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doremix12Maple RidgeSince November 18, 20082 Reviews
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Domo Sushi1160 Melville Street, Vancouver
My Personal Favourite Sushi Place... and I've Tried My Share of Them
Submitted Friday, June 24, 2011 - 5:31pm [Dine in]

Looking for a menu to get some take out on the way home, I noticed the older, single terrible review of this place... and I beg to differ. I used to live right on the corner in one of those overly-expensive condo buildings from before and after Domo Sushi was established. Time and time again, I kept going back, even now that I live in Burnaby, read on to find out why.

First things first, Domo Sushi has the best Spicy Tuna Roll EVER: inexpensive, and you get 5 decently large pieces of huge, solid-cut Tuna in a light chili-oil-type sauce, unlike the minced tuna and/or over-drenched artificial red spicy sauce you see at most places (unless that's your thing). If you come here for one thing only, this is it.

The place is small, and seems family owned/operated. I've only ever noticed just two employees, probably husband and wife, chef/husband doesn't talk much, however both are friendly. They have a young 6 -8 year old girl filling in colouring books/doing homework in the afternoon/evening every now and then that sometimes helps them hand out food (daughter off of school maybe?). Food comes pretty quick depending on how busy they are, I've never had issues waiting a long time. Simple decor, and all glass looking out onto the street. Not much to look at.

The sushi is more simpler than most places, and personally, I prefer it that way. Although I still enjoy them and their portions, many popular, or cheap outings rely too much on a california-base for their selection of rolls (Sushi Town, Asakusa, Sushi Garden, California Sushi), and I find that Domo offers a good balance to them.

I'm also a big fan of their wild salmon and cream cheese roll, very nice balance and texture. I like my Toro (fatty tuna belly yum), and Domo's Toro is decent in terms of pricing/quality/value, although I notice that it's sometimes still a little too frozen on some pieces, maybe it doesn't get ordered enough. Negitoro Roll (minced Toro and julienned green onion) is a pretty small portion, although nice.

I've tried other rolls, tempura, miso, and items on the menu and I don't remember them standing out too much, good or bad. I usually aim for the wild salmon, bbq salmon skin, and avocado dish-based rolls.

That's pretty much it, give it a go if you're in the area, and check it out for yourself.

Cheers, and happy sushi hunting.

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Roast Bistro Cafe & Grill22456 Lougheed Hwy, #102, Maple Ridge
Dine Here for great BBQ
Submitted Monday, November 17, 2008 - 7:51pm [Dine in]

I was recommended to check this place out, and boy was I not let down. I knew I was in for a treat the moment I saw the sign at the front of the entrance. All I remember about the sign were the words "Pulled Pork Sandwich" and I was like, "Done Deal".

I love pulled pork, and have tried out pulled pork sandwiches in various locations throughout the Lower Mainland and the Great Northwest (in the States). Not saying the others were bad, they were decent, but I found them either too dry most of the time, or impossible to taste through the amount of sauce on them.

At this place however, I was BLOWN AWAY. It was warm, the bun was toasty, and you could taste the pork, sauce, and coleslaw separately and enjoy the chemistry that each particular ingredient contributed. When the gracious owner and head chef of the place, Dean, stopped by to ask how things were, all I said, behind a fast disappearing sandwich and between bites was, "Less talking, more eating" with no offense to him of course. On the contrary, I was simply marveling at how amazing the sandwich was. The poutine was also very delicious, solid fries with a generous serving of cheese and gravy. Easily the first time I actually had no guilt about eating one. It was a good trade off for the workout the next day.

I noticed that the length of time to get the food was getting to me, maybe 10/15 min or so, probably because I was hungry, but when I got it, I had no complaints, I would've waited an hour for that quality of food. The service was also good, it is a small place and feels very comfortable.

Needless to say, my brother also ordered the same thing and was completely flabber-gasted as well. My other brother was a regular and recommended the joint in the first place, he was very content with his roast beef and swiss sandwich with a side of poutine. The whole meal was extremely filling, I don't know if I can handle that type of order again, but I will try :)

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