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Comrade604CoquitlamSince February 16, 20062 Reviews
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Mount Royal Bagel Factory701 Queensbury Avenue, North Vancouver
Not Good Bagels.
Submitted Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 8:21am [Take-out]

I love Montreal-style bagels. After reading a few reviews, I thought I'd make the drive from where I live in Coquitlam to North Van to check out Mount Royal Bagel Factory. When I got there, it was late in the day so they had nothing but pre-packaged bagels available, which were expensive as they were only available in 1/2 dozens.

Firstly, these bagels are too moist and sticky. I know Montreal bagels are boiled in honeyed water, but these were actually difficult to handle. It's impossible to toast these bagels enough to drop the stickiness to tolerably dry levels for enjoying with your schmear of choice. These bagles feel like an unholy marriage of New York bread-style bagels and their boiled Montreal counterpart. Not really good.

Secondly, I love poppyseed bagels and the poppyseeds on these bagels look like they're tossed on as an afterthought. They're supposed to be a major component of the flavour but they covered less than 1/4 of the bagels' surfaces. The sesame ones were more evenly covered.

Finally, I very much doubt that these bagels were cooked in a wood oven. If they have a wood oven in the North Van shop, there is no wood smoke smell and the bagels seem way too minimally and evenly browned for a wood oven to be involved.

Stick to Solly's or Siegel's if you're craving a Montreal style bagel fix. Stay away from these sticky, doughy messes, you will thank yourself for it.

PS. Mount Royal doesn't stock smoked meat, isn't any sort of a deli-style location and has really poorly blended cream cheeses (I felt like the extra 10$ I spent trying two of their creamcheeses was a complete waste, they were so garlicky that I threw them in the garbage.)

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Abigail's Party1685 Yew Street, Vancouver
Great intimate dining...
Submitted Thursday, February 16, 2006 - 2:51am [Dine in]

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit this evening to Abigail's Party, a small (~40 seats) tapas bar on 1st Avenue West at Yew Street. The staff was attentive and the food and drinks were superb.

Both my wife and I enjoyed the beet salad which is comprised of mesculin greens with roasted red and yellow beets, tossed with a vinaigrette. It was excellent. The next dish we tried was the haricot vert with beurre noisette (pine nuts) - very simple and tasty, not overseasoned in the least, but not lacking anything either.

We also tried the grilled squid with chorizo, which was excellent, as was the scallops (pan seared) served with a variety of mushrooms. Both excellent dishes that my wife and I enjoyed equally.

For dessert, I had the lemon tart with cherry sauce, which was fantastic. My wife had the creme brulee, which I had a small taste of - with the orange and ginger flavours it was really refreshing.

The drinks we had were very well made and original. Well, my drink was well made and my wife's were orignal. I had a vodka martini (or two) and it was made exactly as I ordered it. You would think that this is an easy thing, being that I am very specific as to how I like my martini when ordering one. Unfortunately this is not the case. All bartenders are not created equal, as any dry martini drinker will attest. Long story short, excellent drinks :D

All in all, excellent food, excellent drinks and excellent service. I quite completely enjoyed my meal at Abigail's Party, a surprisingly small yet professional and attentive tapas eatery.

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