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drheldonVictoria BC CanadaSince September 23, 20101 Review
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Royal Kebab Grille2656 Quadra Street, Victoria
Best Value in Vic!
Submitted Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - 8:08pm [Take-out]

ok so they just recently (Aug 2010) raised their prices by %30, most of their stuff is still under $10 and is an incredible value for the taste. I've paid double for much less many times.

The Royal Kebab is a wonderful family-run Indian diner that provides some of the best takeout in town. Their menu is somewhat limited, but what they lack in diversity they make up for in flavour and price for what they do offer. Butter chicken, with fresh jasmine rice (that almost offers a hint of saffron), and a tasty salad runs at less than $10. Before they raised their prices, the same dish was a stunning $6.25 and that included tax! I felt guilty eating such a wonderful meal at such a low price. I often thought of suggesting to the modest owners that they raise their price, which would've gone against my selfishness as a customer. Alas someone beat me to it, but even at $10 their meals are a great value!

their samosas are still $1.25 and tasty tasty! so i usually get the butter chicken and a samosa or 2. don't judge me for my appetite lol i'm a big guy. and their food is seriously delicious!

If you're looking for a great takeout place with a neighbourhood feel, and you don't mind waiting 15 to 20 minutes for some fresh food made with great care, then check them out. It goes against my judgement again to even write this review, because then more people will know about this little gem. But they deserve the praise!

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