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eatoutLangley, VancouverSince November 14, 20052 Reviews
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Alleluia Cafe8131 Westminster Hwy., #188, Richmond
bad services and bad food
Submitted Monday, April 6, 2009 - 2:23am [Dine in]

I have been to this cafe a few times. The portion is big but the quality of it is really bad. Yesterday around 11:15am we went for some food in this cafe. The waitress gave us the breakfast menu. So my husband chose a congee and hot coffee (not included in the meal) and I chose a sandwich with a hot drink (free included in the meal). we waited for 20 minutes. No drinks arrived. only a sandwich. The waitress told us at 11:35am that they ran out of congee. So we decide to order another breakfast meal. The waitress (with spiky gel hair) told us we cannot order breakfast anymore because it is after 11:30am. I told her it is unreasonable, that they should have told us earlier there's not enough congee so we can order something else in time. She said they cannot do anything about it. the kitchen just threw back all the order out saying there is not enough congee. i said it is not fair to tell us there's not enough congee after 11:30am so we cannot order another breakfast meal. she said that's how it is done. I told her then why you give us the breakfast menu when the service is like this. we were mad so we just pay for my meal and go. the receipt includes the coffee ($2.35). that is just bs, consider the whole breakfast meal costed $2.95. AND that the coffee and my hot drink haven't even arrived yet! The manager came and told us we cannot leave without paying (for the coffee!). I was so mad so I explain the entire situation to him in front of all the diners. he still makes us pay for the freaking coffee. I told him I don't want any drinks (include the free one that comes with my meal). The manager said he will talk with the waitresses about this. As our son was crying, we end up paying for the stupid coffee which they have pour from a cup to a styrofoam cup in their kitchen. For $3 (which they probably overcharge us), it is stupid. we have never seen anything like this before. I will tell all my friends to boycott this cafe. I will never go to this cafe again!!

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Samosa Garden Restaurant3502 Kingsway, Vancouver
Buffet sucks!
Submitted Monday, November 14, 2005 - 12:01am [Dine in]

It was just the worst buffet we have eaten in Vancouver. We got there around 6pm. Everything looks like it was left-over and we should have left right then and there. I can remember all the selections they have (which are very limited): burnt naan (with big hole in the middle), cold white rice, cold fried rice, cold malasa potato, some side dish sauce, salad that doesn't look appetizing (some wilted leaves), some peas/beans sauce, cold tandoori chick drumstick, cold curry fish and sauce, cold butter chicken and sauce (the best one they have out of all other craps), and.. for one and only dessert: some runny coconut crap. When I say the food is cold, it's not good temp cold but rather a it-has-been-there-for-a-while cold (which makes it more disgusting). We feel like we are second class citizen in that restaurant, not from the service but from the food. These food are either side dishes or second hand from real dinner dish. No samosa, no shrimps, no wings, no lamb, no beef, nothing decent from the pics in the menu. After 1/2 hour, they refill the food tray, but the food is just mildly warm. My husband got his second and third, only to get his $14 bucks worth. Both of us have stomach ache afterward. We didn't try the dinner menu so we cannot comment on that. Let just say our $32 went down the hole tonight. We are just so angry and wish we had gone to japanese all you can eat instead.

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