequately, but most of the time, they just seem hurried and rarely smiling, but still pleasant all the same--except for the one newer girl that just seems out of it.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Cru1459 W Broadway, Vancouver
Love the decor
Submitted Thursday, July 27, 2006 - 5:16pm [Dine in]

Cru offers a very pleasant dining experience in a intimate dining room with comfortable booths, chairs & cushions. I especially like the two-seater low-back booths/mini-sofas for the 4~5 top tables on one side of the restaurant. The use of the mirrors along one wall makes the place appear more open then it is. The lighting is nicely bright-to-dim without being florescent-bright while not being candlelit-dark either.

You won't be made to feel underdressed nor too overdressed in this casual elegance that seems to make it work both ways. The excellent unassuming & unintrusive service helps to make you feel at ease as well.

The prices are actually pretty good for the type of service & plating work and fresh ingredients you get. The $36 3-course price fix is very reasonable with relatively healthy portions (compared to some other like establishments) though, obviously, not trucker-sized portions nor is it enough to satisfy someone on an Atkin's diet or what have you.

The food is good, but not exceptional. Every dish is well-prepared and the pastry tart/flan (not the raspberry lemon/custard tart one, but the other that's made entirely differently but at the moment, I can't quite remember exactly what it was) is nicely crisped, fluffy and light (I suspect it's made with some rice pastry wrap) which I did prefer much over the raspberry tart they are also currently offering on their menu.

I can see how noisy it can get when the place fills up, and though I love the design of the place, I'm not crazy about being able to hear every bit of the conversations when I'm not actively filtering them out, between the two tables on either side of mine but that seems to be the trend of most upscale restaurants these days.

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  • Ambiance
Richmond Mandarin Restaurant8181 Cambie St., Richmond
Currently, their dinner is better than their brunch.
Submitted Monday, July 17, 2006 - 11:02pm [Dine in]

The quality and taste of their dim sum offerings have gone up & down like a yo-yo over the years. Currently, the brunch items range from mediocre to poor. But all very boring still.

The dinner used to be better as well, but currently, it's still good. I like the crispy chicken dish & the cold cut platters & the way they make their steamed whole fish. Their sharkfin soups are lacking and their sliced abalone dishes are cut so thin that I think if they were able to make it paper-thin they would have--but the flavours are still there and quite pleasantly plentiful, with a good texture. The crab claws are average to below. All in all though, nothing out of the ordinary in flavours.

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Earls1185 Robson St, Vancouver
Definitely avoid during busy hours!
Submitted Monday, July 17, 2006 - 10:22pm [Dine in]

I was on a Earls reminiscing run & ended up eating through different locations back to back almost & for multiple meals! Yeah, I know, how boring, right? But hey, the 1 dessert & wines are good! But beware, at least in this location, a wine by the glass was served flat & nearly flavourless! Also the otherwise mouthwatering tortilla soup came barely luke warm. I understand it's the wkend high volume time, but it's just the norm for the entire d/t eateries esp. larger chains like Earls & their competition across the street! I caught myself eyeing Moxies throughout the night.

The main server we had was pleasant, warm & friendly, but she wasn't the one to bring our dishes to us. The girl that did that brought the soup & the mains out the same time... so, I'm staring at my Thai pizza & then I'm staring at the spoonless bowl of soup she just placed down in front of me, as well as my friend's food. She had to make another run for utensils though w/o any prompting from our part. I touched my pizza to check the temp. & it seemed well warmed. So I figure I'd start on the soup quickly then try a bite of pizza before it gets cold. As I make for my first scoop of soup I find that the sour cream that's normally at least half floating on the surface was actually entirely hidden as it's sunken mid-way through. So maybe it wasn't the kitchen's fault for serving it cold, rather it was sitting barely being heated under a heating lamp or bare table waiting for it to be brought out. I suppose, to save time, the busser decides to see to other tables & wait until the entire order was ready for our one table b4 bringing the 1st course, that way, it saves some walking time. It really ruined my meal as the night before, I had a few spoons of the delicious soup from my companion & decided I must have more of it this night!

That aside, the same soup that's $4.99 @ Fir, is actually $6 on Robson. So the food & drinks are just more expensive here.

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Earls1601 W. Broadway, Vancouver
One of the better locations during the summertime!
Submitted Monday, July 17, 2006 - 9:48pm [Dine in]

The solarium is a great place to dine when the sun's out or fading away with a large party or few. The bar area or area right next to the solarium is good for a more intimate dining experience while the older looking relatively brigher indoor dining area to the right of the entrance is good for a less noisy family/casual dining especially if you want to get away from the noisy young adults & large parties on the otherside of the restaurant. Of course, there are also the noisy older guys & their families of little ones in the solarium area but you can really feel the difference between the two sides of the restaurant.

The bathrooms are a little too dark & stuffy & overperfumed. Though it's a somewhat typical bathroom for an unrenovated Earl's, it still somehow gives off the feeling of being a little too cozy in there in the bad sense.

The service is great, and the food is served without too much wait time & in proper order & the wines are served somewhat more professionally than one would expect from this type of establishment. Earls definitely carries one of the best priced wines by the bottle in town. And don't forget to try the DELICIOUS "Sticky Chocolate Toffee Pudding"! Wow! I've finally forgiven them for taking away the Mocha Kahlua Ice Cream Pie! Also, the currently featured soup, a tortilla tomato soup is very very good!

The parking lot itself requires a bit of a redesigning...

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Bin 942 Tapas Parlour1521 W. Broadway, Vancouver
Can't help lovin' them!
Submitted Monday, July 17, 2006 - 9:32pm [Dine in]

In spite of the elbow-to-elbow "intamacy" with your strangers you're forced into sharing, and the loud banging music that makes you shout across the little table over to your dining companion to be heard as everyone else is doing it, it just adds to the fun, noisy atmosphere. Can't help but love the place. The food is superb at reasonable prices. The current white chocolate coconut cheesecake with pan fried slices of bananas & butterscotch syrup dressing is an absolute must! That's just heart-meltingly good! What's good is that the banana comes to you still hot! What better to go with it then the many wines by the glass or bottle they have to offer? A good wine selection by the glass at okay prices.

The menu & prices vary a lot to a little between the 2 bin locations. But between the two, I do prefer the service at this Broadway location over the downtown one.

This is a definite favourite dining & drinking destination for my hunt for a 2nd dinner in the same evening spot, or simply for a late night bite. If you have few in your party, like 1 or 2, sitting at the little bar by the door is probably one of the more private seatings available where you needn't feel like you're squeezed between the 2 tables on either side of you as well as making conversation a little easier between yourself & your companion.

Though, I must say, I still prefer the mussels over at Chambar better, but I much prefer the prices for the drinks & food at Bin.

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Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine6551 No. 3 Road, #1302, Richmond
Used to be better.
Submitted Monday, July 17, 2006 - 9:18pm [Dine in]

When they first opened a number of yrs back shortly after Gingeri did in Lansdowne, I used to enjoy the flavours offered here much better than Gingeri. The prices were/are about the same or a little more & the variety was fewer, but they were still good in their own right. After having gone only a handful of times & never getting around to trying their dinner menu, I've managed to completely forget their existence except for the brief moments as I'm walking through that side of the mall & note that there's always a line-up outside for seating. Then I forget about them immediately afterwards.

So recently, it struck me as time to revisit them to see if they still live up to my fading memories of the place.

The xiao long bao dumplings weren't soupy at all & had bare hints of flavour. The red chill wontons were bland if you didn't make sure to scoop up & drink up a spoonful of the chilli sauce w/each bite of wonton. The siu mai (shrimp & pork dumpling) is nicely filled w/obvious shrimp & little traces of pork & mushrooms. That's nice in one sense except that it was also absent in the sweet flavours the latter 2 ingredients tend to add to this dish.

The fried bitter melon balls filled w/black sesame paste was made poorly as you can see it literally deflate & get swallowed up by itself as it sits on the plate cooling off--it's actually quite amusing. The hand-shredded chicken w/fried wonton crisp is tasty though the plate is fluffed up to make it look like it's a bigger pile than it is because the wonton skin is an extra wider & longer cut than the usual I get from elsewhere.

They seem to still be using those bilingual ordering sheets like what Shiang Garden used for a while before they switched back to the easy-for-the-staff-to-use automated computer scan sheets.

I don't see myself returning here anytime soon unless it's to try the dinner menu as it should be different staff working the kitchen.

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