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elliotfamilyVancouverSince December 17, 20082 Reviews
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1.5 (1.3)
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Austin Fish & Chips1119 Austin Avenue, #B, Coquitlam
Not great.
Submitted Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 9:51pm [Dine in]

The food is alright but the service is very hostile and unfriendly. The waitresses are rushed and cannot keep up when it's busy and they seem very very angry.I don't blame them but the owner needs to get more staff or else tell the ones he has no not to bite people's heads off for just coming in when it's busy.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Boston Pizza1035 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam
To Lie or Not To Lie? Don't ask our waitress.
Submitted Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 9:49pm [Dine in]

Our experience with Boston Pizza in Coquitlam (near IKEA) was abysmal. First of all, the six of us are left standing, waiting to be seated while staff keep walking by ignoring us and the 2 other groups who were waiting in line behind us. No greetings, no smiles. The place didn’t appear busy so I have no idea why this happened. One waitress said she would see where the hostess was. Finally the hostess came and then she said “Wait here…I’ll be back soon.” Another 5-10 minutes standing there.Our table asked for several orders of appetizers; mine being Breaded Wings. I clearly said “No Sauce.” When the wings arrived 20 minutes later, they were coated in some sticky sauce so naturally, I politely told the waitress this was not what I had ordered.She argued that it was correct. Another party at the table spoke up and verified I had specifically said No Sauce. The waitress still griped “You said BBQ….” But she took them away begrudgingly. 4 minutes later I get a “fresh” plate of wings. VERY dark colored and all stuck together in a gross clump, it was OBVIOUS the kitchen had attempted to rinse off the BBQ sauce and then refried or microwaved the wings. They were no crispy and looked shriveled and greasy. It was a vile looking mess. I asked the waitress right away if these were fresh or had the kitchen attempted to remove the BBQ sauce and reserve them….she outright lied and said Of course they are fresh…. And she was rude about it. How could they remove sauce? She bleated loudly. That’s the point, sweetie, they could NOT do it….. successfully and it was obvious to everyone these fresh wings did not get cooked in 4 minutes when the original order took 20 minutes. I order these wings a lot at BP, I know what they look like and they take at least 15 minutes min. Anyway, I decided to try one and sure enough, sticky sweet and incredibly greasy. I told the waitress who informed me “I guess the kitchen lied to me again.” Great….but who was lying to me? The waitress said she had asked the kitchen if these were fresh. Any fool could see what had gone on. So she got me a fresh set…again. 25 minutes later- this time they were right….golden brown rather than almost black. By then, everyone else was eating their main course. 2 people said the Pizza was the worst they had ever had. Because I had no food yet, I tried the pizza and it was ghastly. The meat looked and tasted like cheap bologna and the pizza’s were not very hot….just warm. Non Stop drinks were never refilled despite us asking twice but we all had water so that was OK I guess. My main course came luke-warm and the pasta was in a sea of water at the bottom of the plate which was very unappealing. Everyone else was done their meal but chatted and waited for me to eat my cool, water logged spaghetti. I didn’t want to complain again since it would just be a blessed argument with Miss Non Congeniality. We got our bill while Princess hovered, seeming to be watching to see that we tipped her. She hovered still and butted into our conversation to ask us if she could get us any change and was told no thanks. This is just another way of saying ‘DO I GET TO KEEP ALL THE MONEY…? OR HOW MUCH IS MY TIP?’ Still she hovered til we paid her. Keep in mind, we are 6 middle aged ladies, not too likely we are going to bolt and stiff the place but suddenly, there she hung out right by our table, until we paid. Too bad she was no where to be found when we wanted refills of drinks. All in all, it’s an atrocious place to eat, employees shockingly bad service but worst of all, is staffed by some very bad liars who think deception is fine unless you get caught and even then, you just smirk and blame the kitchen. What I just cannot stomach is how cavalier our waitress was about flat out lying and how unembarrassed she was when busted, still expecting a big tip.

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