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DinesterCambie VancouverSince November 17, 20093 Reviews
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Bon Cafe4909 Main Street, Vancouver
Your friendly neighbourhood Vietnamese Place
Submitted Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - 11:15pm [Dine in]

Nice little neighbourhood place run by a friendly family. The family, especially the husband, makes you feel at home.

Certainly not the best Vietnamese food by any means, but a solid choice for those days when you need some no fuss comfort food - Vietnamese style. I usually come for dinner when I feel too lazy to cook and just want fast, cheap, consistent and friendly. Bon fits the bill.

We always get our tea right away and the food usually arrives about 5 minutes later, always fresh and tasty.

My favourite is the Beef Stew. You get it with either rice or bread. The stew is thick and rich, and well balanced in flavour. I judge a stew by the carrots. The carrots are good - infused with loads of flavour yet not at all mushy.

The pho is standard fare. It's good stuff though. I only wish the noodles were a little bit more chewy. I usually go for the Hue Spicy Noodle soup because it has more bite, but that's just my personal preference for spicy soups over regular pho.

The meat dishes have good flavour, especially the lemongrass chicken, but once in awhile it can be a bit grisly. Sandwiches are pretty good too, but again occassionaly found the meat a bit grisly. Spring rolls decent, could do with more flavour.

Overall a solid choice and a safe bet.

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  • Ambiance
Atithi Indian Cuisine2445 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Disappointed. Not very authentic
Submitted Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 11:11pm [Dine in]

I was so excited about trying Atithi after reading the glowing reviews on dinehere. So we came one Friday for dinner. What a disappointment.

The flavours of the curry seemed off. Like the food was geared toward a Western palate rather than an East Indian palate. The focus seemed less on the food and more on presentation (and selling wine). There just wasn't that deep integration of flavours you would normally see from this type of food. We should have been tipped off to the type of restaurant this was by the lack of curry smells coming from the kitchen.

The samosas were decent enough and well presented. Just too plain jane for my liking though, and the spices tasted like they were thrown in as an afterthought.

I suppose my expectations were already too high even before we arrived. It's not a terrible place. I have to say the hostess and waitress were wonderful, at first. The hostess greeted us right away and poured water fairly quickly, but they seemed to get more and more disorganized as the restauarant got busier.

When it came time for the bill, we had to wave them down and it's not a big place. We tried to wave down the waitress again to take our credit card, but they seemed distracted now that the restaurant was full. We ended up digging for change to pay our bill and just left.

Ambience and service wise, it's a decent place for a date. I just wouldn't come here expecting fantastic food.

Oh, and the food gave us both heartburn. Needless to say we won't be going back.

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Kingston 11 Reggae Cafe1336 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver
Caution. Highly addictive!
Submitted Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 10:25pm [Dine in]

We have been coming to Kingston 11 for a couple years now. Although we don't live in the neighbourhood, we still make it a point to cross a couple bridges at least once a month to have their jerk chicken. The jerk chicken is that addictive.

The jerk chicken is by far their standout dish. The spice level can be intimiating, but there's also a heavy dose of flavour behind the heat. It's definitely not boring. I can usually still taste the flavours long after a meal - it's a refreshing, licorice-ey kind of aftertaste. The chicken is usually grilled like meat cooked on the grill should be, very moist and succulent, with nicely charred skin and flavours infused into the entire piece of meat. Not like some other places where the flavour is only skin deep. I find that a bottle of ginger beer (or two) helps with the spice.

Actually I find all the food here is delicous. The stew chicken, jerk pork (even spicier than the jerk chicken), oxtail, and curry goat are all excellent. I'm not into the fish, but I'm also not into deepfried whole fish in general. Good patties too.

I can't say I've never had a bad meal here. There's been a bad batch here or there, or once in a while the food would have sat around a little too long for my liking. But overall the food is excellent.

I am far from an expert on jerk chicken, but I can tell that this is good food. For frame of reference, I have tried jerk chicken in Toronto, Miami and Vancouver. The jerk was good in Toronto, but I still prefer Kingston 11. Not impressed with other Vancouver jerk places - Riddum n Spice, Lion's Den, that other place on Commercial Drive, The Reef and a couple others.

The food is great. Service is friendly and laidback. That's why I keep coming back time and again.

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