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Food4RealSurreyWeeding out the garbage!Since December 4, 201023 Reviews
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3 (2.8)
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Hanako Japanese Restaurant15135 101 Avenue, #205, Surrey
True Japanese Taste!
Submitted Monday, February 28, 2011 - 2:35am [Dine in]

For those people who have been to Japan, you will know Hanako is as close to being in Japan as possible. You can tell by the regular customers that come here. Many are Japanese people who won't eat any where else. That tells you something.I've eaten here many times, and it's always awesome! It's better than the over priced restaurants downtown! Little details, like how the sushi chef cuts little slices across the top of the sushi so when you dip it in the soy sauce (fish side down into the sauce) it holds the sauce, rather than running all off. This is only done by the BEST sushi chefs in Japan! If you love authentic and quality Japanese food, come here!

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G-Men3778 Sexsmith Road, #1101, Richmond
Too Expensive For The Quality
Submitted Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 1:55am [Dine in]

I went here for the first time tonight with my wife and a Japanese friend. I often visit ethnic restaurants with friends from that same ethnic group so that I can make a more fair comparison.

We ordered Gyozas first. Not impressed. Although they were cooked nice, the taste was weak and similar to frozen Gyozas. 5 Gyozas for 5 bucks. Sorry, this was not worth it.

We then had Syoyu Raman & Miso Ramen. The Syoyu Ramen was ok, but was far too greasy, and the chasyu (meat) was too fatty. It seemed like the soup oil and actual soup were so separated it made the taste seem odd. It didn't mix well. The taste of tonkotsu soup was not authentic. I have been to Fukuoka in Japan and had real tonkotsu soup were it is famous, and this was nothing like it.

The Miso Ramen was ok but again, the miso and tonkotsu flavour didn't match well. It actually had a peanut flavour for some reason. Very disappointing. Same problem with the meat as noted above. The difference with this bowl was we added corn and butter to it. It didn't really add to the flavour. Probably due to the type of butter they use. In Japan they use high quality style Japanese butter. Here they probably use Superstore no name brand. Not good.

An after effect of eating this meal was we all became very thirsty after-wards for a few hours. So either they used too much salt, or they used MSG. I'm not sure.

Verdict on the food is: Too expensive, over hyped, prepared for people who have no idea how TRUE Ramen tastes. Not worth $9 - $10 a bowl. I can make just as good or better at home for around $5. This restaurant is WAY overpriced.

I'm also disappointed in the fact that they are actually Japanese! They have no excuse to make poor tasting Ramen for this price. The price at most for this soup should be $6 a bowl. They should be ashamed. If they served this in Japan, I'm guessing they would be out of business.

Verdict on the service is: Pretty good. The girls all working there are nice and friendly. Smiling and attentive. They all seemed to be Japanese, and acted accordingly to how they would in Japan. So no problem here.

The actual restaurant look and feel was nice, clean, and comfortable

Bottom line: Too expensive for average tasting Ramen. The slogan on their t-shirt says "cuz we make the best Ramen" Sorry, no you don't. We will not return.

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  • Ambiance
Assini Greek Restaurant Pizza & Pasta15551 Fraser Hwy, #109, Surrey
A Dying Favourite!
Submitted Friday, December 3, 2010 - 11:59pm [Dine in]

Assini's used to be one of the BEST Greek restaurants in the whole Lower Mainland. The original owners who started the place in 1991 on 96th Ave. ran it as a family business. It was awesome! Unfortunately they had to move on so they sold the place. The new owners kept the original quality and menu, and recipes. It was still good for quite a long time. I then moved out of the area, and was not able to visit Assini's for a few years until tonight. (Dec 3, 2010) It's apparent that they either have new owners again, or they simply don't bother to use quality anymore. We ordered Tiger Prawns for an appetizer, my wife had the Lasagna, and I had the Lamb shoulder dinner. These are what we often ordered in the past. Only this time, everything was pretty terrible. First of all everything was mildly warm, not hot. This is a major turnoff. So the prawns, although they tasted nice, they were almost cold. Not happy. Our meals then came. The Greek salads were ok, but way too watery with some kind of sauce and overly salty. The Lasagna was mushy. I could tell it was frozen or refrigerated and just reheated. It was soggy and the noodles were like paste. Terrible!! The sauce was dry with next to no meat. It was bland. My wife could not finish it. I had the lamb. The rice, potatoes and vegetables were almost cold. The vegetables reminded me of those pre-mixed frozen vegetable bags you get at the grocery store. Unacceptable! Although the lamb was hot, it lacked in taste and was rather bland. It also seemed to have a sweet sauce of some kind over top. I have never had this taste before. Although at first it was ok, I grew tired of it quickly. It was tender though, so it seemed to be cooked decently. The garlic toast was no good. We couldn't even taste any garlic. Just the fake taste of cheap oil or whatever they are now using. The pita bread was nice though, surprisingly it was light and fluffy. The tsatziki sauce was also nice, but a bit too strong with the garlic.

Overall Assini's has gone down hill too far. We should have known when we arrived and all the tables were empty except for one other couple. You used to have to wait in line or get reservations for Friday nights. It will be our last time to eat there. I know better places now. For this I am sad. But it's obvious, the current owners don't care about quality.

Pricing was not bad for the size, but for the quality it was bad and not worth it at all.

Service was ok, but considering we were the only ones there after the other couple left, I can't give a fair review. The waitress never asked us how our food was at all though, so that was a negative point.

If your looking for good Greek food, you should pass Assini's by. It was once to die for, but now it's like a cheap imitation, and I suspect the only people who still go here or like the place are people who have no sense of quality or taste, especially true Greek taste.

Shame on the current owners.
I will miss you Assini!

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