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d.e.x.Kitislano, VancouverSince July 23, 20102 Reviews
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1.5 (1.5)
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Moxie's Classic Grill1160 Davie St, Vancouver
Charred-black hockey puck burgers anyone?
Submitted Friday, September 23, 2011 - 9:40pm [Dine in]

Just got back in from a horrendous experience at this location on Davie st. after a long day at work, my partner and I wanted a good burger and fries to end the week. After walking around and facing several other places being too busy or lined up, we ended up at the Moxie's ,which in the past we have frequented often and never had a bad experience. After being seated by our beyond ditzy and vapid hostess, we were greeted by our zombie- like server. We both ordered basic burgers and yam fries. After about 15 min our food comes out and I notice right off the bat, in the dim lighting, that the meat on my burger looks really dark. On closer inspection I realize that it is completely charred black to the point of crumbling to charcoal on the edges and smelling like a dirty BBQ grate. My partner notices the same fate for his burger and I call over the server to tell him that my food is inedible, to which he replies: " do you want me to take it away.....?".... No, I thought I'd just tell you this and then eat the lump of coal- wtf?! My partner says his is fine and is too hungry to wait for a new, burger and I say to just forget about it, I'll just eat my fries. A moment later, the manager comes out and apologizes profusely and convinces me to let him send out a new one promising it will be perfect( and taken off the bill).. I accepted, thinking that it was very nice and professional for the manager to come out and remedy the situation so promptly. A moment later, my partner realizes that his burger is also charred beyond belief and pulls all the meat out of the burger and eats the bun and fixings, because he is so hungry.. When the manager comes out with my new burger and sees the sad black chunks of "meat" on my partner's plate, he says that the whole meal will be comped tonight- thank god! At this point I'm so aggravated and just want to leave, and then realize the new burger is a olny slightly less charred version of the original- really??? How does quality control slip to a point that such godawful food is allowed to leave the kitchen in the first place, but then to be repeated even under the managers supervision and served by himself? After many years of patronage, we will not be returning, and as hair salon owners, we will be sure to share this story with our clients.

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Hi-Nippon Japanese Restaurant2274 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Good if you've never had real japanese food or fresh fish before
Submitted Thursday, July 22, 2010 - 10:47pm [Dine in]

Went here again tonite after sayin the last time(again) would be never again!! We have come here over the last year, out of sheer convenience or desperation due to it being located across the street from us, and left everytime saying"WHY??" Well this time will truly be the last we go(for real this time). My first complaint is the service, or lack thereof. Indifferent, sour faced girls who look like they hate their lives. I've never felt like tipping more than 2 bucks here, and other times have left no tip at all. Second, the food...ugh! I've read mostly positive reviews here and cannot understand why? My only thought is that the masses out there are satisifed with average or even sub-par food or their taste buds are so deadened by the typical processed crap diet that most people eat..but anyways- my issues with the food are:
1) HOT RICE on sushi!! there's nothing i find more revolting than biting into a piece of cold raw fish and having a wad of hot,sticky rice squish in my mouth-unacceptable and has happened a few times to me there
2) the rice,again, has a strange, funky flavour that leaves an after taste and is way too sweet
3)fish not fresh and clean tasting- it always has just a slightly "off" flavour and texture to me
I guess if you like all the deep fried stuff and teriyaki sauce, this restaurant will do, but this is NOT Japanese food...its poor quality Chinese food fair food at best. I guess I'll go to sleep tonite listening to my stomach groan in protest trying to digest this filth i ate once again...

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