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dr dCoquiltam, BCSince March 7, 20161 Review
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Boston Pizza1035 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam
no customer service
Submitted Sunday, March 6, 2016 - 7:03pm [Dine in]

we're been here a couple times, first time, long wait, no AC working, wasn't a pleasant experience, but we figured we'd give it another try for lunch yesterday.

The restaurant was about 50% occupancy, we were seated right away. Dining with my wife, and 2 sons, ages 4 and 6. We ordered drinks, an appy, and meals for all for of us; pizzas for us, and a couple kids meals for the boys.

After we ordered, we waited, and waited; 25 minutes passed, no appy, and no server anywhere to be seen. We finally flagged her down, and asked for our appy to be cancelled, as it was taking so long, and the kids were getting rather impatient. She rolled her eyes, said the kitchen was very busy, but everything was ordered. 10 minutes later our appy arrived, and so did everything else we ordered, all at the same time.

The issue didn't end here though, because after this, she disappeared again, for the entire meal, only resurfacing once to clear our dishes; not a single quality check, or to see if we wanted another round of drinks, which were empty half the meal. I actually had to flag down the passing manager to get him to bring us a glass of water for my son, as our server was nowhere to be found.

After all that, we asked for our bill, which came quickly, and included everything we ordered, including the appy that we had asked to be cancelled, and received with our food......at the very least, they should have taken that from our bill.

AS we sat there, I filled out the customer service survey on my phone, and received an email from the manager the next day, offering a free appy for the issues. So, after billing me for an item I had asked to be cancelled, waiting 35 minutes for our food, and being completely ignored by our server, all they thought to offer was to have us come back, spend more money with them, so I could get the appy for free that I should never had paid for in the first place? That is hardly acceptable, and shows a complete lack of regard for their customers. I don't make complaints, or write negative reviews, though we dine out 3-4 times a week; so if I am, it is because I am clearly unhappy, and expect to be taken seriously.

To add insult, the table next to us, (who received all their food within a minute of us, despite ordering 15 minutes after we did) sent back the Cactus Cut Potato Appy they ordered, which was replaced within a couple minutes, the manager dropping it off, with an apology, and saying it was on the house.

While the food itself was good, the customer service, or complete lack there of, will ensure that I will never be returning to this location; they can keep their free appy.

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