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faithnjoychamplain,vancouverSince January 19, 20082 Reviews
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Milestone's Grill and Bar4420 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby
Submitted Saturday, January 19, 2008 - 2:44pm [Dine in]

For some reason, whenever (my boyfriend and i) we went to the Milestone's restaurant in Burnaby, we always have the crappiest service ever than other milestone's restaurant in other places. We went there two to three times in the past year, and the two times that we went there, we had bad service. The first time we went there, my boyfriend ordered a beer, and i ordered a caesar drink, the server asked me for my I.D . I was 22 at that time, same as my boyfriend and the server didn't ask him for his I.D. I was kinda pissed. Later the server came back with our drinks, she spilled some of my drink on the table.
We decided to give the restaurant another try, hoping that there will be some improvment. The second time we went in, the service was okay, we ordered our drinks , i ordered the fruit martini, the server didn't ask for my I.D this time. I was happy. However after the server came back with our drinks, the restaurant had a problem. One of the oven in the kitchen burn out and they can't cook any more food. The manager came to each table and told the guests that the restaurant had to close down for the night and told us that they are sorry and have to eat somewhere else. The manager gave us a 50 dollar certificate that can be only use at that location. The drinks was on him and he paid for it. But for our dinner , we had to go to boston pizza.

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Soho Bar and Grill7090 Lougheed hwy, Burnaby
Poor Service.
Submitted Saturday, January 19, 2008 - 2:23pm [Dine in]

My friends and I have been to this restaurant a couple times during the last year the service was okay and acceptable. However, the last time we went in there around the end of Decembber 2007, the service was just horrible. The blond hair waitress seated us at the booth section of the restaurant the light was very dim and we can hardly see our menu. We asked her if she can turn the light a little bit bighter , she told us she can't do anything so she decided to bring us some candles over. Sadly , the candles didn't help at all and we still had trouble reading the menu. After the waitress took down our drinks and our appetizers, she took our menu away without asking us if we are going to have entrees later. We all sat there and complained that we didn't even other our entree yet. Later she came back and said "Oh sorry, i thought you guys are only eating appetizers." The bad service doesn't end there, my boyfriend helped me other the greek dishes that they had there. My food didn't arrive and everyone started eating theirs. 5-10 mins later, she came back and asked me what was my order? I was very disappointed and wonder how long did the waitress work there for. Because she should had ask me to repeat my order to her when she first took them down not when all the food arrived at our table and ask me again what did i order. 15 mins later, my food finally arrived, my potato looked burn under the dark dim light and i told the waitress to give me another potatoes because mine was burned. She came back giving me another one and told me that the first one wasn't burned , it was all the herbs and stuff. I was like how am i going to see under the dark dim light?
we left the restaurant without giving them much tips because of it , after this experience, i would never like to go back again.

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