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CWTri-Cities, British ColumbiaSince January 24, 20121 Review
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Sango Japanese Fusion Restaurant110 Brew St., #5, Port Moody
Why eat here?
Submitted Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - 3:39pm [Dine in]

The only reason to eat at Sango is if someone has given you a gift card and you like them enough not to waste their not-fully-thought-out gift. I had lunch there with my hubby and while he ordered some sort of mostly-undentifiable combination plate, I ordered miso soup, a Victoria Roll and the Maso Cali, but only after enquiring about the "Chef's Special" I noticed on the board when walking in. I was informed that they don't do that there--really? Take the sign down then! While the miso soup was quite good and hot, much like I make myself at home, the rest of my lunch was memoriable only for what was missing from it--flavour! The Victoria roll was a combination of yam tempura (undercooked) and avocado (not ripe) rolled in rice with some sort of drizzle on top. I was expecting the drizzle to be salty/spicy/tangy to offset the creaminess of the yam and avocado--instead it was just, dare I say it--just brown and without any real flavour. Given the place had few lunch patrons, I'm not sure why the roll was cut so unevenly--what was the rush? The Maso Cali was outstanding in it's boringness--I've had better at the mall. This restaurant suffers from more than poor taste, though. The service is slow, uninformed (it's not my fault it's your first day, is it?) and poorly trained. Plating is a huge issue here--the plates are enormous. Our table for 4 was quickly overwhelmed with serving dishes and there were just 2 of us! I enjoy good food presentation, it's part of what makes eating out a treat, but in this case, there was much more plate than food and using chipped plates is just a no no. On my hubby's uber large plate there was this piece of cut up plastic--too busy to slice up a cucumber or something edible? It's the little things too that are missing, like straining the tea so I don't have to pick pieces out of my teeth and don't ask me if I want the change back, just give it to me and I'll leave it myself if I'm so moved. Why eat here? Yes, why eat here-- regift the Sango card and drive up the hill to Fuji for some really outstanding, traditional Japanese.

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