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fooddude71richmondSince September 14, 20094 Reviews
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Crave1362 Marine Dr, West Vancouver
good lunch
Submitted Sunday, November 15, 2009 - 7:41pm [Dine in]

Mrs dude and i along with the dude juniors were in West van for the day looking at some shops when saw the Crave beachside, we have been to Crave main a few times.
Ok the menu was not what i was expecting because of my previous experinces at Main street.
it was quiet, we ordered a few dishes to share and the most important thing was to get the youngest dude junior something to eat, kids.
the waitress got him some fries right away and he was fine for the rest of the meal. the food was decent , nothing earth shaking and the drinks were reasonable , service was good , very good, but then at 300pm on a sunday , i would expect it ot be good with only three tbals in the place. the bill for the four of us drinks etc was 75 beans. about what i would expect WV.
may go back if we are around the area

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Chop10251 St Edwards Dr, Richmond
Missing some pieces
Submitted Sunday, November 15, 2009 - 7:33pm [Dine in]

So i took mrs. dude out for her birthday and we thought we should check out the Chop.
Arrive the hostess desk on wednesday pm , no reso.
Hostess asked if we had a reso , we say no. she then looks a little "deer in the headlights" say she will have to talk to her suoervisor wtf?? , we are told it will be 30 minute wait and would we like to sit in the lounge.
Ok why not , go into the Sports Bar err, um Lounge and have a drink . well it went downhill from there. the servers in the lounge were more into serving beers than cocktails. had one drink and then checked to see if our table was ready and we were about to be sat , then the waitress says we have to pay for the drinks first . hmmm seems most places i go they just "transfer " the bill over to the dining room. ok i pay.
Go in for dinner, get sat, nice table , a then a good server. tells us about the restaurant , the beef etc. we do a drink order .
then we get the musical chairs of service . first the waiter , then some other fellow , then a girl brings the wine... hard to keep track of whos who.
the short version is the service is strange , we saw our waiter approx 60 minutes after drink and food order as others were serving us. they dont seem to know how to time food, we actually had the waiter discussing dessert with us while we were only 50% dome eating. he dropped dessert list ( we were still eating) I talked to him over by the washroom to explain it was mrs, dude's birthday and could bring dessert with a candle later , much later ......
Ok this one takes the cake (no pun) it is so bad it's funny.
we are still chewing on steak , he brings the dessert over , MOVES HER DINNER PLATE , that she is still eating off and puts the dessert in front of her..........with NO CANDLE........looks right at me as says "sorry we dont have any candles, happy birthday" .... no candles in a HOTEL? ok so she pushes the dessrt to the side so she can resume her steak, and ... this is a beauty..... the waiter DROPS OFF THE CHEQUE,!!!! think of the scene, we have dinner plates , dessert and half a bottle of wine still...? we were in no rush and the place was still taking tables so WTF ??
I could not beleive it , the guy should be fired. he could have gotten another 40 bucks out of us easily.
so i guess you can figure how many times i will be rushing back there.... train your people geeez

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  • Ambiance
Cobre52 Powell Street, Vancouver
Surley waitress
Submitted Sunday, November 15, 2009 - 7:13pm [Dine in]

Ok really , a group of 5 walks in on a rainy tuesday night in Gastown, you think they might be happy to see you.
We entered Cobre after doing a bit of a "dine around" in the gastown area. One of the barkeeps at Boneta recommended we go there next. got sat in the first floor near the kitchen.
Everything may have been fine, but the waitress seemed rather anoyed with us.. We had two guests that were completey unfamilair with this style of food and she seemed like it was such a chore to do a little explaining. Hey , if the place is quiet and you dont have time , callover a manager or even the chef to help out.
anyhow food was good, drinks fine just a bit cold.

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CinCin Ristorante + Bar1154 Robson Street, Vancouver
Still great pizza
Submitted Sunday, November 15, 2009 - 7:07pm [Dine in]

Went in with mrs. dude and had two of the wood fired pizzas . still good value, had a bottle of vino . service good attentive but not overbearing. The room still looks the same. total bill for 2 , 108.00, decent for Robson street with wine. The room was not overly busy and I do like the open forno ovens . we will be back for the pizzas, maybe they should add a couple more of them?

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