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donotdineheretoronto beachesSince June 15, 20131 Review
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Wunderland Cafe & Gallery1905 East Queen Street, Toronto
Not So Great Experience
Submitted Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 8:13am [Dine in]

My fiance and I discovered Wunderland when we first moved to Toronto months ago. Our first experience there was not too bad. My fiance enjoyed his conversation he had with the owner, Peter. I noticed however, as time went on and the more we went there, it became more and more uncomfortable. When his wife would work, she dressed slobbish, in jogging pants, a ratty shirt, almost in her pyjamas when she serves you, she looks unclean. I always try to remember that looks don't count but her personality suits the clothing in this case. She is very miserable to deal with, ungrateful for the business, no hellos when you walk in, no thank yous when you leave and she gets annoyed easily. One time when we were there the whole family was eating their dinner out where the customers were sitting and it made us feel like we were in someones living room. I felt very uncomfortable. Also there were times when we went and they didn't even have coffee brewed and wouldn't brew it for us! Peter or his wife would say "An Americano instead?" Then charge you more than what they would have for a regular cup of coffee. I am not talking like we were there at closing time either.... it was 5 in the afternoon and they closed at 7 that day!!!! THEY ARE A COFFEE BAR!!! So I told my fiance that I am never going back. He agreed.
However, big mistake, I did. I met a new friend around the area and I didn't know of any other places to go and we bypassed Wunderland. I decided, okay, one more shot. As we walked in, "The Wife" was there behind the counter and she just stared at us walking in. No hello, nothing. I felt like leaving but we were there and my friend didn't notice so I just left it alone. We were deciding who was going to pay and we were just joking with each other, when I noticed that "The Wife" started to get annoyed, mind you she wasn't even done pouring our drinks, so she wasn't waiting for us. So we just paid and decided to sit down. We chatted away and all of sudden she comes up to us and says, "You two are just going to have to keep it down, you are too loud, and you are giving me a migraine." Then she walked away. I said, "Let's go." I said, "Only in Toronto." I even told the people outside, who had come in to order and asked if when they came in if we were too loud. They agreed that we were not being loud. She didn't like us from the start. Probably because we were happy to have each others company. So I guess if you go there you just have to keep your mouth shut. It's probably because people don't talk in Toronto they keep themselves on their damn phones and then when someone does talk it's alien. I took pictures and I am going to post it and network and I will tell everyone I know what happened. There has never been many people in there when I go. NOW I KNOW WHY!!!! For sure this time I will never go back. They should be embarrassed of their business. It is not so WUNDERFUL!!!

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