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CourtChanVancouverSince August 3, 20114 Reviews
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2 (1.8)
  • Food2 (1.8)
  • Service2 (1.8)
  • Value1.5 (1.3)
  • Ambiance2.5 (2.3)


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Charlie Don't Surf15011 Marine Drive, White Rock
I will never eat here again
Submitted Monday, September 3, 2012 - 1:38pm [Dine in]

This restaurant has got to have the worst service I have ever seen. The food is just mediocre, but my girlfriends and I waited over 30 minutes for our food to arrive, when the restaurant wasn't even busy! To top it off, our server spent his time chatting to the bartender instead of serving us. He was rude, and didn't apologize for the horrible service he gave us. He rudely walked through us and did not even treat us like customers.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is not bad. Very beachy and if the service and quality of the food improved, I would come back. But to the owner of this restaurant, I highly recommend you train your servers correctly and teach them some manners.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Richmond Sushi8388 Capstan Way, #1488, Richmond
Deluxe Menu, or Just go Home.
Submitted Sunday, September 2, 2012 - 11:08pm [Dine in]

Today is my 11 months with my girlfriend and we decided to give this restaurant a visit. Right when we got in, we were greeted nicely and they gave us adequate amount of time to choose which menu to go with. We end up choosing the deluxe menu, strictly because there was a much larger selection of sashimi/meat. Speaking the truth, it was a little pricey for 1 person to start, but my baby and I was craving for some sushi tonight; and that’s all it matter.

Note: the * are the items that are at limited quantity/ we asked the server if it will be available tonight before getting started as I assumed these are the star items of the menu and they will most definitely give off a “wow” impression. Confirmed by the server, we insisted to try, otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen the deluxe.

We ordered the sashimi to start. Tai, salmon, sockeye, geoduck*, sweet prawns*, tuna, surf clams, black peppered tuna, and beef tataki. Also, the legendary ebi sunomono to get me and my girlfriend' appetite started.

The ebi sunomono was “meh”. I’ve had better for sure. It was bland, too much overcooked noodles, in a bland vinegar dressing.
The food came shortly, immediately I realized the fish seemed very fresh, nice texture, cold enough but not frozen. It tasted really good, the geoduck was crunchy (like pig ear-like texture), but most of the pieces were cut too small to actually taste the sweetness of the geoduck. After a while, the geoduck tasted really nothing but fishy-taste, not the type of “sashimi geoduck” I’ve had at a Chinese restaurant. I was fairly disappointed by the geoduck, because that was one of the main dishes that made me go with the deluxe menu. The sweet prawns were nothing more than just some normal shrimps, nothing special about it, did not taste anything special. The tai sashimi, was a little different from what I usually see. Other places i've had them they looked really white and thinly sliced, but the ones that was served had hints of red and brownish on it. With that said, it still tasted pretty good to me, but my gf said it tasted a little fishy.

I ended up ordering, more beef tataki because it "Wow" me. It was sliced really thin, and it was nicely flavored. It melts in your mouth, it tasted good, but I suggest you ordering 30slices, because it actually taste that good, and they are thinly sliced, so not a lot of meat.
The blackpepper tuna tasted delicious, seared on the outside, raw on the inside, seasoned with black pepper. Isn't it funny how food can taste so much better with pepper? And that brings a question, how come I dont see alot of pepper used in japanese cuisine?

My second batch, I got the Deepfried scallops, tempura, newyork steak on skewer, oyster motoyaki, chicken wings, black cod, halibut.

Im not sure if the scallops are real scallops or the imitation crab-type of of meat. It just didn’t taste like a scallop or had no real flavour to it but deep fried. Tempura was mediocre, a lot of batter on it. New York steak on skewer was not bad, it tasted good, nicely cooked, definitely a flavour punch in this one. Oyster motoyaki and chicken wings, black cod, and halibut all disappointed gravely. Usually the oyster and the chicken wings should be atleast mediocre at any AYCE sushi restaurant, but all I can tell you is, I’ve never tasted a chicken wing as bland as the one I had tonight. I thought the black cod and halibut would give me a kick in flavour, but it was just overcooked/dry. Nothing special about those 2 dishes… but such a shame, because I’ve actually had “black cod, and halibut” before. It’s a shame how they gave those 2 delicious fish a bad taste.

This is one the first AYCE restaurant I’ve been to, that actually lets you order your “all you can eat food without staring you down” when you requests to order more.
Despite the fact, I am not sure if it’s because we ordered the “deluxe menu” and they treat us “extra” polite and always checked up on us by refilling our tea cups. However, based on how much it costs per person, I would be expecting a hell of a meal, and I’d certainly not leave until I’m satisfied. I do wonder, would they treat us the same, if we just went with the basic dinner menu, and mass ordered food, like how i always do. : D
My gf and I really liked the lay out of the restaurant, a tleast for an AYCE. It didn't feel OVERLY PACKED, like Ninkazu sushi. It felt like i can TALK to my GF, we had a nice table, and i was not once distracted by the manager sprinting around the dining room. ( if you've been to Ninkazu you know what i mean).

Overall, I do not think I will return to Richmond Sushi for the deluxe menu, based on the $$$ and the quality of the food. The normal dinner menu, has only salmon and tuna sashimi, and all these rice rolls/cones. I don’t know about you guys, but I do not go to ACYE sushi to eat rice. Aside from the deluxe menu, which is quite expensive, I don’t see what I like about this restaurant that I will return. As title say, get "Deluxe Menu, or Just go Home."

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Ninkazu Japanese Restaurant4231 Hazelbridge Way, #205, Richmond
Not impressed
Submitted Monday, August 13, 2012 - 8:59pm [Dine in]

I came to this restaurant with my other half, hoping to eat some quality raw fish. We used to eat here quite frequently for the last 2-3 years but have not returned for a few months because the freshness of the raw fish was horrendous. We decided to give the restaurant another try tonight. We arrived and waited for a table. We specifically asked for a large table instead of the puny table that seats only 2 people. I'm sorry but these tables are pathetic. Customers come to eat all you can eat sushi and are expected to sit at a table that's smaller than the tables at Starbucks. It's ridiculous. The manager tried to seat us but my boyfriend who is quite muscular stated that we would rather sit at the table that seats 4, because it provides more space to relax and eat. We did not want to sit at the crammed table where the next table of 2 was less than half a foot away. My boyfriend asked the manager if he'd want to sit at this table for all you can eat and be replied "no, I know what you mean".  Can this restaurant stop being so cheap and get rid of these puny tables? The manager even acknowledged that the tables were small, yet still decides to keep them in his restaurant. However, since there was only 2 of us, he insisted we would have to sit us at the table for 2. We already waited for the big table because the waitress said we could have it. The manager finally replied with a snobby "fine, just sit here. I'll work around it". And to that my boyfriend and I had no interest in eating here anymore. We left and decided to try Richmond sushi. Check back later for our review on Richmond sushi!!!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Ninja Sushi Japanese Restaurant19475 Fraser Highway, Surrey
Very disappointed
Submitted Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 1:14am [Dine in]

Wanting to try a new Japanese restaurant, my boyfriend and I read reviews of this restaurant with the hopes of consuming delicious sushi. Both of us have had our fair share of dining at many japanese restaurants, and we are able to tell the difference between great sushi and mediocre sushi. Walking into the restaurant with only a few tables at 7:30pm, it took a few minutes for the waitress for deliver us menus and after taking our drink order, she did not come back for 10 minutes. Instead she took our food order and then brought us our drinks. After ordering, the food arrived about 25 minutes later. We only ordered sushi rolls and was very disappointed when the plates arrived. The presentation was low to mediocre. We ordered the rainbow, special ninja, chopped scallop, bc roll and 2 tai nigiri sushi and were disappointed with the taste. The chopped scallop roll looked very pathetic, with actual scallops chopped. All other Japanese restaurants we have been to are known to give whole pieces of scallop. And the size of the roll looked inflated and puny. The rainbow was ok - with only Salmon, tuna and shrimp on the top. We frequently done at Tengoku on guildford and absolutely love eating there. However, today we decided to try something new and boy did we wish we had gone there instead. Their rainbow roll comes with an assortment of sashimi on top of th roll, and freshness is always guaranteed.

On top of the mediocre food, our waitress did not even bring us our bc roll. However, at this time we did not care because the food was disgusting. She didn't even write our order down. No wider she forgot our bc roll.

To conclude, my boyfriend and I are never going back and we will just stick to our usual spot in guildford because we are always guaranteed a delicious meal.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance