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cybercinN VancouverSince November 24, 20092 Reviews
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Marina Grill1653 Columbia St., North Vancouver
Brunch Gone Bad to Worse!
Submitted Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 8:02pm [Dine in]

A friend and I have met for Sunday Brunch at the Marina Grill for a number of years, it would give us the opportunity to chat over coffee, and get caught up on things. We had always been satisfied with the food and service..that is until a few weeks ago.

When I first arrived, there was a small group waiting. When I politely asked the waitress if she would like my name, as done in the past- she briskly replied "We don't take reservations". ( ?? So, with a group of people waiting, it makes it easy for someone else to go ahead of everyone else, because there isn't any order!).

When it was time to be seated, I asked if we could be seated at an empty table by the window. The waitress answered "It's being held." (?? It's being held..yet they don't take reservations??) We were then seated at a table close to the entrance. When a different waitress came to the table, I asked if we could be moved to a table in the corner. She agreed, and then I noticed the other waitress question her why she moved us. I also noticed the other waitress seat a couple at the table by the window that we had just requested. So, I mentioned to her that in the past, if a table was empty, you could be seated at that particular table. Now, we were told there "are no reservations, yet the table is being held- which doesn't make sense. The waitress' answer for that was, "We do it differently now, so we can balance out the sections" (This is the only time I've been in a restaurant that didn't take reservations, that you can't sit at an empty table)

My friend and I have always had a few cups of coffee prior to ordering. This time was different, out of the blue the manager shows up and says "I have to take your order now." I asked why the rush- there were empty tables in the restaurant. She said she wanted to make sure 'we weren't just ordering coffee".She then added if we were only just planning to have coffee, we should have it at a table in the lounge, otherwise if were ordering food, she would be coming back in a few minutes to take the order.

I assured her we had fully intended on ordering a meal, and would be placing that order in a few minutes. ( I don't recall seeing a sign at the table or on the wall saying there is a half hour time limit to place your order,otherwise you can't sit at a table with a drink chatting) Again, there were plenty of empty tables there!

After we placed our orders, and the meals arrived- my friends poached egg had a green fleck on it. When she brought it to the managers' attention, she nonchalantly said "Oh, it's probably a piece of parsley." (There was nothing else on her plate with parsley on, which made us wonder where it came from- and what it could be)
She took the plate away, and when she brought back a new one she said "I guess this isn't the restaurant for you."

Excuse me?! (Is something important being missed here?! It's customers that are their bread and butter, that patronize their establishment, and that keep them in business.) We were absolutely shocked hearing "This isn't the restaurant for you", after we had being going there for years! What an ignorant and rude comment!

After the meal, we asked the manager who we could complain to above her, and she answered "Write to the Squamish nation, they own the land." No apology given for her appalling attitude. We each left behind a note, mentioning the waitress was nice, however because of the managers behavior- there would be no gratuity.

After many years of dining at this restaurant, and bringing out of town guests a number of times, I will NEVER return due to this experience, and I hope no one else has one like it. I would not recommend it to anyone In fact, in my 56 years, I have never had treatment like this. I've had many jobs in the service sector, and learned the customer is number one. You have to be careful how you talk to someone, as you never know who they might be, or connections they may have.

There are a number of restaurants on the North Shore that offer good service- so you don't have to spend your hard earned cash, settling for far below satisfactory service at the Marina Grill!

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Raven Pub, The1052 Deep Cove Road, North Vancouver
..No longer Raven-ous.
Submitted Wednesday, November 25, 2009 - 1:41am [Dine in]

Several years ago, I would have rated awesome in every category. I, and a group of friends had gone there regularly going back 15 years, and business was booming then.
Now due to mismanagement, it's deteriorated to beyond lousy.(Not just my opinion, but other locals I've spoken to) The past few times, I was there with my partner, on both occasions (different servers), he was brought the wrong meal. Once, the length of time to be served was excruiating long. Another occasion, the server totally ignored our table, and spent her time talking to some male patrons. Service was slow, and when that was reflected in the tip, she acted rude. Should someone even be compensated for lack of service?!
I'm a believer in O.K., maybe it was off-times, and giving a place a second chance. Call me stupid..but for nostalgic memories of when it was top-notch, and mistakedly thinking things would probably turn around.
A group of friends & I got together to celebrate my birthday. I asked for a recommendation for a carafe of white wine. The server recommended a certain white she said was popular,they didn't normally serve by carafe, but offered to do it. She brought a complimentary shot, which was nice. Everything was great... till the bill arrived.

Two carafes were billed at 22.95 each..while a bottle would have been 29.95..just a few dollars difference..and then noticed while all other carafes were 12.50, this one was marked n/a on the menu. She said that's because it's a popular wine, and no way could they adjust the price. The friend & strongly felt when it was recommended, we should have been told what the price was, since it was twice what the others were, wasn't on the menu. and the server had suggested it. Had we known, then we'd have the choice to order the bottle or a different carafe.
I then spoke to the manager, who also was defensive,saying we should have asked.. but at least asked what I wanted them to do now. I then replied, adjust the price to the same as the other carafes.
..Which isn't unreasonable..we're talking a difference of $10 each, not much considering the profits taken in with the cost of liquor... You'd think it would be more important to restore goodwill and keep a customer satisfied. Instead she took off 25% saying "That's all we can do". rather than saying, "Sorry for the misunderstanding, we'll adjust it for this time" and everything would have been OK, and instead would have ended up being a great birthday.
What happened to 'the customer is always right?' It's the customer who pays to keep the business going..
When I paid the bill, I decided to leave off the tip. Here's the icing on the cake... The server, seeing that, slapped the bill back on the table, storming off.
It wasn't about the money, but the principle.
..Service training is so important, and I think sometimes this is lost in establishments, people working become complacent, and then have a don't-give-a shit attitude. Servers give mediocre at best service, yet expect compensation.
My recommendation? There are alot of other establishments around. If you decide to have a night out, I would spend your hard earned cash somewhere else.

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