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ditghPort CoquitlamSince March 4, 20102 Reviews
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3.5 (3.3)
  • Food3.5 (3.5)
  • Service3.5 (3.5)
  • Value3 (3)
  • Ambiance3 (3)


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Kabuki Sushi12522 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows
Best Hot food & Special Rolls
Submitted Monday, May 31, 2010 - 2:20pm [Dine in]

Kabuki's always busy. The restaurant is always overflowing with people. (It's a small one too) Once you get to know the owners, they are so happy to see you, and they are eager to interact with people even though they are super busy. I usually order for take out on regular basis, and I have never been disappointed by them. If the order is wrong or something is missing, they always make sure that you get extra food or extra credit. I don't really recommend their "regular" rolls (like spicy tuna roll, chopped scallop roll, etc) since I'm not a big fan of mayo (they use spicy mayo sauce on their rolls) but I definitely recommend everyone their special rolls. My favourite ones are Red Dragon Roll and Crispy Crunch Roll. If you like spicy chopped scallop, you might enjoy hotty magma roll as well. I loved their Specialy Dynamite Roll also. And some of the special rolls, you can order half order and see if it's for you or not, so I like about that. Enough about sushi, the most delicious menu comes from the kitchen. Their hot food is probably the best from what I have tried ever. (I love Japanese food so I have tried alot of Jap Restaurants in tri-cities, burnaby, downtown etc) Their Yakiudon is so good you will fall in love with them. Their bento boxes are very good too, and filling! I also loooove their tempura. Usually I'm not a big fan of tempura since they are too oily, but Kabuki's tempura is very crispy, not oily, and very little batter on the veggies, prawn, whatever. Their squid tempura looks really popular too (I don't really hear this from other restaurant) Also Spicy agedashi tofu.. oh my favourite. I hate tofu, and I hate agedashi tofu even more (since it's deep fried..) but I can totally tolerate Kabuki's Spicy agedashi tofu. I am so in love with it! LOL It's just deep fried to perfection and spicy sauce is not too spicy, sweet somewhat. If you order Amaebi Nigiri sushi, they give you deep-fried amaebi heads which you don't see from other restaurant! The only thing is restaurant isn't too big (there's only like 8~10 tables) so if you're going with a crowd, you should definitely make a reservation beforehand.

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Koi Japanese Restaurant2573 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam
Frozen Nigiri Sushi
Submitted Monday, May 31, 2010 - 2:05pm [Dine in]

I haven't tried their AYCE, but I have tried their a la carte menu. Last time I visited Koi, I really liked their Sukiyaki which is rarely on the other restaurants' menu. So I thought why not order Sukiyaki since I can't order them anywhere else, but this time, it wasn't very tasty. (Don't know why but something wasn't there..) and I really like Nigiri sushi, so I ordered Tako, Unagi, Ika, Toro etc, my usual favourites. Unagi was delicious, but other than that, all the rest were frozen! I couldn't believe it. Toro is supposed to melt on your tongue, but no.. It was so hard! and I asked them to bring me their AYCE menu.. and I saw Kamikaze Roll was on the menu. I have once tried Asahi's Kamikaze Roll (the restaurant is a block away) and I thought maybe I could take it home for my sister since she likes spicy rolls. When I got home, I opened the container, I thought they gave me a wrong roll, so I called them but no... their kamikaze roll was completely different from the one that I had tried in the past. Well, I should have confirmed what was in the roll, but I was hugely disappointed paying about $30 in total.. I heard their AYCE is less pricey than their neighbor restaurant, so maybe I should try their AYCE instead. I don't really like that the restaurant is too open, there are some booths but most of the tables are wide open.. But it's on good location though!

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