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foodfanaticSouth VancouverSince August 26, 2005286 Reviews
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Toko Restaurant223 W. 7th Avenue, Vancouver
Lots to choose from on the menu.
Submitted Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 2:35am [Dine in]

I like the location. Tucked away in an area with low traffic & easy parking. It has become a new favourite to drop by to grab a quick casual dinner from (even went 2 days in a row as I found myself craving the deep fried coconut milk). I'm glad I read about it on this site as I've passed by it numerous times before but would probably never have given it a chance otherwise.

They do sport a very extensive menu, it's often difficult to decide what to eat so I always want to go back to try out more. I must always remember to request for NO MSG as by default, everything is sprinkled with that stuff. They tell you to request for no MSG on the back page of the menu if that is indeed what you prefer. The seafood ramen is pretty well loaded with stuff. Generous in comparison to the numerous Chinese noodle houses or HK style Western eateries. The prices are pretty good too. Too bad the black pepper beef fried noodle wasn't served on a sizzling hot plate, but it did have plenty of crispy noodles & lots of beef content though they called it something like "beef steak pepper crispy fried noodles" (I'm sure I'm a little off, but smthing to that extent). The curry chicken rice, however, doesn't quite have the value. A huge pile of rice & lots of yellow curry sauce, but not much else. Of course, what pieces of chicken it did have was tasty without being dry. I also love how they serve their teas in a little tea pot with a thermos of hot water that they refill but is kept nicely warm in there for each order/individual. And the wines by the glass is cheap! For the most part, all of the beverages are more than reasonable at about $3.

I love this quiet casual little place that's clean for the most part. If I wanted Chinese/Asian food catering service, I would definitely come to them for the service.

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Bin 941 Tapas Parlour941 Davie St, Vancouver
Loud but solid choice all around.
Submitted Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 2:19am [Dine in]

I do prefer the Broadway location a lot more for the food & the crowd. The times I've visited 942, I've never had a negative experience w/ the food. This location seats possibly fewer but a little roomier than the very tightly packed 942. It's all a part of the experience, I suppose. Loud, busy, tiny but trendy & fun in a loud kind of way. The one time I ended up coming to this location a couple of wks ago for an after dinner wine, snack of mussels & chocolate souffle (or w/e it was called) it dissappointed. The mussels were fresh enough--tender, delicately sweet & juicy but the sauce was just mediocre & covered about a centimetre of the bottom of the bowl. Bin 942 was definitely better while neither is as good as Chambar's. The chocolate dessert was pretty tasty, served in the perfect temperature, however, the side of... hazelnut cream or what have you, it was nearly tasteless except for the obvious staleness of it. Both orders had the same problem. It will give someone the runs. Don't know why they bother if they can't use fresh nuts to whip up that side sauce. It's much better off without. Serving it with a nice scoop of vanilla bean ice cream would have done wonders.

The selection offered at the 2 Bins are different, that's why I wanted to give them a try. Having done that, I don't find myself too interested in returning anytime soon. Though the service was adequate, it was not as professional & as available as what I've experienced at their Broadway location.

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Cco Cco Chicken2055 W 41st Avenue, Vancouver
A decent little mom & pop place.
Submitted Tuesday, May 8, 2007 - 8:32pm [Dine in]

The deep fried chicken a la korean style is a little much on the sweet vinegry side but still good since it was able to retain its crispyness--just not as good as Insadong or Nor Boo. Too bad stonebowl wasn't an option for the bibimbap, but it was as good as it could be... unfortunately, made w/grounded beef. The duk bok gee is alright--spicy enough but lacking something... and a little too soft (boiled too long?) and again, the sauce was a little on the too-sweet side.

Pleasant service though slow kitchen. It's only as slow as it is in a typical household where the mom is cooking up a meal as it's a husband & wife team where the husband runs the front while the wife cooks in the kitchen (maybe using standard consumer stovetops?). Even with few tables to serve, be ready for a longer than expected restaurant wait time for the food. It's unfortunate, however, that he only serves up the usual Korean side dishes (sprouts, kelp/seaweed, picked radish, kimchi) when he brings you your first order of food so there's nothing to feed on during the hungry wait except for the tasty Korean style barley tea to tide you over.

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Vij's1480 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver
Can't believe I haven't visited sooner!
Submitted Tuesday, May 8, 2007 - 8:26pm [Dine in]

Never got around to trying Vij until this past Sat.. We were in line @4:50 thinking it opened its doors at 5/5:30. Well, it was the latter, but we weren't the first ones there... By the time it came closer to opening, the line grew to the point where a few parties had an approx. 1.5hr wait.

Vikram Vij, the host, was amazingly w/o airs. I had expected by now, his popularity would have spoiled the man like those who run lesser/newer spots, but that wasn't the case at all! That alone just about made it a new favourite, but of course, it's w/ the help of the lamb popsicles that helped grab the spot! I almost never have lamb b/c I absolutely HATE the gameyness of it, but wow, there was just a bare hint while remaining juicy--literally, finger-licking good! Wanted to suck up all the yellow curry sauce it was served in. The grilled duck dish was less impressive. The meat itself was tender & made well, however, the flavours were lacking. The curry for the duck seemed quite watered down to the point of being non-descript. The house naan is good for sopping up all the sauces of your apps/mains. The rice that came for us to share was preferable over the rice that was soaked under my duck since I never care for oversauced rice/bread. The 2 of us couldn't finish that bowl of fragranted rice as we had to make room for dessert!

I quite enjoyed the jackfruit appetizer. That went really well w/ the bread. I didn't much care for the mutton skewers--too gamey but wanted to taste it just 'cause it's there.

Loved the subtle clean flavour of the rice pudding w/ the fresh almonds adding a nice contrast in texture to it. The mango "ice cream" was more of a sorbet--lots of mango-goodness.

The room is definitely less crowded than it used to be when I walked in one late night to purchase a gift certificate about 2 yrs ago. The tables seem better spaced & prepped for parties of 4/5 rather than mostly just for 2's.

It's the daunting lineup that kept me from trying for so long!

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  • Ambiance
Guu in Aberdeen4151 Hazelbridge Way, #2790, Richmond
Not bad for Richmond, but better off downtown.
Submitted Tuesday, May 8, 2007 - 7:52pm [Dine in]

Finally got around to trying this location a little over 2 weeks ago. We were able to make a reservation in spite of their initial response stating that they don't take any between 6-9 or was that 10. That was a good thing since we wouldn't have gotten a table for 5 so easily otherwise.

Food: From mediocre to... something missing. Noticeably inferior to what I'd get from their d/t locations but still better than most Richmond izakaya's. The sushi selection reminds me a little of what used to be offered by Sushikan (my favourite chef gave up & returned to Japan!). The bluefin toro is pretty good still (same supplier, maybe?) while the cut is different. Though I was told one of the Sushikan chefs stayed behind, I can almost swear it must have been one of the ones making the cooked foods at the back b4, as it definitely wasn't any of the 2 working the sushi bar during my visits. What is awfully odd was the beef ribs... those are distinctly Chinese in flavour as well as the Ebi Mayo... that's an odd take on it, baked like a casserole.

Something is either missing or just not quite izakaya-trendy about the decor. Maybe it's brighter than usual & perhaps a proper designer wasn't hired to do the job, I'm not quite sure what it is--just not very Japanese in feeling though all of the male staff in the open kitchen & running the floor & perhaps doing the dishes, seem to be all Japanese guys. The only 2 female in the house were the spill over pair of Chinese girls from the Sushikan days. I'm glad they got hired on by the new owners as they do their jobs well enough though they provided warmer service previously, perhaps, it's because now it's a busy place, while previously, it often hosted less than a handful of occupied tables.

Will I return? I suppose I would if I was in Richmond & wanted izakaya since so far the other spots are mostly lacking.

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Gold Train Express Vietnamese Cuisine8178 Granville Street, Vancouver
Love their crispy subs!
Submitted Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - 4:58pm [Dine in]

I used to often order vietnamese sandwich/subs for takeout from here as they are well priced & flavourful with enough variety to choose from. I have yet to try their noodles, which I fully intend to do on a day when I'm planning to do laundry right away & can go jacket-free since the smell of pho broth & grilled goodness is very much present here. It clings to the clothes with just going in to pick up our takeout orders. I have tried the lemon grass chicken dish from here before and though it's nothing exceptional, it's still flavourful. Again, that was a takeout experience.

The woman who's usually running the place (the times I end up going, she's the only one working or on occassion, there's one other) but she did mention that the Kingsway is their 24hr location while they don't open for 24hrs here... The Broadway store next to Shao Lin Noodles was sold long ago so it's just very similar in name, but not the same...or so we were told by her.

The room looks relatively clean as does the peak into the kitchen where she preps the sandwiches visible while standing around waiting for the order.

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Gold Train Express Vietnamese Cuisine3320 Kingsway, Vancouver
24 hr build-up...
Submitted Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - 4:50pm [Dine in]

Came here for some pho one late evening when we were feeling hungry and just driving by after a late night movie run at Metrotown. From the outside, it looked big enough, so when we walked in and saw the small narrow space, it was surprising. Good work with the mirrors.

The floor was a tad filthy with dead house flies spotted in several places and though we weren't seated at the table closest to the bathroom (more like somewhere between the bathroom... hall? and the front entrance up against the wall, so we were about a table away lol. The stench of the filthy bathroom was very present throughout our entire meal. I was really tempted to just get up & leave but we came, so we shall conquer. Since I believe they're still under the same ownership as the Granville location, I've been meaning to give them a try.

The pho was pretty standard & I was too worried about the cleanliness of the kitchen & staff to be able to enjoy the sprouts & the contents of my noodle. I did make sure to order cooked beef rather than my usual raw, etc.

The service was very pleasant whether it was from the older/middle aged guy or the younger one (his son?).

I can easily say I will never be back even if there wasn't another late night place for me to grab a quick bite from to keep me from going to sleep hungry.

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  • Ambiance
Dinesty Chinese Restaurant8111 Ackroyd Road, #160, Richmond
Tucked away behind Starbucks at the Chapter's plaza.
Submitted Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - 4:25pm [Dine in]

Dropped by for a wkend brunch. The xiao long bao had a nicely thin wrap, however, it didn't have much soup inside also the pork was quite rough in its overcooked groundedness & not marinated nearly well enough. The spicy beef noodle soup had a light gameyness to it, but other than that, it's pretty bland & boring though filled w/ hot chilli oil. The noodles they use are not bad. Not pasty tasting nor overcooked. Their Shanghai style dimsum items were mostly found to be quite lacking while the desserts are tasty. The egg yolk milk bun w/ salted eggs is pretty good. The salted duck eggs used in the mix helped to offset the sweet richness of the stuffing while the texture & taste of the bun itself was pretty good. The sweet rice balls wrapped in that dried red fruit thing was interestingly made. It looked like popped open lychee meat.

They end the meal w/ a shooter sized palate cleanser of sorts. It tastes exactly of those artificially flavoured peachy waters you can buy from Asian supermarkets... flavoured filtered sugar water basically--usually sold in transparent plastic cans/bottles.

They accept cash only. Of course, reservations are always recommended. They took ours, I'm not sure why it was entered on this site as not being accepted. We booked for 12:30pm when I'm sure they open earlier than that & when we got there, there were some ppl waiting for a table though they used one of the larger round tables as a communal table. The chairs make the place seem like a cafetaria. Cheap plastic chairs but at least they were cushioned w/ the equally inexpensive replaceable tacked-on foam cusions.

Service is adequate. Open kitchen so you can watch them making the buns, etc.

It's okay to return to though not worth any kind of a line up. Definitely returning for the buns/sweets.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Shanghai Wind6610 No. 3 Rd, Richmond
Cheap average eats.
Submitted Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - 4:13pm [Dine in]

Can't remember where I've read that their xiao long bao's were supposed to be exceptional, but it turned out to be quite ordinary. Also, they're one of those who uses peanut butter to mix up the spicy wonton sauce! That was really disappointing. It's the lazy (wo)man's way out. The deep fried doughnut is a bit too greasy w/ old deep fryer oils used but not enough flavour & texture to justify that. The sweet soy soup/drink is not very well made w/ plenty of curd still readily floating around in little pieces everywhere. Seems mine was microwaved as it came lukewarm while the bottom was hot still though the other bowl that came seemed to be thoroughly warmed & steamy. The xiao long bao skin isn't too thick though there was enough liquid inside, it's not soupy tasting so much as it is boring pork liquid, I guess. Not very exciting.

Prices are relatively cheap here and it's "cash only" as well. Small place with as many tables fit in as possible including the larger round tables also used for communal purposes. Definitely won't be wasting my time going back as I've had plenty better though not necessarily at the same price point.

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  • Ambiance
Sweet Revenge Patisserie4160 Main Street, Vancouver
Love the room, but not so much their supposed specialty.
Submitted Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - 4:07pm [Dine in]

They seem to stock on quality teas. Great variety to choose from on the menu however, as far as the desserts go, they're pretty much all the same & boring at that.

The original chocolate cake and the chocolate layered hazelnut one is pretty much the same cake w/ the only difference being the hazelnut part & the base. They might as well have been purchased from the supermarket. It tasted like it was made from a very average recipe. The apple pie is basically an apple turnover but w/o the nice flakey layers of crust. It's just a solid piece of sugared single layered turnover crust w/ green apples inside that can do with a little more softening/cooking. All of this tasted like the usual premade, prepacked stuff which we found to be quite disappointing. The pear pudding I had was just like a bland pumpkin pie in texture, colour, and somewhat in flavour. It's so foamy & moist & bland, it reminds me of the poorly made processed pumpkin pies I've had in the past.

Service the 1st time from the old guy was friendly, warm, and efficient. On our 2nd visit recently, it was a curly haired guy who didn't care much about anything but did his job while maintaining a bland expression.

On their most updated, prettied up menu, they state on the cover the minimum charge of $6 per person, so I guess just going for a tea each and chatting isn't going to do anymore though I can understand how they can afford to do that because of the lineups they seem to get out the door on a regular basis but keep in mind, they now also state a seating time limit of 1.5 hrs. I doubt they'd enforce that on a less busy night however, but I don't see myself returning for a 3rd visit.

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  • Ambiance
Toshi Sushi181 E 16th Avenue, Vancouver
Not worth the lineup.
Submitted Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - 4:00pm [Dine in]

The 1st time here about 2 yrs ago was a pretty avg experience w/ the cooked food being tasty while the sushi was pretty much standard. The toro's fatty & our table of 5 ordered 10 but later were mistakenly billed for 100 pcs (almost didn't notice just thought that the prices weren't all that cheap). Of course, that was easily resolved as it's a ridiculously obvious mistake on their part. Temp. for some of the fish served seemed a bit warmer than the melt-in-your-mouth experience called for, but I dismissed that as it being the harsh Arctic wind chill outside & the packed rm inside.

Recently, gave them another shot. A ~40 min wait when we foolishly thought hitting them a bit past 5pm would snare us a spot. The sushi pcs were skillfully packed so it doesn't come falling apart, incl. the uni pcs (tho somehow, the 1st pc tasted fine, while the 2nd had a hint of sewage). Admittedly cheap w/ the turnover they can afford fresh ingredients but the quality of the fish was just still so-so. Really fatty toro like overstuffed farmed fish, was almost sickening to eat because it was served so warm it was slimy. The saba somehow came out extra fatty as well while I'm not sure if it's b/c it was cut closer to the belly. The "spicy garlic beef" is not at all spicy but it has a hint of garlic but was very very dry. Not worth the price tag on that. Surprisingly expensive, imo, for the cut of beef & the way it's served relative to the cost of their fish items. The ika karage was interestingly served as fried squid sticks. The old fryer oils made it taste of those packaged Asian dried cuttlefish. Nabeyaki Udon broth was quite disappointing. The "baked" black cod was like drinking oil (possibly undercooked so natural oils didn't get a chance to seep out a bit). Too greasy to swallow, we left that to be tossed after a bite each.

Inexpensive sush but not worth the wait & doesn't quite deserve the hype. For 2, a little over $70 pretip, post tax, no drinks except tea.

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Dozo Izakaya9020 Capstan Way, #120, Richmond
Great for large parties.
Submitted Friday, April 6, 2007 - 12:46am [Dine in]

The way the large booths are designed, it can seat quite a few & that seems to be the trend of Richmond youths. Large gatherings hanging out in a place with plenty of small plates to choose from and spend accordingly depending on how light your wallet feels. You may leave hungry if you don't order enough or order right as dishes like the Kimchi Udon with tobiko isn't too generous in portion as well as the overtly salty grilled black cod... no wonder it was much less than $10 a pop. The seafood pancake is a little thick but still managed to retain some crisp on the surface/edges & it does contain obvious chunks of white fish & such. The croquettes are pretty good when eaten hot while it's still crispy & only if it's been dipped in the thick citrusy sauce. The Dozo fries is, I suppose, their take on a poutine but topped with what tastes exactly of spaghetti meat sauce & baked cheese topping. I made the mistake of expecting the usual yam fries as these were just the usual potato variety. The tuna tataki is seared well enough.

A good place to hang with a large group of friends with mediocre, but affordable food & chug down some beer or hot watery tea. Plenty of parking in the plaza but fills up quite easily since it seems ppl rarely carpool in Richmond...

Service is friendly & efficient enough.

What to avoid: ALL of the desserts. The coffee jello came straight out of the packaged stuff I used to buy a lot of from T&T for $2.99 for a pack of 3 cups that comes w/ a little flavourless creamer. The green tea sponge cake is the instant whipped up variety as well. I suspect the "3 kinds of small rice balls" are the Lotte packaged variety. In any case, they do seem to cut corners where they can, unfortunately.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
New management
Hennessey Dining Lounge53 West Broadway, Vancouver
Extremely loud.
Submitted Friday, April 6, 2007 - 12:25am [Dine in]

With the music is blasting, it gives off the night clubbing vibe but w/o the dance floor tho there's the little live music performance stage. The Asian servers seem to be absorbed in their own little world. It was full of young'uns last Friday night. There were a couple of large parties, one of which was obviously a bday celebration. There were kids who just came out of the lounge & hanging around outside when we entered. They appeared to be under the legal drinking age. Who knows what the reality of it is, but the place did give the sense that it's cool for those too young still to sneak into a club to party here. Too young & too casual & what little food we had was just not good enough.

The chocolate cake was actually pretty good, however, the Chai tiramisu was just horrid. Didn't bother trying to work through it. The yam fries were quite greasy & limp, but dipped in the mayo, it's tasty enough to act as coating in the stomach for the cocktails we consumed--a little too watered down for my taste, but still alright, I suppose.

The mens room is too cramped to make it comfortable for anything but a single use room. Anyone using the urinal will be in the way of whoever wants to use the stall. Also, anyone trying to swing the door open would smack the guy occupying the urinal. As for the womens room, there are 2 filthy stalls w/ too much condensation dripping off the sides of the toilet bowl & the flusher not working all that well as one stall had the water running constantly like a never ending flush that still managed to keep the toilet paper where it shouldn't be. I guess they didn't spend much on installing better plumbing & redesigning the restrooms in general. I'm just sorry I had to use it at all.

Will not be returning, but will recommend to high school kids looking for a place to hang w/ friends since they wouldn't mind shouting across to each other or just get lost in their own little world w/ the person sitting right next to them.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Kimono Japanese Restaurant869 Hornby Street, Vancouver
Fish isn't fresh.
Submitted Thursday, April 5, 2007 - 6:19pm [Dine in]

Only ended up here for a late lunch because it was one of the closest food place that wasn't closed in between lunch/dinner hrs with a soup noodle that might satisfy the craving of one of the people I was with. Thought I might as well give it a shot since it might turn out well though from appearances alone, it seems like a purely bento type place catered to a certain crowd which seeks convenience more than culinary surprises.

The saba was not fresh & quite darker in appearance than it ought to be. The sushi rice was too warm still & the pieces were not skillfully packed together. They come apart easily. The ikura is obviously not fresh. The half the skin of each roe is like dead dry skin tissue. Not at all appetizing. The toro though not awful, was just not worth risking... The tako seemed alright. The packaged ramen they use has not been rinsed of or drained/boiled clear of the soapy preservative chemicals. It's still very present & affects the prepackaged miso soup flavouring. The carrots in the seafood udon hardly seemed washed & also not shaved properly as there were still black dirt running down an entire side of the poorly grated carrot. One of our plastic cups of tea also had very visible lipstick marks around the rim.

The (vietnamese?) kimono girl heavily made-up w/ some of that deep dark lipstick stuck on her teeth looked very unhappy working there & just takes our orders, comes to drop them off reciting what it was & walking away w/o much of a glance or smile at anyone. She must really hate going around the room like that all day but I suppose it's still a paycheque.

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  • Ambiance
Hy's Encore637 Hornby Street, Vancouver
Wanted to love it.
Submitted Thursday, April 5, 2007 - 5:58pm [Dine in]

Finally got around to trying Hy's. The (garlic/cheese) bread(s) however, come at a premium. It was not worth $8+ for the 2. The cheese bread tho flavourful was very greasy, but not so much that oil gushes out. The garlic toasts, too, are very buttery. We each only had a pc or two w/half the basket leftover. It was definitely not worth $8+.

1/4 of our steaks were actually made to order (medium-rare) while the rest of us had it a very solid medium. None of us felt like getting it swapped as the cut of the meat itself wasn't that great. We knew already we wouldn't be back so it didn't matter so much--food is food. I was hoping it's not just that one guy behind the glass showroom doing all the steaks otherwise, I can see how he might be trying to rush out too many at once resulting in inconsistent & overcooked steaks.

The baked french onion soup, however, was quite tasty. Nice depth in flavours & the cheese was good. The fresh oysters were well shucked & went down smoothly & sweetly.

I wouldn't recommend the bananas foster for dessert. It's not worth $2 let alone $12. Too sweet in every way. The marmalade-like syrupy dressing the bananas & plate is drowning in as well as the vanilla ice cream with orange peel or such mixed in. Our server made that table-side, but I think I'd have preferred my dessert(s) be prepared by a proper pastry chef if that can't be had, in the least, a good line cook?

Love the small comfortable dining room. Good for catching up with friends, etc, chatting over a glass of wine or what have you & kept separated well enough from the front bar section. Definitely love the architecture, but none of us sees ourselves returning as we'd choose the consistency & quality of our usual default steakhouse in a heartbeat over the disappointing experience here.

Our service was adequate, friendly, but nothing exceptional. 2 ppl in our party commented that even Keg & Cactus' steaks are better....

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Pho Cao Van Vietnamese Restaurant8191 Saba Rd, #150, Richmond
Average experience.
Submitted Thursday, April 5, 2007 - 1:24pm [Dine in]

The tables & floors appear to be clean. The carpet does not have a visible build up of stains, dirt, etc.

The noodles are so-so. The soup's about standard, I suppose. The meat in the noodles are alright. Portion-wise, it's fine for being in the $5-6 range. The grilled lemon grass chicken & beef ribs tasted & looked to be of the cheapest cuts. More bone than meat, the beef's a little too tough & chewy. The chicken lacked any kind of lemon grass flavouring. One good thing about the chicken was its crispy fried skin--albeit a bit on the oily side, but not many places serve it that way. It depended a lot on the fish sauce for flavour.

The "fresh" coconut drink had very very few pieces of actual coconut meat, but the drink itself was tasty & I did like the fact that they use crushed/shaved ice rather than the usual ice cubes. The iced coffee was served in much the same way.

The short woman running the floor made the experience amusing in an annoying sort of way simply because she's like a hawk watching over the entire room. This may be good in the sense that if you did need anything she'd be right there in a sec. But she also does the hawk watching & eavesdropping that makes her a little annoying. After dropping off the cheque, she'd come to grab 1 item off the table to clear it off, I suppose, but at the same time looking to see how much money you're leaving behind. When she realized we were still counting out the $$ the 2nd time she came to look over my companion's shoulder, she made like she was here to clear the table... grabbing 1 other item off the table to take away. Of course, once we got off the seat, she shot right on over to grab the $. I guess it's to make sure u don't eat & run or forget to tip?

Well, they do have quite a bit of a selection on their menu, but the rice dish was not made well enough for us to care to return to try the rest esp. with the hawk woman running the floor, if not owning the establishment. We will not be back.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
No. 1 Beef Noodle House4741 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby
Decent food but overpriced powdered fruit bubbleteas.
Submitted Sunday, March 25, 2007 - 11:57am [Dine in]

Lots to choose from in the menu. Unfortunately, the fruit drinks are made of powder I coulldn't enjoy esp. @$4.50 ea. Blueberry bbt tastes too artificial. Same goes for the Passion Fruit w/ honey & egg drink--again, powdered. What was pretty interesting is their hot grass jelly "drink" which I was told is normally served w/ pearls but since the next batch wasn't ready yet, they suggested replacing it w/ red bean instead. Turned out to be a pretty interesting (in a very good way) experience. I know I probably wouldn't have enjoyed pearls turning too soft in this hot drink if they made it like usual.

The kimchi fried rice is pretty mediocre & pricey for the portion which wasn't "huge". The spicy beef noodles had tasty beef & the soup had that gameyness that can't be had if it was instant. However, the noodles are of poor quality & a little on the soggy side. The spicy wontons are a little too porky & tho the sauce was not quite authentic, it was still very flavourful. The 5 spice beef & onion pancake rolls are too thick in dough & not enough content for balance.

The decor is trendy if you look at the ceiling & walls, but the floors & tables somehow cheapens their overall design of the place.

This is one of those places where u really do need to flag down your server or be ignored like the couple that got seated next to our table. They just did the usual, push the menu aside & wait & wait & wait & wait w/o flagging down any servers passing by so while we ate & after we left, their orders were still not yet placed. It's typical of these type of establishment, so I still give the service a solid since they do manage to do what they do so long as u do your part in flagging them down.

I'm interested in trying their other offerings when I return for more of the "seasonal" hot grass jelly drink w/ of course, red bean instead of pearls.

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  • Ambiance
Shiang Garden4540 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Hugely disappointed.
Submitted Thursday, March 22, 2007 - 4:22pm [Dine in]

My dinner here last wk still left a bitter taste in my mouth.

They had a promo going for King crabs @9.80/lb on Mon-Thurs. Deciding btwn 3 other places for a k.crab craving, we opted for here. The ~10 tables there that night, most, if not all, ordered k.crabs. We were shown one declared as 10.4 lbs. Almost immediately after placing the order, our soup appeared. A long wait b4 our next course.

When the plate of legs were brought out, we were fully expecting a 2nd to come along shortly w/ the shell as they never fit both halves onto 1 plate while a 3rd consists of deep fried battered joints of the crab depending on choice of preparation method. It seems tbls around us were also served just the 1 plate. When we inquired about the shell/head, as that's her fav. part of the crab esp. when the cholestral-filled goodness doesn't get gutted completely, smiley manager stutters a bit then says he'll check on it as they must have forgotten but pointed out to us several times that there's no point to the shell. He later came to inform us that it was mistakenly used to make a 3rd course of baked portugese-style rice. That must've been their rehearsed response as most of the other tables also didn't receive a shell except possibly the sectioned off area seating a small priv.party. What we suspect is that they're either splitting 1 crab btwn 2 tbls or likely 2 crabs btwn 3.

After another long wait & avoiding the cold duck that was wheeled back & forth btwn idling from our table & the one across, we eventually got one straight from the kitchen while the table across got the colder one.

The diced duck meat lettuce wrap (skin was sliced & served immediately w/ a thin pita) came lacking in portion--probably being saved for creating dishes/soups the next day.

Over the past yrs when we went for [email protected]$16.80-26.80lb, we got what looked like the full deal even if a few pcs went to hungry staff all was well. Regrettably, will not be back.

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Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.1876 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver
Delicious pizzas!
Submitted Tuesday, March 20, 2007 - 6:59pm [Dine in]

Organic ingredients for their juicy, tasty, crispy flatbread pizzas! Though they are a notch below in overall flavours for the crust & pizza sauce compared to Steveston Pizza Co., they still come very close but with a more evenly crisp crust throughout. It's somehow relaxing watching them cook the pizzas in the clayoven. That's actually the side of the restaurant I like sitting in over the kids' play area / bar side. Very spacious room & perfect decor for the upscale pizza place they are running.

While their ingredients may very well be of finer quality than the previously mentioned pizza place, their prices are also noticeably higher especially if you're going for dinner rather than lunch. Since they are closed on Sundays during the usual lunch hours, if you're too busy on weekdays, try going on Saturday for lunch. For around $11, you can get a choice of pizza with a side of very good salad option (or soup). Very good portions for both. I didn't much care for the handcut pasta they offered for the daily special when I went for lunch so I have yet to even try their lasagna for dinner. It was too thick, soft, and pasty for my liking.

What they have going for them over the other place is also probably the sit-in part of it. I'd recommend if you don't mind it to-go, drive out to Steveston, but if you want to sit in and enjoy over a nice drink of anything alcoholic or non, such as a milkshake, etc, then eat here! I'd probably continue to do my pizza dinners at Steveston & my weekend pizza lunches here!

I tried to come on a Sunday night to see how they have the children make their own pizzas (Sun & Mon only), but apparantly, I was a little too late in arriving as it happens at 5pm for an hr or two. If I had a kid, I'd definitely love this place even more so than I do already! :)

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Portobello Ristorante1429 W. Broadway, Vancouver
A new fave!
Submitted Tuesday, March 20, 2007 - 6:24pm [Dine in]

Their osso buco is absolutely delicious! Flavourful, tender, juicy and huge! The accompanying risotto is delicious as well. Their linguine is pretty well made but the chorizo isn't that great. Their desserts can be skipped as well as their tiny, though very tomato-y calamari. Though freshly made, the desserts are not very exciting and most definitely not their strong point.

The room is cozily small, while the booth seats are nice, and the lighting/colouring is pretty, but some of the table seatings feel a little cramped especially the 2-seaters right up against the wall. The table feels a little narrow and with it up against the wall, it feels even more squeezed in.

The service is very warm & friendly and our server was the host of the evening and seems like the husband of the family-run place as I believe it was his wife behind the counter/bar who's also the one that makes the desserts, if I am not wrong in who he was referring to by name when he was promoting the lemon tarte and profiteroles (which basically was just cream puff inside a sundae cup topped with lots of whipped cream & chocolate syrup).

I will be making this a regular hangout, but I'd definitely just pass on dessert. Their house flatbread is really good though! Perfect for use with making pizzas, but unfortunately, I didn't spot a single pizza option on the small menu.

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