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dineouteverydayVancouver (east)Since August 4, 20102 Reviews
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Troll's at Horseshoe Bay6408 Bay Street, West Vancouver
Submitted Saturday, August 14, 2010 - 11:51pm [Dine in]

My friends and I ordered the famous Troll's fish and chips. It was the WORST FISH AND CHIPS that we ate. The fish (Cod) were not fresh, and they were fried in old oil, turned the batter, a dark colour.. The fish was about 1 inch in thickness, with a hard dark brown batter. Not only was the oil not fresh, the fish and chips were left in the hot oil for way too long. We all had heart-burn, after eating the fish and chip. The cost of 3 pieces of cod and chips came to $13.38 per person. We should had returned the bad food and get a refund, but my friends did not want to creat a scene, so we vow never to go back and to let everyone know hot bad their food is. WARNING DO NOT ORDER THE FISH AND CHIPS !

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Congee Noodle House141 E Broadway, Vancouver
warning: this restaurant cheats on the HST & BILLING
Submitted Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - 1:38pm [Dine in]

Last week, 3 of my friends went to Congree Noodle house for an evening snack. The restaurant was 1/2 full and the male owner was at the cash till. We ordered a extra large bowl of congree, a small dish of fried fish, a deep fried "donut" and a small meat dish to share between the 4 of us. When we got the bill, we discovered that the bill was overcharged $6.00 plus HST!....$2.00 for each of the items, except for the donut. We grabbed the menu off the small cabinet beside us to verified the amount and found that we were right. We got the waitress, and she said that she made a mistake. Took the bill and made a $2.00 adjustment on the hand-written bill for the congree. She said that they made a mistake on the price. We pointed the $2.00 extra charges on the other 2 items, and she took the bill back to her boss to make another adjustment. She explained that we were charged for a larger sized dishes and that is why they were more expenses....we were upset and show her the menu, to say there was only one size for these other 2 dishes. To Cheat us was bad enough, but to LIE to us was unexcessable.

We told our other friends and they said that they were also overcharged in the past by this restaurant. We never check the prices on the bill only the number of items. From now on, we will be checking the items, and the prices. We will not be going back to this restaurant and will warn others about the dishonest owners.

We also knew that the bill would not be reported to Revenue Canada, because it is a cash only bill and it could not be traced. We checked with our friends from Revenue Canada and they said that the restaurant would most likely be cheating the TAX department.

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