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dpatterson002Victoria BC CanadaSince September 6, 20102 Reviews
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Amrikko's Indian Grill298 Old Island Hwy, Victoria
A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
Submitted Monday, September 6, 2010 - 11:52am [Dine in]

** First of all I am not sure what is up when adding new restaraunts but to correct the information; This is in Victoria NOT Granville. Second the price might be dropped to $$ from $$$ as it would better reflect the per person cost.

Having never been to an Indian restaurant my wife and I decided that it was something that we really wanted to try. Our first look into local restaurants was done online looking for the one with the best reviews. Sadly most of the reviews were mediocre to down right bad and as a result we decided to try East African food instead (see my review for The Blue Nile restaruant). On the way to the other restaurant we saw the parking lot of the old Sammi's restaurant packed to capacity, something that we had never seen before. We were very excited to see that the sign had changed and that the restaruant was now Amrikko's East Indian Cuisine.

Two weeks later we invited some friends to come and try out this new restaurant with us and then called to make a reservation. When I called I got a machine so I left my name and contact info with our reservation request. The next day I received a return call from the restaurant to confirm and we were all set.

We got the last two spots in the parking lot and went in. I was so glad we made the reservation as the small lobby was full of people waiting. One thing that I noticed right away was the number of staff moving quickly about under the watchful eye of what was obviously either the managers or owners. It appeared as if they were not leaving anything to chance and they were there to make sure all went well.

We were quickly seated, watered up, and our drink order taken. The men at the table all ordered a Kingfisher beer, and Indian beer brewed and bottled in the UK. The appetizer order was two of the appy combo plates which included samosas, chicken tandoori, etc. accompanied with a chutney dip and a mint yogurt dip that were both delicious.

The food seems to be ordered not in per person entres but instead in dishes that are to be shared similar to Chinese food. As we did not know this we probably ordered too much. I think that the best bet is to order a rice dish for every 2 or 3 people at the table and then order 2 or 3 flavours to go with the rice (Lamb Vindaloo, Butter Chicken, etc). I am not certain of this but in hindesight it seems like the right thing to do.

I had the Lamb Vindaloo with a medium spice and it was perfect. Along with the vegatable rice and Tandoori Nan bread it was an extremely filling meal.

In addition to fabulous food there was live entertainment. On Saturday nights they have a live belly dancer in the restaurant. One of the women at our table said that we were supposed to tip the dancer by putting money in her waistband. The funniest thing was how the two married men at the table (myself included) would not consider providing the tip directly. =P We left that duty to our lovely wives and after our table had made the first contribution most of the other tables followed suit. We were all glad to see the young lady make a few extra bucks.

Good food, exotic entertainment, great service. It was an all around good experience. Be sure to check them out.

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Blue Nile, The612 Head Street, Victoria
A taste of adventure
Submitted Monday, September 6, 2010 - 10:53am [Dine in]

My wife and I decided to try something completely different for our 17th wedding anniversary. At first we looked for Indian food but found very few good reviews for local Indian restaurants. Just by chance we came across an add for The Blue Nile and thought that we would give it a go. We were not disappointed.

We arrived just after they opened for dinner and were the first through the door. The buffet was fully stocked with steaming goodness and the air was filled with exotic sents. The room was decorated with a various assortment of authentic art and along with the faux grass roof that skirted the ceiling it provided a decidedly foreign ambience. The waitress was very busy setting up for dinner but dropped everything to seat us and order our drinks. I went with a Nigerian beer just for the heck of it which arrived in a large stubby bottle (a true import, brewed and bottled in Nigeria).

Once the drinks hit the table we headed for the buffet. There was a wonderful assortement of hot and savory dishes, plenty for both vegetarians and carnivores to enjoy. To accompany the main meal there was a crisp and cool green salad which contained very fresh and spicey peppers (so watch out pantywaists). Also available was a type of unlevened bread which looks like a pancake or crepe. It appears smooth on one side and porous on the other. The bread had a bit of a vinegary flavour (I could be wrong) and was very delicious. We weren't quite sure of the method by which the food was traditionally eaten so we faked it as best we could.

As we ate we watched an African version of MTV on a flat screen TV on the wall which was playing various traditional songs. The one funny thing I had to note was that in every video, regardless of the song, the people all did exactly the same dance. Two moves over and over, kind of a violent shoulder shrugging and head turning. As we were driving home my wife and I started performing the dance togther in the car to the tune on the radio much to the entertainment of those around us at the stop light. =)

The overall experience was tasty, fun, and inexpensive. I would most certainly recommend The Blue Nile to anyone looking for a spicy night out.

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