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danndeeSurrey , B.C.Since July 17, 20072 Reviews
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Jolly Mac's Pub14815 108 Avenue, Surrey
Have spent thousands of $$$ there over the years there but will never go back ever!
Submitted Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 11:25am [Dine in]

Spencer needs to have a serious talk with the serving staff at Jolly Macs Pub. The place has hit the skids. I went in yesterday got a total bad attitude from the blonde guy behind the bar blowing up balloons. He was downright rude. We have spent so much money there over the years with Fundraisers upstairs to having a fun evening downstairs and even after work we drop in for a few. We are fantastic tippers too. We have also spent a fortune in the liquor store over the years as well and have purchased gift certificates from Jolly Macs too.This blonde bartender was so rude behind the bar I would have fired him on the spot. Several months ago we were in the Pub as well and a heavy set waitress mistook me for " some guy " and his friends skipping out on their bill. She too has has given us some attitude ever since. We do not skip out on our bills and believe me we have money. Were not those kinds of people!! She said I sure looked like the guy....Whatever.
We were to go to Jolly Macs for dinner and drinks on March March 21st, 2013 all 9 of us for a Birthday but we have decided to go to Guildford Staton instead. Friendlier serving staff.... Jolly Macs loss not ours.
We were looking as well at doing YET ANOTHER fundraiser at the beginning of May upstairs but Jolly Macs has been scratched from the list and when I got home yesterday I contacted several pubs in the area that expressed interest so thats what we will be doing.
I travel to many cities for my job and so many establishments cannot do enough for a " The Customer " Some of Jolly Macs staff seem to give you the impression we are doing " Them " a favor.
Well were done with Jolly Macs and will never step foot in the place again. There are too many other good places in Surrey to patronize that appreciate the business.

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Majestic Restaurant & Lounge, The1138 Davie Street, Vancouver
Majestic this is not at all!
Submitted Tuesday, July 17, 2007 - 11:37am [Dine in]

Well I have been there now 4 times and I will not go back.I always try to support new restaurants but this one i will not.First visit the server asked us what Clamato Juice was.Second time thet forgot our order.Third time the nacho's were so overcooked I could we sent them back. Fourth time the waitress forgot our beer not once but twice! I know there are grwoing pains but this is nonsense.They have Joan-E running the show but I don't think this individual has the persona for this type of enviroment.What experince does he have running a restaurant?? If I want a good meal I will go to the Keg or Hy's or Hamburger mary's for that matter. Should have stayed as Fresgo Inn! We who spend money like crazy at the clubds were not even allowed into the Grand Opening......Majestic will never get an ounce of my business again and I HAVE MONEY TO SPEND.

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