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estwokitsSince January 28, 20073 Reviews
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Banana Leaf820 West Broadway, Vancouver
an excellent south-east asian restaurant
Submitted Saturday, January 27, 2007 - 7:43pm [Dine in]

this place is a personal favorite... i eat here regularly and enjoy it (almost) every time. the only bad experience was some severely flavourless laksa, but other than that i always enjoy my food. if you read my review of pondok indonesia you will know i love indonesian food... and there are some crossover malay/indo dishes to be had at banana leaf for sure. being vegetarian i dont venture too far beyond the many veggie options at this place, but favorites of mine include: gado gado, papaya salad, tofu goreng, sayur lemak, coconut rice, various laksas and of course the malay/indo staples... nasi goreng and mie goreng.

the atmosphere at banana leaf is truly excellent, well decorated, dimly lit and filled with tropical plants. the servers/hostesses are in batik from head to toe and are always very kind and attentive. i've been to the banana leaf further east on broadway, but this one for me is the best as its newer, bigger and more comfortable. they have fresh coconut to drink, excellent asian beers as well as local lagers and ales, combined with a mix of various south east asian cuisines... its a wonderful restaurant to re-visit over and over again.

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Rugby Beach Club Grille950 W Broadway, #201, Vancouver
good food, nice place... servers, not so much
Submitted Saturday, January 27, 2007 - 5:38pm [Dine in]

i've been to the rugby club lots of times, always had good food there and feel as though they prepare it well and healthily. its always been a nice place and i've gone there to drink as well as to have dinner with family.

the saving grace for whatever failings this place may have, is of course the outrageously priced beer. i am quite positive that there is no where in vancouver that you can get guinness and kilkenny for around $2.50 a sleeve. that is just madness, if you feel like some lesser quality lagers you can go down to $1.95 a beer! but alas, if you don't sit in the bar area (which is small) you really are forced to buy food of some kind. also a couple times i have felt like the waiters deliberately don't come back to your table if your group has put away quite a few drinks and you get the feeling like you are being ushered out.

but whatever, its still an enjoyable place for cheap beer and great food. only REAL problem is with the servers, usually as you walk in you are confronted with a couple beautiful hostesses. but the rest of the place is filled with male servers that use the restaurant as their own personal meat market, or social club. my father has got annoyed here with slack service, and my girlfriend and a friend were both handed phone numbers on napkins by sleazy waiters. so beware of the testosterone fueled service.. but otherwise enjoy a healthy, delicious meal with cheap beer.

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Pondok Indonesia2781 Commercial, Vancouver
my favorite restaurant in town
Submitted Saturday, January 27, 2007 - 5:22pm [Dine in]

i have been to pondok many many times over the last 6 years and continue to go 3-4 times a year. its become the place for family dinners, large group dinners and intimate dining. i love this restaurant very much and is special to me and many friends. i lived in indonesia for 12 years and find that stepping into pondok i am able to recall a taste of home. many people that i have brought to this restaurant who also lived in jakarta with me have raved about its excellent menu. the servers are always nice to me and my family and friends (while it doesnt hurt to speak bahasa with them and reminisce about indonesia) they are typically indonesian in their warmth and kindness to all their customers.

the decor is simple, with various batik and ikat hangings and tablecloths, wayang kulit and wayang golek as well as some topeng on the walls. sometimes traditional indonesian music will be playing, and sometimes pop music of some kind. even with simple decor, it manages to be comfortable and memorable allowing you to fantasize about the food to come while talking about the old days.

i highly recommend getting one of their riijstafel dishes (a large cone of fried rice, surrounded by 4 different complimenting dishes), they are delectable and will fill up every corner you have (to be shared between 2 people). while the experience is slightly incomplete without a cold bintang, they do have dry asian lagers to wash it all down with. they will vary the spice of the dishes for you if you ask, but if you like it hot just say "pedas".

if you love south-east asian cuisine, this is one of the best in town and if you love indonesian food specifically it is the best.

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