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cynthreabRenton, WASince April 3, 20072 Reviews
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Mario's Kitchen1105 56 Street, Delta
Chain(?) Restaurant Has a Variety
Submitted Tuesday, April 3, 2007 - 5:00pm [Dine in]

Not getting hungry until around Delta, we stopped at Mario's Kitchen, which we thought was Italian (and which we settled on because the Indian restaurant in the mini-mall was closed for lunch). We were surprised when the menu turned up an eclectic mix including jambalaya pasta and Mediterranean chicken burgers and, the special of the day, barbequed chicken quesadillas served with Caesar salad (of sorts). We decided up the stuffed mushroom caps as an appetizer and, chain restaurant or not, this was a huge hit for both of us. The barbequed chicken quesadillas were stuffed with chicken, but was overly sweet. The accompanying salsa was watery and resembled a slightly spicy ketchup more than a pico de gallo. Not something we'd order again even as a special. Our Caesar salads were tasty, but consisted of lettuce, croutons, and parmesan with lemon on the side. Who ever heard of a Caesar salad without at least tomatoes - and if not olives, mozzarella, onion, and possibly pieces of prosciutto or salami? [We wondered if BC were in the midst of a tomato shortage or something...] My Mediterranean beef burger (cheaper than chicken and my personal favorite) resembled a gyro on a bun and was extremely tasty indeed. We switched halfway through as my husband had been craving Greek food - and he snarfed the remaining burger up in around three bites! We were a bit taken back when our bill (he'd also had root beer) was more than our previous night's dinner for two at Kimono at almost $30. Other observations: another group who had arrived after us got their food before we did and most of the folks were retirement age (although we figured that was mainly due to it being 2ish on a weekday).

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Kimono Japanese Restaurant869 Hornby Street, Vancouver
Good Value, Good Food, Good Service
Submitted Tuesday, April 3, 2007 - 4:45pm [Dine in]

Although this was not the best Japanese restaurant ever, the food was quite enjoyable - and there was plenty of it. It was a Sunday night (04/01/07) and the special was a dinner for two (although I unfortunately don't have the exact names for everything): a whole fish, rice, noodle pickle (some sort of pickle with rice noodles, carrots, greens, and mandarin orange), miso soup, 6 pieces of salmon skin roll, three kinds with the raw fish on top, tempura (including 2 shrimp and the rest vegetable), and tea - all for $19.99! Although the pickle seemed a bit frozen in the right hand corner, it was rather tasty. Everything else was good - and we were both full. Our tea was refilled very periodically, the waitress was very gracious (including answering questions about the food), and we were always asked if everything were okay and whether we needed anything else. I overheard the sushi chef remark that sometimes fish can not be had fresh - and when that's the case, he tells the customers so. He went on to discuss the prerequisites for freezing fish for sushi use - and advising against doing it at home due to the inability of most home freezers to reach the necessary temperatures. The tempura was a bit greasy, but it is deep fried, so not too unusual. Unlike another reviewer, neither of us smelled anything untoward and were ecstatic to get such solid food at such a bargain price. Oh, and the bathrooms were clean - although not spotless. We would definitely go here - and would feel comfortable taking friends or relatives here.

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