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F o o d i eVancouverSince August 16, 20132 Reviews
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Capstone Tea & Fondue1429 Robson Street, Vancouver
Girls Night Out
Submitted Sunday, December 1, 2013 - 2:24am [Dine in]

The best service I have had in a long time. New management has begun beginning-mid this year and the new manager "Bill" is a great, professional, and super friendly guy. The manager is active and not letting all his workers do the work. The food was amazing, we spent 2 hours in here being loud and accidentally breaking and spilling some stuff, but they were super understanding. The new manager also gave us some freebies and made amaaaazing macarons, LOVED THEM, I wish I could come back for them but I dont even know if they were on the menu. My friends and I came here for a girls night out and it was so worth it, with or without a groupon. During the weekends, theres some pretty good looking guys working too, which is always a plus. New management has changed up a lot and it's going to get more and more busy in here so make sure you get a reservation. Definitely worth checking out (:

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Mink Chocolates Cafe863 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Worst Customer Service Ever Experienced
Submitted Friday, August 16, 2013 - 1:27am [Dine in]

My boyfriend and I came here to get some smores fondue. My bf ordered it but then they brought over the normal fruit fondue. We told them that we ordered the smores fondue, however after the waiter didnt know what to do, the manager comes over and says he can give us smores fondue for half off but we keep the fruits fondue? Which means he expected us to pay AGAIN for their mistake? He starts saying he swears on blahblahblah that he for sure heard from beside the cashier that we said regular fondue. But I CLEARLY came here to get the smores fondue, and only that, it was clear and they messed up. He said he wouldn't throw away that dish he's already made us, what I don't understand is, there were maybe 4 pieces of bread, 1/4 of an apple, 4 pieces of a tangerine and some bananas, so I dont see what was so difficult with leaving the chocolate behind and bringing over 6 marshmallows and 12 graham crackers. (PLUS if I wanted fruits and bread fondue, I could have easily gone to capstone for the same price for an all you can eat fondue where they would have given me an unlimited amount of fruits and amazing chocolate) At that point, the manager had gone on and on not budging about anything, and I could see that people were starting to stare but he didnt care at all. I said I came here for the smores fondue and that I didnt want this, but everything was already paid for. I am 100% certain that we said smores fondue, so for him to not throw away maybe $1 worth of fruits and just bring over some dollarama marshmallows and crackers, I was disgusted by his service. We ended up leaving it all behind, after already having paid, and just left it all there. And to make sure he doesnt reuse his precious $1 amount of fruits, I forked them all. I was so very excited to finally get here, even though I had heard about bad customer service, I did not expect this to happen. I didn't even want to stay and eat the food I had already paid for, I think that shows how horrible this manager was. The customer is always right, I know that saying doesnt always work, but in this case, we were. What a cheap ass. I am disgusted by him. I wish he would leave the room so I could go and enjoy some smores. He is the only reason I will not go back. The shit that manager would do to make 5 more dollars, even after his workers clearly made the mistake, and were too scared to admit it to him. Pathetic service.

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