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DiscoDaddyVancouverSince January 20, 20103 Reviews
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3.5 (3.3)
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Uncle Fatih's Pizza1685 Broadway East, Vancouver
Where is the Cheese?
Submitted Thursday, January 21, 2010 - 8:31am [Dine in]

Just as DiscoDaddy is deciding upon what restaurant to write about for his third review, his good friend HockeyGord encourages your Disconess to try what he and apparently many Vancouverites considers to be the best take-out/pizza-by-the slice in the city, Uncle Fatih's.

Uncle Fatih's is located at East Broadway and Commercial Drive, an area that is right in DiscoDaddy's hood. Of course, being a man of the highest sophistication, DiscoDaddy knows not to compare this little place to the BEST pizza on earth, his very own DiscoMomma's Italian pizza nor should he even dare to compare it to his ultimate sit down favorite, Marc*ll*. (please wait disco fans for that review to come). DiscoDaddy knows that Uncle Fatih's is a take-out pizza and understands the difference... but how does it fair against DiscoDaddy's Italian stallion, his Rocky of take-out pizzas??? (please search DiscoDaddy's reviews and you will find the place)

Uncle Fatih's is very conveniently located for those that take public transportation, but for DiscoDaddy, he had to park his DB-9 farther away at Safeway to keep his baby out of harms way. On this unusual night, DiscoDaddy is not boogying the night away at his favorite discotheque, instead he has just finished playing ball-hockey at Britannia. DiscoDaddy is hungry and needs food badly.

What better time to try some of the famous Fatih's fare? When DiscoDaddy arrives, he finds he is completely overdressed for the event in his full Lululemon manwear. What shame Uncle Fatih's must be feeling now, making DiscoDaddy wait OUTSIDE the door just to get in line? Already DiscoDaddy is not happy, but hey if the pizza is really as good as the masses say, then maybe your Disconess needs to suffer a bit.

Once inside the closet-box of a store, DiscoDaddy is happy to find the Fatih is very well lit, perfect for DiscoDaddy to check out his own reflection in the glass to ensure his hair is gelled properly. Wow, what a tight squeeze, lucky DiscoDaddy has remembered to put on his best body spray. DiscoDaddy is a man of the people, he knows they appreciate his presence. All this time and we still haven't gotten to pizza?!!! Well... now you understand how long DiscoDaddy had to endure!
DiscoDaddy ordered the $4 special with a slice of Beef and Blue Cheese and some kind of vegetarian pizza. Boy is DiscoDaddy ever mad! How can HockeyGord be so dumb? The Fatih does not make pizza! Their so-called pizza is really some bastardized form of chop suey on crust. Their crust is actually OK, average taste and average crunch but that's where the good stuff ends. DiscoDaddy is holding his pizza, sniffing it all over like the dog he is, where in Discoland is the CHEESE?!!

After DiscoDaddy calms himself down and consumes the favorite part of his meal, his can of soda... he really understands what the Fatih is all about, it's about getting full, it's about eating chop suey, it's all about “stuff” tossed on a crust with NO CHEESE. Needless to say from DiscoDaddy's assessment, the Fatih is on his Do Not Like list. If DiscoDaddy wants good take-out chop suey, he goes to Kent's Kitch** (another place to be reviewed). On a side note, DiscoDaddy will say his Beef and Blue Cheese did have a lot of blue cheese, but DiscoDaddy doesn't like the Fatih's squeeze bottle, salad dressing blue cheese, he prefers real cheese.

To add further insult to DiscoDaddy's disappointing experience, he must say the service quality is bad, real bad (not in the Disco good way), the server had no clue how to communicate and just did not pay respect to the baddest cat to dance under the Disco ball. (After cruising the WWW, DiscoDaddy now understands the problem, just look at the Fatih's website, looks like the server might be the same guy who writes their content, really “sounds” like the way he talks).

Enough of the hate, DiscoDaddy has no time for that! If you want a piece of
cheap and filling pie, Uncle Fatih's may be for you! For DiscoDaddy? Never again... Fatih has taken DiscoDaddy's first and last $4.
Hold on, Disco retraction, DiscoDaddy should never say never... he will say that unless one of his trusted minions comes back with a real Badass review your Disconess will not be buying Uncle Fatih's pizza.

DiscoDaddy could not have blasted out of that joint fast enough! HockeyGord will be getting an earful from your Disconess.

DiscoDaddy has left the dance floor.

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Pho Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant3388 Main Street, Vancouver
Best place pho spicy pho, PHO SURE!
Submitted Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 9:52pm [Dine in]

For DiscoDaddy's second review, he will talk about one of his all-time favorite fast food places, Pho Hoang.

DiscoDaddy loves Pho Hoang! He has read some of the negative reviews regarding his favorite joint and feels he needs to clear the air, PHO-SURE!

Many will wonder how can DiscoDaddy love such a plain white noodle? Such a departure from his Italian heritage. DiscoDaddy will explain why Pho Hoang is the best Pho restaurant in Vancouver.

Pho Hoang is located at East 18th and Main Street, a place very far away from his usual discotheque hangouts downtown. For starters, what draws this mackdaddy back PHO more at Pho Hoang is their abundance of parking. There are parking spots at the back and plenty of street parking around so DiscoDaddy can keep a careful eye out on his DB-9.

Now to the PHOOD... what brings DiscoDaddy back again and again to Pho Hoang you may ask? Is it their great Vietnamese Ice Coffee? Or is it their great Lemon Grass Chicken? Pho Hoang does everything good, but what makes them the best Pho in Vancouver is their spicy beef broth. Only Pho Hoang's expertly made beef broth is good enough to match the hotness of yours truly, that's PHO-SURE!

Many need to understand Pho is a fast food and just like all fast food restaurants, staffing can be challenging. This is not an excuse for poor service, it is a fact of life. Pho Hoang serves great quality food for great value. Pho Hoang has excellent service. The little boss lady at Pho Hoang is like DiscoDaddy's second mom, she takes care of him well. When little boss lady is in Da house, you can be sure the spicy soup pot is well attended to.

DiscoDaddy has had some disappointing moments at Pho Hoang. There have been days when the hot soup has just been “regular.” This is when it is created with hot chilli thrown into the regular soup... : ( still, 8/10 times the spicy soup is the best in Vancouver. Please keep in mind, DiscoDaddy is not saying anything bad about Pho Hoang's regular soup, in fact DiscoHunny thinks it is the best. It's just that DiscoDaddy's focus is the hot soup. Unlike most pho restaurants, Pho Hoang's spicy broth appears to be made from a separate batch to the main stock. Not only is the spicy beef broth hot, it is very rich in beef taste, you can tell by seeing all the little beef bits in the soup.

Pho Hoang likes to cook the beef well-done (probably for food-safe practices) so if you like the meat rare, make sure to ask for it on the side. Like many of you disco cats out there, DiscoDaddy is always concerned about the safety of eating raw bean sprouts, but this is never an issue at Pho Hoang because their soup is always boiling hot to cook the sprouts.

Anyways, this review is getting long and the DB-9 is begging to be taken out for a cruise! Be on the lookout for DiscoDaddy's next Pho Hoang review, when he disclose exactly which PHO NUMBER is his favorite!

For good pho, good service and good value, go to Pho Hoang!

DiscoDaddy has left the dance floor.

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  • Ambiance
Pizzo Pizza861 Denman St, Vancouver
Hot for Pizzo Pizza, oh yeah babee!
Submitted Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 1:40pm [Dine in]

It's TIME to break the silence. DiscoDaddy has decided to come clean about how he keeps his dancing machine body so healthy.

For his first review, he will review a food that hits very close to home: pizza.

For late night pizza, Pizzo Pizza is the best pizza in downtown Vancouver.

After parting the dance floor throughout the night at his favorite discotheque, DiscoDaddy is hungry. Discodaddy jumps into his latest shaguar, his DB9 and presses the start button. Before DiscoHunny can finish saying wow, they are in West End, Denman Street.

Pizzo pizza has great service. After his third visit, everyone knows DiscoDaddy by his name. Great service is what impresses DiscoDaddy. With the boogie music still ringing in his ear, DiscoDaddy yells out in his best Tony Marino voice TWO PIZZAS, TWO PIZZAS!

Oh NO! There is nothing that fancies DiscoDaddy tonight. His disco body does not crave what is in the cabinet, Hawaiian with back bacon and 3-Cheese Pesto, very good pizzas, but not tonight.

Tonight DiscoDaddy is diggin Spicy Italian Sausage (something that has been custom-made just for him... shhhh Pizzo Pizza plays favorites and it is rumored the pizza may be named after him... just like the Robson Blake pizza is named after a great customer) and Double Pepperoni. As well, DiscoDaddy puts in an order for a slice of their great Veggie Pizza for DiscoHunny. DiscoDaddy knows of no other pizza restaurant that will make him fresh slices to order.

With a big smile on DiscoDaddy's face, he knows he is getting great value. There are those “other guys” that claim to sell fresh slice or two for $4, but DiscoDaddy knows none of them can match the great value and the quality of Pizzo Pizza. What does Pizzo Pizza do that is different? Their tasty crust is made in-house, their tasty sauce is made in-house and their cheese is a standard blend of part-skim, edam and provolone. Don't take DiscoDaddy's word for it, just ask the friendly staff of Pizzo Pizza.

In less than 9 quick minutes the pizza is out, hot, crispy and good. The cheese is perfectly browned and the crust tastes very good. DiscoDaddy's Double Pepperoni, actually has 2 kinds of pepperoni which creates an amazing texture and his Spicy Italian Sausage is made from big balls of Italian sausage and a secret spicy sauce.

DiscoHunny thinks Pizzo Pizza's vegetarian pizza is fresh, tasty, and never oily. Pizzo Pizza's specialty take-out pizzas are great as well, but DiscoDaddy will leave that for another review.

Pizzo Pizza, the best pizza in Vancouver! No one other take-out joint comes close!

DiscoDaddy has left the dance floor.

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