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Bella Roma Pizzeria & Ristorante4460 W. 10th Ave, Vancouver
BEWARE: left items off our delivery order and refused to fix it or refund our money!!
Submitted Friday, March 2, 2012 - 11:20pm [Take-out]

We ordered from this restaurant through OrderIt.ca, for home delivery. Upon receiving our order, we noticed that our two desserts ($14 worth of food) were not in the bag, despite the fact that they were listed on the receipt attached to the bag.

We phoned the restaurant, who completely refused to accept any responsibility for the error, and advised us that we would have to seek a refund through OrderIt.ca. We told them that we did not want a refund, we just wanted our dessert, and they said that they do not deliver to the downtown core. The person we spoke to on the phone was acting as an intermediary between us and the owner/boss, and refused to pass the phone to him so that we could actually speak to somebody who would be empowered to help us.

We finished the conversation and proceeded to call OrderIt.ca, whose customer service office was closed. We phoned back the restaurant and advised them of this, and they still refused to make good on their error. We have paid $14 for an item that this restaurant omitted from our order and now refuses to provide to us. They will not give us a refund and claim that they have no responsibility whatsoever to fix the problem because we did not order directly through them.

HOWEVER, it was the restaurant that received and packed the order, and the order (including the receipt) specified that there was to be two desserts. This was the restaurant's error, and not an error of OrderIt.ca.

A good restaurant would have done what they could do to fix the problem, even if that meant going outside their delivery area to make good on something they were supposed to provide. These guys were not only rude and unhelpful, but did not take responsibility for a grievous error that has resulted in a customer being charged for items they did not receive.

I would NEVER eat at or order from this restaurant again, and I certainly hope that OrderIt.ca will cease its dealings with this dishonest business owner.

And for what it's worth, the food was completely mediocre, which only added insult to injury.

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Kakurenbou Japanese Dining793 Jervis Street, Vancouver
Beautiful restaurant, but the value for money is just not there
Submitted Sunday, June 15, 2008 - 2:01pm [Dine in]

This restaurant is a brand spanking new addition to the Robson St. area izakaya scene. Always in pursuit of this city's hidden gems, I was excited to find that it had finally opened.

First impression upon entering: The place is tiny and beautifully appointed. Dark, luxurious woods, ambient lighting and an intimate layout make this a great place to take a date. There is also a bright and sunny glassed-in "patio" upfront. Staff were very friendly, welcoming and professional. The restaurant was much quieter than your average izakaya joint - no yelling out to greet the customers, no noisy large groups. In fact, it was quite upscale and relaxing (but please, nix the Kenny G!)

My main complaint is that the price point is way too high for the quality/quantity of food offered. I say this having visited several other izakaya restaurants in the area, so I believe I have a solid basis of comparison.

Green tea, which is gratus at most Asian restaurants, was $3. A glass of iced oolong was $3.50, no refills, and the glass was actually about half the size I expected it to be. Dishes average at around $10 for tapas sized plates, with some of the meat dishes edging up above the $20 mark. The quantity of food simply does not justify the price, nor does the quality. For example, I ordered the agedashi tofu (at $9.50) and was presented with three pieces of tofu in a very large bowl. Tasty, indeed, but a lot of money for very little tofu. The other dishes we ordered were in fact quite mediocre. The teriyaki chicken came with four tiny (about 1.5" squared) pieces of dark meat chicken on a plate of greens. Not a whole lot of food for the $11 or so dollars. My date and I shared five dishes, which ran us $75 including tip, and we were absolutely STARVING an hour later. We'd have needed twice the amount of food in order to be satisfied (and neither one of us are particularly voracious eaters). The food is nicely presented, but not knock-your-socks-off beautiful, like some other local places. There was no "wow" factor in any of it.

Service was fantastic. Our server was prompt and polite, and was very interested to know how we were enjoying our meal. She was there when we needed her, but not so much as to be intrusive.

So, to recap: Prices are high for what you get. The quality, quantity and presentation need to be improved, or else the prices should be lowered a few bucks a plate. There's a ton of competition in the area, and this restaurant is going to have to work hard to stay competitive What they do have going for them is their intimate atmosphere. If they could improve the food, I would definitely eat there over some of the noisier, more crowded places, but for now, I'll take the crowds in exchange for beautiful, tasty and satisfying food.

As this restaurant is brand new and probably still trying to find their legs, I will return in a month or two to give them another shot.

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