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fivestarCoquitlamSince February 15, 20092 Reviews
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Cosmos Greek Restaurant14871 Marine Drive, White Rock
Try ANY other restaurant on the strip but this one!
Submitted Wednesday, May 13, 2009 - 12:41pm [Dine in]

Planned Mother's Day dinner here this year at my Mother's request (she wanted to be close to home). We made reservations 3 weeks in advance for the Saturday...not the Sunday...thinking it wouldn't be as busy and the service and food would be better....WRONG!
We waited to be seated yet the restaurant was empty (it was 4:00 pm). When we were seated, it was off in the furthest corner away from the bar and kithchen, by an open door and it was FREEZING. My mother is 75 and was shivering. When asked if they could close the door to the patio they did.....for 10 minutes. I guess they could care less if most of the retired older folks in White Rock get a pneumonia in their establishment. There were no smiles or friendly greetings from the staff. It took about 15 minutes for someone to take our drink order and another 10 mintues for those to arrive. We placed our food orders, stupidly thinking that this greek restaurant was like most and pita and tzatziki would be placed on the table to nibble on. Again...WRONG. We waited for our food for about 45 minutes. Most of us had the roast lamb which was mid quality and chemical laden flavour. My Mother however had the halibut which came to the table cold with the sauce having turned to a lovely gelatin consistency and half a broccoli TREE as a vegetable. I've NEVER seen a greek restaurant serve as little greek salad as this one nor have I seen greek salad consisting mostly of cucumber slices. It was pretty awful. The server actually asked my Mother if she'd like hers reheated or was it fine. At this point my sister and I spoke up and said "This is our Mother's Day dinner and we'd like it to be nice for our Mother so please remake the dish properly". She grumpily took the dish away and brought a new one.....TWENTY FIVE minutes later! No apologies, nothing. Drink refills were few and far between. I can't figure out for the life of me what kept the serving staff from doing a fantastic job at our table when the restaurant was EMPTY. I complained again to the server about how long it had taken to remake the halibut and she defended herself by saying that she had no control over the kitchen staff. I was shocked! to say the least. I have never come across an establishment with such low standards of service and food but advertised as excellent dining. Are the positive reviews on here from people who never get the chance to eat out? I have no other explanation. This place is a rip off with horrible service and very bad staff attitudes. Skip it and hit Moby Dicks for some excellent fish and chips. If you want Greek then leave the strip in search of quality food and people who actually work for their money and tips and servers who actually smile...not bring misery and attitude to your expensive dining experience.

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S Restaurant50 Queens Street, Port Moody
Five Star Prices for 2 Star quality
Submitted Sunday, February 15, 2009 - 1:41pm [Dine in]

My boyfriend and I decided to give "S" a try for our Valentines dinner 2009. This was our first time there since we usually go into the Vancouver core for fine dining. The ambience and decor are tasteful and it as a warm and inviting feel, though too many tables are located too closely to the washrooms, the kitchen, and the bar somewhat ruining the fine dining experience. We were not advised, when making our reservations by telephone, of any Valentine's set menu and were very disappointed to be told once seated. The set menu price was $65 dollars and this did NOT include wine. The house salad was the smallest I've ever seen as was my boyfriends seafood chowder. Both were fairly tasty so we thought perhaps we would have a good experience locally. We were very very wrong. My boyfriend had the rib eye steak and I the rack of lamb. The steak was a quick flash fry of about 1/4" of an inch thick and overcooked. The lamb was terribly overseasoned and raw. We had both ordered our meat medium-rare. My boyfriend advised the server that his steak was overcooked to which she replied that unfortunately with it being overcooked there was nothing she could do about it. If it had been undercooked then she could have had it fixed. I was APPALLED to say the least. $65 dollars per meal and they have bar room uneducated servers. The lamb was horribly oversalted as was the whole meal. It came with anorexic asparagus and a couple of peices of peppers and zucchini. The potatoes were skinless mashed with Yams which was not stated on the menu and my boyfriend despises Yams. The deserts were costco quality and the one chocolate covered strawberry had been refrigerated for so long that the chocolate came off when you tried to take a bite. All in all if you're interested in setting your money on fire then by all means have a meal at this overpriced establishment. It's a five star building serving 2 star meals with dollar store ingredients. If you value your hard earned cash then pass this horrible place by and drop on by Charlie's cafe. Better yet....head into the city for great ingredients, amazing chefs, knowledgable serving staff and great value. "S" stands for STOP don't go in here!

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