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CVMKitsilano, VancouverSince January 13, 20087 Reviews
Average Rating
4 (4.2)
  • Food4 (4.1)
  • Service4 (3.9)
  • Value4.5 (4.5)
  • Ambiance4 (4)


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Cravings Restaurant + Lounge8808 Osler Street, Vancouver
Amazing service and help with allergies
Submitted Friday, August 26, 2011 - 6:27pm [Dine in]

We wanted to grab a good bite before heading to the ferries as we can't stand the food on the boat. We tried Cravings at the suggestion of a gal at Aunt Leahs Society (great org) but wasn't sure if they would be able to handle our group with some being non-dairy and another vegetarian. We called ahead the day before and the gal who answered the phone had the patience of a saint as she went through my options and even asked the chef and called back about cedrtain items.

When we arrived we found a gorgeous restaurant with plenty of seating and a patio - great vibe. The staff was very friendly and as luck would have it the same gal was working that day and took such good care of us I hardly know what to say.

The food was fresh, the deliscious fries (both the potatao and the yam) were not greasy, really good veggie burger and the crab cakes were devine! super beet salad too. We enjoyed ourselves silly and will return again soon!

Awesome way to load up before hitting the ferry.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
3G Vegetarian Restaurant3424 Cambie St, Vancouver
Simply the best veggie restaurant in Vancouver + all day dim sum!
Submitted Tuesday, June 29, 2010 - 10:24am [Dine in]

I was so sick and tired of the bad service and mediocre food at all of the veggie places in Vancouver - until 3G arrived. such great food, sweet service, and clean bathrooms!

Kind of silly name, but turns out it stands for something good - Graciousness, Gratefulness and Generosity.
This fits to a tee. or should I say G times 3.

I have been many times now and have never had anything but a good time.
Its clean and not over lit like some places. the staff is very attentive and great with suggestions.
The daikon cakes (from the all day dim sum menu!) are the most comfortng tasty items ever.
the sweet and sour faux chicken, incredible.
and if you are dragging a meat eater along, you must order the drumsticks. unbeliveable really.

this is the closest i have come to lotus pond in victoria and i am so glad they are here in Vancouver.

Go before they close due to lack of customers, so hard to keep a veggie place going, but it would be criminal for this new restaurant to perish.


  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Fritz European Fry House718 Davie Street, Vancouver
great late night fries!
Submitted Wednesday, May 28, 2008 - 12:11pm [Dine in]

as a vegetarian (no dairy either) its kinda hard to get fed after late night boozing. pizza is out.

but these guys make the best fries ever! hand cut and timed in the fryer to make sure they are perfect. love all the dips...especially the mango chuty mayo and the garlic lovers. the gravy is mushroom instead of meat - yeay! just need ot bring in my own vegan cheese and i could have poutine again! there poutine is excellent i hear from friends.

a family run affair, if you treat them right you will be treated very well. they have had some staff trouble of late, but if its one of the familyyour service is amazing. they care about what they do and have a rather good sense of humour for folks who feed late night crowds every day.

they are open to at least 2:30 am ever night except monday - til 8pm.

they play cheesy radio tunes which i guiltily love.

no bathroom, but there is a great park with public bathroom across the street.
the ceilings are nice and high so you dont feel like you are hanging out in the deepfryer.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Annapurna1926 W. 4th Avenue, Vancouver
vegan indian food is almost impossible to find - thank you!
Submitted Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 5:38pm [Dine in]

vegan indian food is almost impossible to find - so thank you annapurna! sure the service is slow, and the bathroom sure could use a paint job.. but otherwise the vibe is warm and relaxing, the food is delicious, the price is right and most importantly, i can eat there!

they should mark what is vegan - or can be made vegan - on the menu..but i am just glad its possible. although its easy to find vegetarian indian food, finding it without ghee or butter or cheese of any kind is almost impossible.

this place has been a real treat. i recommend the mustard greens.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Green Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant560 Johnson St, 5, Victoria
great community feel - and great place to stock up
Submitted Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 5:01pm [Dine in]

green cuisine isnt just a restaurant, its a community set in the sweetest spot in victoria - market square.

huge family friendly place. lots of seating and sections so you dont have to sit next to the family (hehehe)
its by weight so a little expensive if you like beets, and i do.

great variety, changes regularly, outstanding deserts, and they sell their basics like tempeh and wheat cutlets at amazing prices. the wheat cutlets are the meateaters answer to chicken and beef. i have impressed many a meat eating friend with the taste and texture of them, and such a great price. stock up whenever you go in.

the vitality vinigarette is my fave. slald greens are cheaper by the 100 grams so its a great item to put on your plate. love that they serve the fries and charge by the bowl as they are heavy but tasty.

their cookbook is a great primer for animal free cooking - my mum even bought two of them and she is a good old fashioned english woman.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Rebar50 Bastion Square, Victoria
not vegetarian, crappy service, food is okay.
Submitted Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 4:56pm [Dine in]

why do people keep calling this a vegetarian restaurant? last time i checked fish had eyes.

and the service is so bad that i kick myself for returning each time. i will try to redirect the next time a friend wants to go there.

the food is okay, but expensive for what it is.

cute decor just aint enough.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Lotus Pond, The617 Johnson St, Victoria
Last Supper would be here...
Submitted Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 4:52pm [Dine in]

if i was ordering my 'last supper' i would go to lotus pond for the shitake mushroom delight, a zillion turnip cakes (weird name i know, but wow) and perhaps the mock seafood bowl. its simply the best vegan eats i have had in bc.

the half price lunch buffet is beyond a good deal.
them fake chicken balls take me way back without the food colouring and rubbery cruelty.

the service is attentive and kind, they somehow alwyas recognize us on the phone or in person even tho we cant afford to go out for dinner very often.

we moved to vancouver recently and so many evenings we say - wouldnt it be great to go to lotus pond?

missing it very much. go as soon as you get the chance.

(and yup, the ambiance isnt all that, but thats not why i eat there)

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance