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Eagle OneCoquitlam BCSince March 20, 20133 Reviews
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2 (1.8)
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Caddy Shack Show Lounge22222 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge
Only there for the entertainment
Submitted Saturday, April 5, 2014 - 2:50pm [Dine in]

I was there April 3 2014. It is a typical strip club. What amazed me that there was 8 people there from 3-6pm.

This place needs a visit from Bar Rescue. Where I sat, there were at least 15 seats that had ripped fabric on them. This shows me that management doesn't give a shit about the place.

The TV's where lacking clarity, out of focus.

The single woman who was serving all 8 of us patrons, was sloowwwwwww to do anything.

At one point there was no staff (dj, bouncer, server, bartender) in the joint. Out smoking perhaps?

The mens bathroom was appalling. One of the 2 stalls didn't even have a working lock on it. Upon looking at the floor, there was loads of gunk of unknown origin. NASTY!! I think it has never been scubbed clean.

The food was alright. Nothing to write home about. The chef must be lazy because it was so easy to see that he/she uses packaged guacamole, at $2.95 extra for nachos.

I don't think I will be returning.

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  • Service
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  • Ambiance
Naam, The2724 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
If You Have Poor Standards, This Place Is For You.
Submitted Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 10:55am [Dine in]

I was there on Mar 27, taking myself out for a birthday lunch. It was about 130pm. There was no one in front of me in the queue, and I waited to be sat. Not a single worker even acknowledged me for the 10 minutes I stood there.

As a table freed up, I was seated. Sesame seeds, shredded beet bits left from the previous diners. I guess cleaning a table before seating someone isn't part of their system.

A red headed girl came to the table with a water and cloth and wiped the table down, WITHOUT even lifting the salt/pepper/hot sauce bottles. WTF? Lazy or what? She or management don't care about appearances, because it looked like she must have been sprayed by flour from a mixer or had a plate of sour cream fall on her lap and wiped it off. It was all over her black jeans. Very unattractive. She didn't even say a word as she wiped and placed the water down. Not even a "hi", "Welcome to the Naam, your server will be right with you" or "How's it going today?" Is this how my experience will begin?

My server came over and brought me a menu and told me about the specials. Nothing to report here.

As I was looking over the menu, I noticed a thin guy clearing a table of dishes from a couple that finished and left. Once it was clear, he took his cloth and wiped it for about 2 seconds, going AROUND the salt/pepper/hot sauce bottles. WTF? Another lazy employee. How is this acceptable????/

I ordered the Spinach/Feta enchilada. It came in an acceptable amount of time. BUT it was kinda hot on the outside, the cheese- maybe 60% melted. I opened it and put my finger in. It was warm. So warm that I could have eaten it as fast as I could without having a problem. That was disappointing. I ate it anyhow. It was bland and uneventful, which pretty much sums up my whole experience.

I used to frequent the place many times a month in the 90's, but now after not being there for 10 years, it sucked. I swear the same light bulbs are burnt out and have not been changed. Kinda like the servers.

I went to the counter to pay for my food, and ordered a Nanaimo Bar for take out. I paid my bill, getting a 46% discount cuz it was my 46th birthday. My server packed up my Nanaimo Bar in a bag, and handed it to me. I left and went home. All the time riding my motorbike, I was waiting to get my dessert into my mouth. Upon getting into my flat, I opened the bag to find a FUCKING BROWNIE. WTF??? How do you mess up "Nanaimo Bar" and "Brownie"??? I guess next time I should check the bag.

I was planning to take my friends family of 6 out for dinner there in April, but I doubt that is going to happen.

There won't be a next time. Naam, you have let me down, hence my story here. You rest on your accolades from previous years, but start reading the online reviews, on Urban Spoon, on Google, on Yelp, on Trip Advisor, Dinehere and you will see that there are many that are not impressed and not fooling us.

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Opening soon
Sui Sha Ya Japanese Restaurant2991 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam
Total Disappointment
Submitted Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 9:14pm [Dine in]

I thought I would try this place out as I live nearby. I went in today for lunch. Upon entering, I was not even greeted by the tall skinny guy with glasses, just asking "all you can eat? For one?" and took me to a table. He tossed the order sheet, menu and pencil on the table then walked away.

A waitress came over, brought me a pot of tea, said nothing and walked away, not even a "hello/how are you today?". I completed the order sheet and placed it on the edge of the table. She came by, took it and said nothing still.

The food came out at a rapid pace filling the table up quickly. Nothing was ever said by the servers.

I asked for some "gari" and the server looked puzzled by my request. I had to explain to her that it is pickled ginger. "you know... the pink stuff usually given with maki sushi". After that she figured it out and brought me some. How would a server in a sushi joint not know what "gari" is? :S

Tempura was ok- but what is this "seafood" they have on that tempura menu? It wasn't a prawn/shrimp.

Goma-ae arrived. It was a block of spinach about the size of a Timbit, with some dressing drizzled on top. No sesame seeds, no flavour.

Negitoro Roll- I couldn't see nor taste the onion. I think it wasn't even in there.

The Dynamite Roll was lackluster. Tasteless and boring. I couldn't even identify the tempura prawn in the roll due to the copious amount of lettuce in there along with dry cucumber. Terrible.

The BC Roll was the worst I've ever seen- a piece of what I think was salmon, about the size of 3 nickels stacked on each other and loosely rolled with enough lettuce I could have made a salad. Worst BC Roll I've ever tasted.

Chicken karrage- was dry and overcooked.

Seafood Motoyaki- very greasy, poor presentation. I usually get this in an oyster shell, or a ceramic shell. But here, they put it into a little tin better suited to a butter tart.

It looks like they are trying to save money by adding lettuce into every roll. It's like they've given up and just don't care.

I guess the "Under New Management" signs around the place does not equate to better quality based on what other people have written.

I paid my bill and left. No tip deserved. Will I return? Never.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance