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EmileighPoint Grey, VancouverSince January 16, 200626 Reviews
Average Rating
3 (3.2)
  • Food3.5 (3.6)
  • Service3 (3)
  • Value3 (3)
  • Ambiance3.5 (3.3)


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All India Sweets & Restaurant6507 Main Street, Vancouver
Still good...
Submitted Sunday, April 2, 2006 - 9:34pm [Dine in]

I definitely don't doubt what others have repeatedly noted here about the dismal service, but... I guess I am fortunate that I didn't receive the same treatment. True, the servers weren't very outgoing, but I didn't feel ignored or insulted at any time.
I agree the food quality isn't what I remember, but it is still very good and portions are decent for the price; I had leftovers for $15 of masala rajma, rice, naan, and chai. We also had a samosa for appetizer; I wouldn't say they were out of this world but they were good.
Something strange must be going on with the management for service to be so uneven. Hmmm...

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Floata Seafood Restaurant180 Keefer Street, #400, Vancouver
Great Food, Very Cheap
Submitted Sunday, April 2, 2006 - 9:29pm [Dine in]

7 of us ate until we were very full, which was easy to do because the servers kept the Dim Sum dishes coming, and the food was excellent. Everything was cooked perfectly and variety was good.
The best part? Each of us only paid $8 for the entire meal!! If you go on the weekends between 7 and 11am, the cost is very low.
The servers were a tad grumpy, but they kept us well-stocked with food and tea. I'll be going back!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Wimaan Thai Restaurant1063 W. Broadway, Vancouver
Large or small parties, same excellent service
Submitted Saturday, March 4, 2006 - 2:18pm [Dine in]

I first went to Wimaan with one other friend, and enjoyed the food and attentive service.

A couple of weeks ago I returned, this time with a party of 30 of my closest friends. Despite the great number of us, everyone received their food in a very timely manner, all of the bills were correct, and the hostesses were gracious.

The food is excellent--good incredients, very good portion sizes. My only complaint is that I asked for spicy food (4 stars) but got a dish that was only about 2 stars in my estimation. Nevertheless, excellent taste and nice presentation.

Wimaan is a great place to go for your next Thai fix!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Enigma4397 West 10th Ave., Vancouver
Classy, artsy place
Submitted Monday, February 13, 2006 - 1:20am [Dine in]

A very modern cafe serving a wide array of contemporary western food. The artworks on the walls are beautiful, and because everyone is seated at the same level (those not on the upper section sit at tall tables with long-legged chairs) it is also excellent for seeing and being seen.

Friendly and attentive service, and gourmet foods.

I recommend sunday brunch--it's a stylish and delicious ritual at Engima.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Jolly's Indian Bistro2928 W 4th, Vancouver
Nice to look at.... and that's it.
Submitted Thursday, February 9, 2006 - 11:25pm [Dine in]

Jolly's has an appealing menu, and the decor is beautiful with artwork and jewel-coloured saris filtering the soft lighting.

Too bad the food and service aren't as well turned out.

I appreciated their attempt at authenticity with the steel plates, but the food was very bland. When I told the waitress I wanted the food "desi," I got a blank stare. Uh-oh.

To be fair, I went with a group of 12 people. We had a reservation. The restaurant was full. But that doesn't explain why we had to wait for over half an hour to get our food, a full 20 minutes after we'd gotten our appetizers. The bill came fast enough, though.

The staff was friendly, but either they were short a cook, or had a small disaster in the kitchen shortly after we placed our order, or they're just very slow. Dunno.

I can think of several other nearby places of comparable price and superior quality if one is really craving Indian food.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Acropol Taverna2942 West Broadway, Vancouver
Good Greek standby
Submitted Monday, January 16, 2006 - 4:32pm [Dine in]

I took a group of hungry friends from out of town last Saturday. The restaurant host graciously and gladly welcomed a group of five despite a lack of reservation on a Saturday night. We ordered the kalamaria (fried squid rings) and saganaki (fried cheese) as appetizers. The saganaki was good but the kalamaria were excellent--warm, crispy, and perfect flavour. The bread that was brought was also excellent--perfectly crispy and warm.

I ordered the spanakopita platter, as did one of my friends. One ordered the moussaka, one ordered a stuffed eggplant dish, and one ordered a lamb gyro.

My spanakopita phyllo dough was a tad overcooked, but the rice, potatoes, and the spanakopita fillings were great.

Each one of us cleaned our plate (and at the Acropol, that's a lot of cleaning, because the servings are large).

The only weak points were the weak house wine, and the fact that the restaurant's acoustics are such that once the place began to fill up, each table's conversation added to a dull roar.

Our server was friendly and knowledgeable, and even as business picked up, our water never stayed empty and we never felt rushed out. The bill was high, but I felt it was worth it for a tasty and leisurely meal.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance