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enochefkitsilanoSince February 19, 20075 Reviews
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Steamworks Brewing Company375 Water Street, Vancouver
I Love This Place!!
Submitted Sunday, September 9, 2007 - 10:49am [Dine in]

This place is anything but pretentious....and so refreshing to visit. Walked in with a bunch of friends this past Friday night (12 of us all together), without a reservation, but hoping for the best. The hostess was extremely accomodating and sent us to the lounge for a drink while she put a table together for us. It took about 5 minutes for her to put something together, which wasn't too bad considering the place was packed. We sat down in the room right at the bottom of the stairs with the view of the habour. Me and a couple friends started of with a pitcher of Sangria, which was really good....everyone else had beer. Not sure what kinds, but everyone was happy. Ordered some appies to start. The Ahi-tuna ap, tasty. Not all that origional, there is a similar dish at Joey's. Had the crab dip. everyone loved, dry ribs, average and wonton prawns, very yummy. Server was very prompt to take our order and ansered all of our questions. We all had diffferent things for dinner. I had the buffalo pizza which had amazing flavour, rest Other dishes at the table included sirloin steak, a bacon cheese burger, pasta, etc. Everyone loved their food. One thing about this restaurant that I love is there is something for everyone on the menu....it is HUGE! Time for the bill. The server seperated it for us no problem. A few of us wanted to pay by debit. Heads up, NO DEBIT HERE! This surprised me since it is such a big place. You's think they would accept it. The server directed us to a cash machine - $1.50 service fee! All in all though, staff extremely friendly and accomodating, busy place, great atmosphere and we had a great time. Will defiately be back.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Cassis420 W Pender, Vancouver
return to the good old days
Submitted Monday, April 16, 2007 - 1:48pm [Dine in]

I can't say that I'm a regular at Cassis. But this is my forth since this great little bistro opened. The first meal was brillant, second was good, third was dissapointing, forth.......?
It was the first night of the hockey playoff, Cassis was not to busy. We sat down quickley. Our waiter and the hostess/manager? were eating food at the kitchen pass. As we are in the biz, we were put off by that!! The next thing that we noticed was the menu has been paired down in size a little bit. Not as many choices? But also the menu reads much simpler now as well. We started with a half liter of white wine. Then we recived a warm corn soup as a amuse bouche. It was OK nothing great. The tiny bowl was very worn looking. There are some chemicales that you can soak your plateware with that remove that coating.
We then had the tuna carppicco with nicoise salad. Over all it was very nice, maybe a little light on the tuna. Then we had the lobster bisque with smoked halibut wraped in crepes. This was a great dish, nice flavours and well balanced.
Entres were the Daube de Boeuf very nice, tender and great flavour. And the second entre was the Coq au Vin. This was a nice dish as well.
When we come here the consistnacy of these dishes has been up and down. The third dinner we had was very sub pare, this time much better.
Our side dishes were the roasted seasonal veggies, green beans and carrots, tasty but over cooked. And the scalloped potatos were good as well. I feel that the potaots were sliced too thick though.
A tradisional Daube sidedish is buttered noodles or polenta I'd love to see those on the sides menu.
We didn't have any dessert, went and caught the overtime of the hockey.
Hope that they start to lean back towards what put this place on the map when it opend. Improve the menu, maybe a little larger. Up date/clean the plateware. And the price of the menu was good for dinner ($50.00). And the service was good overal.

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  • Ambiance
Lucky Diner1269 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
not so lucky diner
Submitted Monday, March 12, 2007 - 11:51am [Dine in]

Having gone to the first "diner" we had one of the best breakfast ever there. To bad the srevice was so bad and the room felt incomplete. No wonder the "diner" closed.
Was very suprized with the meal seeing that Sean hired some of the best up and coming restauranturs in Vancouver to run the place.
Started with some hot tea, was ice cold. That can happen when the coffee machine just brewed a pot. And the boiler doesn't have time to reheat. The server quickly brought some hot water.
The menu is nice, items like granola, pancakes, homemade mac and cheese, bacon wrapped meatloaf etc. But it is far to small for a true diner! A real diner has more choices.
So I ordered the eggs my way, it came with hashbrowns, belly bacon, and sausage, roasted tomato and bread. And my fiance orderd the cornbeef benny with cheddar cheese biscuits, hashbrowns and roasted tomato.
We watched the cook and chef prepare our food, they plated it and the server brought it to our table quickly. To my dissappointment my plate was stone cold, hashbrowns were over cooked and stale. The eggs benny was luke warm but soon turned cold as well. Same with the hash browns on her plate.
The flavour of the meal was good. The kitchen was not in the juice at all. It did seem to be slow. Then why couldn't the chef heat the dinner plates before sending out the food. The homemade hashbrowns were in the oven and the chef just scooped them out of the oven. Clearly they were in the oven for a while. If it is that slow why couldn't they make the food to order, and heat up the plate and all of these problems would be fixed. As I said the meal was tastey just cold.
A room can not affect the meals quaility, but it can the experiance of dinning there. And the room does, there is little to no change from the first diner. And it looked emty then as it does now.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Bistro Pastis2153 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver
Sunday brunch
Submitted Monday, March 12, 2007 - 12:23am [Dine in]

My fiance and I wanted to try something a little different on the 4th ave brunch row. Joes grill, Hells kitchen and Sophies are always busy. We went to Pastis for a change. Entered the bistro and it was fairly busy, but was seated quickly. Server came by after a few minutes and took our order. Some of the menu items were Croque Monsieur with pomme frites, duck confit, several kinds of eggs benny, & tuna nicoise etc. Started with orange and champagen mimosa ($8.00 each). Moments later fresh baked bread came to the table. We watched as many dishes came out of the kitchen all look very good. The kitchen seems to have a handle on pumping out the chits as the room became very busy. Our food arrived in quick fashion I had the ham and Gruyere cheese omlete with hash browns ($12.00) and my fiance had the ham and Gruyere crepes with pomme frites ($12.50). Both plates came out hot, server recommened not to touch the plate. The flavours were great! Seasoning is spot on! The server was very attentive to our needs. But the table next to us did send back their french onion soup (to sour)?
Overall this being our first time a Pastis we were very pleased. The bill was around forty dollars. We think that it will become our new brunch hang out on the weekend. Great job!

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Nu1661 Granville St, Vancouver
nu's new menu
Submitted Monday, February 19, 2007 - 1:56pm [Dine in]

First time diners. The server was pretty good for the most part for the evening. Bottle of chardonny, was very over chilled, almost had to chip off the ice. Started with a demitass cup of lobster bisque, not as good as C (watered down). Tempura battered black olives, large portion, very salty. Had the same style of dish at Inkameep in the OK, it came with assorted olives and chick peas and a great raita sauce. That dish was much better balnced then the one at Nu. Crab fritter with spot prawns. More like riotto cake stuffed with crab and prawn. The problem was it was two cakes and only one was stuffed with prawns and crab, would of been a great plate if it wasn't for that mistake. Jumbo scallop plate with apples 3 ways was very good!!! It did seem the appies came out very quickly. My dinner was good, chicken ballotine, not enough sauce though. Fiance dinner was lamb cheeks they were dry, chewy and to fatty. The intresting part was the entree's were larger than expected. The dinners did take a little longer to come out, kitchen was busy, nice to see chef Robert working the line. Sent us out a small drink taster while we waited. Server never QC the table, just asked if we were done, my plate was empty, my fiance was barley touched. Manager notice right after the server and asked if everthing was all right. We spoke to him regarding the lamb. And he wanted to correct the lamb immedintley and offered dessert. Took the lamb off the bill. We were full after dinner had no desserts.
The room doesn't tolaly work for me. The chairs are a bit of a problem not very comfy, the room carries conversations. Plate's nice, cutlry seem very cheep though. Great view, not sure if I'd go back have to think about it some more.

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  • Ambiance