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Mahek Restaurant15133 #10 Hwy, Surrey
Horrible service..... Old reheated chicken
Submitted Saturday, December 1, 2012 - 3:06am [Dine in]

Came tonight. Total dissapointment, two chicken dishes were completely old, dried out chicken. The kind that you put in the fridge and hope to heat up a few days later and still be good but it isn't! Don't come here to risk getting sick.

We let the server know she walked away!

So we left $70 for our $68 bill and won't ever be back... Especially reciving that service!

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Mahek Restaurant9470 120 St., Surrey
Must be changed management, DOWNHILL food and service. Worse service!!
Submitted Saturday, December 1, 2012 - 2:59am [Dine in]

Tried mahek almost a year ago, and have been several times. Tonight was the last!!! And will never go back. I give them the fact that they are pretty clean and tidy for an Indian cuisine... Since usually they lack in ambiance, but this place has an nice interior.

Now what goes on in the kitchen is a complete different story and is quite concerning. My boyfriend and I ordered quite abit, garlic naan, rice, chicken tandoori, shahi paneer, mahek wings and butter chicken. The butter chicken and garlic naan were good, but with butter chicken you can't go so wrong! The paneer was flavorless and the chicken tandoor and wings were unbeatable. They seem to be in recooked, old wings and tandoori that were put back in the fridge than reheated. We took one bite of each chicken dish and left it aside, as we tried to enjoy the others. When the server came by I did let her know that, that portion of food was not editable..... Seriously If you saw this meat and ate it , you would probably be sick in the hospital! (That's how bad it was) She said sorry and walked away. No offer to make a new one or make things right? Seriously she didn't even care. A few minutes later the table beside also complained about their food was reheated old food. Hot outside..... Cold inside. Gross...... This place use to be good..what happened its not even decent, not even the service.

My boyfriend has a good personality and even though he knew the food lacked he complimented on the good and pointed out the bad(comon no one else should experience this) As I agreed and was talking the server walked away! Are you serious? We always always tip atleast 20 percent. At this point no one cared we were unhappy... Do not waste your money here, you catch them on a good day and have one decent meal but risk getting sick from their low health standards.

Our bill wa 68$ we left $70. And really it wasn't even worth that. If I did that anywhere else I would feel horrible, seeing how they didn't care to make things right or even offer to make something new or fresh... Or yet not charge is for it but of course.... No care in the world.

Go here be prepared to be dissapointed. You been warned!

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Good Deal Restaurant5183 Joyce Street, Vancouver
Wish I Read The Reviews First.
Submitted Wednesday, October 1, 2008 - 6:38pm [Dine in]

I received their menu in the mail and decided to call for some delivery. I ordered deep fried squid and a lunch combo which consisted of sweet and sour chicken, almond chicken and beef and lettuce fried rice i also ordered a side of sweet and sour sauce. As soon as my food arrived i sat down to have my meal i opened up the deep fried squid took a bite and threw the whole thing in the garbage. I have tried the same thing at many other chinese resturants and it never tasted so damn awful it had this werid after taste and i couldn't bare to eat another peice. I started at the lunch combo and it was horrible the sweet and sour chicken was so dry the almond chicken had barely any chicken in it and was just all bread and the sweet and sour i ordered on the side was watered down no where near worth the 1.25$ they charged me for it, the only part of the meal i thought couldn't go wrong was the beef and lettuce fried rice but all the beef in it was all pieces of fat, it was gross. I was starving but rather threw out the meal than bare to eat it. It was probably the worst thing i've ever had from a restaurant. Beware if you order from here your really not getting a good deal because you won't ever finish the disgusting food. This is not an exageration. Review the ratings and even try yourself, you will be dissapointed.

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