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Dalibor RKitchener ONSince April 3, 20151 Review
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Pita Factory170 West University Avenue, #26, Waterloo
Very Rude Owners
Submitted Thursday, April 2, 2015 - 6:59pm [Dine in]

I wanted to share my experience at Pita Factory in Waterloo on University Avenue. I've been going to this location for over 5 years on bi-weekly basis. I have honestly never had but the best experience with the staff there - they are always friendly and kind. However, today was very different. Instead of the regular staff members that are usually on duty, I got to meet the store manager. He was very rude to the customers and has lost my business as of today.
I already felt the frustration when I overheard how the store manager spoke to the customer in front of me who was an older gentleman. The customer had a Pita Factory stamp card that was from a different location. Instead of politely telling him that the card would not be accepted at the University location or has explained to the gentleman how the stamp cards work, he spoke to him in a very demeaning tone as he told him that he will accept the card in such a way that he is doing him a favour. I tried to ignore it and proceeded to make my order. It is at the point when I was about to get my toppings that everything went wrong. I have never ordered food and experienced such stinginess as I have today at this location.
The store manager was so cheap - he gave me barely any toppings. When I say "barely" that's exactly what I mean - no word of a lie he gave me 5 little squares of tomatoes. When I asked if I could get a little bit more tomatoes, he responded to me in a very rude tone that it will cost me extra. Paying more for the "extra" toppings was besides the point at this time. First of all, there is no way what I asked for could have been considered "extra" - it was bare minimum. I explained to him that I have never paid extra for a few more tomatoes. He responded by saying that he has been there in the last three days and has not seen me...I was appalled at this point. This is definitely not the right way to deal with customers especially because I have tried to ignore all of his comments and continued to be polite. However, at this point, I called him cheap. It was only then he said he would put on a few extra tomatoes.
What an experience. It was no longer about the extra toppings. I took my money back. This place will not see me again. Trust me, if I can take time out of my night to write a post regarding my experience at this location, you better believe it.
Isn't it crazy how one bad experience at a place you have been going to for years can leave such a bad taste in your mouth??
I hope he gets to read this so that he can learn how to treat his customers.

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