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clauzebaVancouverSince October 11, 20102 Reviews
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2.5 (2.4)
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East is East4413 Main St, Vancouver
Good food and ambience but they should pay their dancers
Submitted Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 2:53pm [Dine in]

I love coming here for the food and the ambience, of course I enjoy the music and dancers, some are better than others but who cares. What I find very awkward is that the poor dancers have to go around with their baskets asking for their pay while the customers are eating, it's not just unsanitary but shouldn't it be the business owner who pays them? This is not a street performance in Granville Island or a bar where you can just sit with a beer the whole night, this is a restaurant and not a cheap one for sure. I would suggest the business owners to start treating their performers with a little more dignity or have someone at the door charging a cover fee; at least customers can take the decision instead of being taken by surprise in the middle of their meal. The performers could always have a donation box sitting near the stage.

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Tropika2975 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Server followed us to the street to confront us because of the tip!
Submitted Monday, October 11, 2010 - 1:26am [Dine in]

My partner and I decided to give this location a try (I had previously been to the Robson location and enjoyed it). We had had a rough night so we were really looking forward to a nice dinner. For the kind of place and menu pricing I expected a friendly and inviting service, instead our server was pretty plain and indifferent, he brought us the food and the bill and that's about it, NOT a single "how are you" "how is your food tasting", he never checked on us to see if we needed anything else or any of those things that we normally experience in Vancouver restaurants.

The food was very bad, extremely greasy, the meat was very fatty and the texture of the sauce was gross. We couldn't even eat half of the food and after 35 min we decided to leave and go somewhere else for dessert. My partner paid for the meal and decided not to tip (I think he should have tip a couple of bucks, but my partner doesn't believe in tipping mediocre service, but he does tip really well when the service deserves it).
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IS UNREAL....We were already outside 1/2 block away when we heard the server running behind us with the bill in his hand, he was extremely angry and confronted my partner for not giving him a tip. We said that we were not happy with the whole experience and no matter what, he had not right to come out and confront us like that. He insisted that if there was something wrong with the service we should have told him when we were inside!!! He wouldn't even let us speak, we tried to explain that we had the right to tip or not tip according to our own judgment and we are not OBLIGATED to give him an explanation if we don't want to. At the end, another waiter had to came out and get him but they both left angry at us.

Maybe we should have tip, maybe not, that's not the point. No matter what, it's absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for a waiter to harass us like that, following us to the street and making a public scene. At the end, he really proved he didn't deserve a tip and as for the restaurant, we are not the only customers this franchise loses as outrageous stories like this one spread like butter. And apparently this is not the first time that something like this happens as I've read in other posts, UNREAL!!!

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